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Sailormoonred (duane mcallen).jpg

'Sailormoonred1' better known as SAILORMOONTUBE11 (a.k.a. Duane McAllen) is a 30 year old basement dwelling virgin waiting for his boring,repetetive as fuck and meaningless life to die, endlessly intriguing YouTuber with some sort of severe learning disability who has recently experienced a spike in notoriety due to the interest of other spergs, such as A-Log, in picking on harmless tards in order to distract themselves from their own shortcomings.

On the subject of his disability, don't be surprised when he mentions that he has something which eludes him to being a "bad person" and where he claims he has done nothing wrong when calling other people stupid, idiot, moron. jerk, whore, bitch, nigger, wigger, loser, fat, and other hate and racist speech. He has claimed multiple times in the past, and continues to do so today, that it is because of his disability that he makes videos filled with slander, racism, and hate speech which continues to violate YouTube Community Guidelines. This excuse he uses, of course, is getting very, very old.

Duane has produced more than 8000 YouTube videos, and often will upload at least five in a single day across all his accounts. (Which just screams autism,manchild and no life) The most notable thing about these vlogs is Sailormoonred1's reluctance to talk directly to the camera, instead electing to speak "through" his Sailor Moon dolls. However, it should be noted that Duane does not find it impossible to talk without his dolls; he had an alternative account where he spoke normally to the camera, and has claimed that he speaks through the dolls "because it's fun", not only due to shyness despite looking like a total goofball on Youtube.

Duane's videos cover many topics, including shout outs to other Youtubers, 'rants', his love for Sailor Moon and other cartoons, and random chatter about his day. Due to his love for anime and cartoons, his laboured speech and propensity for labeling his videos as "rants", many casual observers have drawn parallels between him and noted internet celebrity Chris-chan. However, upon closer inspection many become somewhat enamored with his humility, innocence and honesty - with the notable exception of a few self-styled YouTube "trolls", something that the original version of this article was a testament to. Armed with such criticisms as "The Sailor Moon Community has better standards for its fans then this!", these ingenious trolls utilise such advanced tactics as flagging Duane's videos and making pointless attack articles on ED.

How to make a Sailormoonred1 video film

  • 1. Buy Sailor Moon dolls, Godzilla Toys, Buffy, Xena, and WWE Action Figures and three Beanie Baby cats to be Luna, Artimis, and Diana.
  • 2. Hold one or two of the dolls or action figures in front of the camera preferably hiding your face.
  • 3. Say in a monotone voice "Hi everybody it's me Sailor (planet name), a wrestling Figure, or Power Ranger" (Also only use their names from DIC/Cloverway dubs)
  • 4. Talk about something in the news or bash another website user or wish everybody a "Happy (obscure holiday)" or recite from Wikipedia or whine about YouTube's uploading not working or trolls, all while in 'character'.
  • 5. Post video/biveo/FILM
  • 6. Call up your sock puppet accounts to praise yourself in the video comments, regardless of lack of effort. which in this case are 95% of the time are the only accounts that actually comment on his videos. since trolls lost interest in him once he man SAILORMOONTUBE11. realizing that his life is nothing special and meaningless to troll him as no matter how many times you terminate his account. he'll make a new account 2 minutes later rarely showing anger due to being used to his dull and boring voice.
  • 7. ????
  • 8. PROFIT!!!
The bitheo biveo visio film

Personal Life

Duane is a Christian and resides in Port Vue, Pennsylvania with his siblings Scott and Penny McAllen. He previously lived in Penn Hills, PA until August 2013 "A.D.". He also lives part-time with his divorced mom at her apartment in McKeesport, PA. Only god knows why his mother has next to no problem with her manchild of a son living in her house collecting social security and having accomplished LITERALLY NOTHING IN HIS LIFE! He is named after his father; Duane McAllen Senior. Unbeknownst to many, his wish is to have a girlfriend (which is something that he's very likely given up on. being almost as ugly as Chris Chan, staying in the house all day and dedicating his entire life to sailormoon.)

As you can tell; Duane is a inbred useless excuse for a human being and is frequently busy socializing on Facebook. So what are you waiting for? Become apart of his awesome social circle by clicking here. Fair warning though, he has trouble accepting new friends who aren't stupid, idiots, or anyone who has a life or who isn't already him role playing as his own friends.

He currently has a sexy new 'chinese asian girlfriend' who, SHOCKINGLY turned out to be himself, sound familiar doesn't it?. His "girlfriend" has a friend called Wu Yen, who has a surprising voice which sounds exactly like Duane himself.

