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i might be getting two stepsiblings in the future and im prayin to the lord jesus they aint cis -vade



Vades face. look how cute it is

Scoutgender or Vade, as it most commonly known as, is a type of God that exists primarily on the site known as Tumblr. Vade is, in fact, a God.

Vade uses it/its and sprout/sprouts. do not misgender it, if you do you are a transphobe just fyi


Vade is God

Because who else would care enough to make this blog? Only one of Vades friends.

Vade has many friends. This is further proven with the creation of the anti-scoutgender blog, because who honestly uses kits pronouns for it and says yehaw like that? All of Vades friends.

Vade also created "tf2fandomisproblematic" blog, which made good points and totally was fantastic. i followed it i would know. its now inactive though, because the tf2 fandom is so crappy it will never change.

There were unfortunate predicaments that Vades followers would send threats to those attacking it, despite it frequently telling people not to.


Quote by some loser. snarlgender is cool.

Vade has remade its blog because people wont stop attacking it. please fucking stop. vade has done nothing and everyone else is gaslighting [[1]]



  • Aura or currently tedizself: ive never met them but if theyre on this list theyre cool
  • officialmedic: dont know em either. still, on this list i assume all negativity is slanderous lies. god this fucking website is so bad
  • tanukurin: idk them. they sound kinda iffy from the previous description here but idk
  • maromoroney: maro is cool!! from what i see they are close to vade and also totally awesome
  • the moon devil, puerluna, who edited this page. fucking fight me im ready to go


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  • gaslighting [[2]]
  • also "special snowflake" is blatantly ableist [[3]]