Many users started calling him new names other than SAILORMOONRED1:
~ped'Q Duane
~Derpy Duane
~Sailor Squidward

He Made a "Message" Video On His Haters.

Duane's Confession

SAILORMOONRED1 Pretends To Be A Girl : Wu Yen [10] and MARYJANEWORRELL

Since Duane's 3000 videos were being flagged for hate speech, and copyright violations, he closed SAILORMOONRED1 but not before he made multiple videos about false flagging and how his channel had no strikes [still in good standing]. Of course the videos about no strikes were all false. After closing SAILORMOONRED1, he quickly opened a new channel where he is now playing an "asian chinese girl " named Wu Yen.

So far he's made 2 videos on this newest channel, the first threatening to kill his brother [shown within the first 10 seconds of the first video], and the second video which is finishing off his bullshit rant where he's showing hate against women. Remember, he wants to have a girlfriend.

Duane, however, quickly lost his attempt to hide behind another female channel and closed this channel also.

Also he had another account as MARYJANEWORRELL (which occassionally mispronounces her name to be MARY JANE ROYAL and not WORRELL) where Duane pretends to be the adopted daughter of both Ernest P. Worrell and a Power Rangers Villain that he's married to named Trakeena. On this channel Duane is using 'Stilt' Images of Tina Cohen-Chang From The Fox TV series Glee. PRLostGalaxy2014 (Real Name: Anthony Marsh Jr.) who was aware of Sailormoonred1234 (aka SAILORMOONTUBE11) having another account and was worried. He did a video and it was realized that MARYJANEWORRELL's channel was closed.


He also made another video exposing SAILORMOONTUBE11 and slamming him.

Anthony Marsh Jr. SLAMMING Sailormoonred1234 aka SAILORMOONTUBE11

SAILORMOONRED1 Back on Youtube Again

This manchild made cool videos on his SAILORMOONRED & SAILORMOONRED1 channels and then had to close both channels because of his hate videos that he made or from violating other YouTube community guidelines. Then he made JORDANMULANLONG as a girlfriend to date himself since he couldn't get a real girlfriend. As if that's not sick enough, he made a third channel to pretend to be an asian girl. But of course this douche can't be complete without a trash talking Sailor Moon channel on YouTube on top of every other piece of trash. Duane just can't stop being the center of attention like a cool person. Instead of learning from the mistakes he faced on SAILORMOONRED and SAILORMOONRED1, he continues to be a nice person while provoking all the hate on himself through more and more YouTube channels. Therefore, sailormoonthebest1 was born ... again.

According to DisPrincessxM (now Known as MoonKnightSky07), Cody Nolen [codynono], and many other of Duane's asskissers, sailormoonthebest1 channel was given to Duane by his brother Scott, who is a 25 years old manchild himself. Of course Duane never bothered to thank anyone for handing over a free-to-use channel. However, since his videos have been flagged and his channel was suspended for impersonating another account, he has made channels such as SAILORMOONRED1234, and SAILORMOONYOUTUBE. Eventually he either closed them because of false flagging videos or they were terminated. So therefore he made SAILORMOONTUBE11 for his Sailor Moon stuff as well as making SAILORMOONDAILYMOTION, SAILO0RMOONRED, and SAILORMOONCOOL to avoid any more false flagging on his account when it comes to ranting about other users.

Sailor Moon Talks about Haters Flagging their Videos
Now flaggots are these people who apparently like to flag videos for violating community guidelines that they don't.



Posting YouTube videos calling people names (idiot, scammer, spammer, troll, hater, bitch, prick, coward, etc.) is against youtube community guidelines. Additionally, any videos posted with the intent to harm or threaten other users is also against the rules. Duane obviously doesn't know as much as he pretends to.

He then manages to do rants on his Dailymotion account SAILO0RMOONRED, and Duane himself explains why:

Sailor Moon Talks about Haters Flagging their Videos

And by haters, I meant people who troll him. And there are some who are trying to help him, but he accuses them for being immature and "Cyber-Bullies".

Here's an example and the link to one of his videos:

Sailor Mars aka Raye Rant on a Power Ranger Fan

Now If you had no idea who he was ranting about, I'll give you a hint: PRL***G****y2014. You Fill in the blanks Answer: PRLostGalaxy2014

sailormoontube11 is a Scammer & a Fraud

Duane continues to leech off the government, living off disability checks while not working for his keep because of the simple fact that "he chose not to work on account of paying taxes" which is one hell of an excuse for being lazy and having his parents pay for every aspect of his living expenses. What will he do when his parents are gone?

The real scam comes now that he has been asking YouTube users to give him free anime merchandise. He claimed in his many YouTube videos that he bought all of his anime merchandise through eBay sellers. He never bothered to give credit to the people who spent their own money and time to send him the gifts he got. He never bothered to thank the people who gave him these gifts either. He's not only scamming people but he has also made rant videos bashing and lying about some of the people who give him the very Sailor Moon dolls, an Ernest P. Worrell Doll as Sailor Earth, and anime merchandise he uses in his videos! Duane sure knows how to treat his friends!

Recent victim: cksmith08 This so-called "Man of Entertainment" gave Duane Sailor Moon Movie VHS tapes. Did Duane ever thank the user for the gift No, because he closed his channel to avoid further contact with the user after he got the VHS tapes for free. However When Duane returned as sailormoonthebest1, Duane thanked him for the VHS tapes he received on YouTube. He even admitted on YouTube that it was given to him as a gift and even thanked them.

There was also a pic of him located at the imgur webpage entitled: Who's Ready To Cringe?

And it was also found on the Ebaum's World Site: 30 Cringey Members of Society:

Here is that video which leads other people to comment and subscribed to him:


Duane's personal email coming soon. Have fun with it.

Duane Enters the World of pr0n?

Duane hospitalized with diabeetus

In what is arguably his darkest moment in his YouTube career, Duane's brother Scott confirmed in a video uploaded on March 1, 2017 A.D. that Duane has been rushed to a hospital for a then-unknown ailment. The next day, Duane's father confirmed through his Facebook page that he has been in ICU for three days and has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. This is notable for what could be Duane's first 24-hour vacation from producing and uploading videos since starting nearly a decade ago. It took a goddamn ICU stay to accomplish this earth-shattering feat, something that moving, monitor bricking, getting in trouble with his parents, modem issues, videos stuck in processing, upload file errors, past illnesses, fatigue from vising Kennywood Park, fatigue from attending a Weird Al concert, Thanksgiving, Christmas, his ancient Dell CPU bricking, and his dirt-cheap laptop bricking, all failed to do in the past, with the latter two temporary solved by Scott loaning Duane his laptop.

Judging by Duane's constant burping as well as not letting illness, including severe sore throats, get in the way of making videos, he does not take his health seriously, as evidenced below. Since he has never made any income from making videos, Duane has no reason on God's green Earth to continue making vids through illness, as it puts him at risk at severely damaging his vocal cords, among other possibilities. Any trolls who happen to be in contact with any of Duane's relatives, minus Scott, should message them to encourage Duane to temporary put the brakes on making videos until he is 100%.

It is unknown if Duane will learn anything from his hospital stay or his diabetes diagnosis, but judging by his long, long, long, long history of rejecting criticism, the future doesn't look very bright. Duane explains his symptoms in the vid below...

What Duane chose to do shortly before being rushed to ICU

See Also

Duane AssKissers

  • YouTube Favicon.png codynono The fat guy in his underwear that has a man-crush on Duane.
  • Scott McAllen - Duane's brother, who also collects social security. Known to open an account, make an 'intro' video, sometimes with his sock monkey, and manually closes the account within 12 hours FOR NO FUCKING REASON WHATSOEVER. Will repeat this exact process every other day. Why he does this, nobody knows. However his collections of his deleted 'intros' can also be found on Youtube's channel: Scott McAllen's HALL OF INTROS

External Links

  • YouTube Favicon.png TWFCOOL123 His other account where he uses wrestling figures, action figures, and Sailor Moon Dolls, I mean "Adventure Dolls".
  • YouTube Favicon.png DUANESKIPMCALLENRANT Duane's Xena-themed channel. Because making more crap accounts will totally get you more views instead of using all that free time for productive stuff like scripting, editing out long pauses, and turning off the caps lock.Also, this was suppose to be a Parody to The Angry Grandpa on YouTube, except With Xena dolls and Action Figures.
  • YouTube Favicon.png TheCuteChongAlt Duane's former assistant because he gave out her personal Info and name on YouTube without permission. Baleeted!
  • YouTube Favicon.png WUYEN10 Shortly after wasting his time he closed this channel too. Baleeted!
  • YouTube Favicon.png MARYJANEWORRELL His newest sockpuppet accounts where he portrays Ernest's adopted daughter using 'Stilt' Images of Tina Cohen-Chang From The Fox TV series Glee. Baleeted!

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