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The origination.
A conversation with the 'trout'

"See you in heel" is a meme created by some 15-year-old retarded girl who starts threatening everyone and raging in text when is on her peroid. Supposedly what happened to create this meme was "Truda Evans-Jarrett" raged out for no reason and started threatening to get her daddy to kill someones family just because of her own mental instability (lulz).

Shortly after this conversation happened, the victim blocked "Truda Evans-Jarrett" from MSN and then her older sister "Charly Evans-Jarrett" started making threats through facebook messages as well. They ended up making claims to call the police and accuse the victim of being a Pedophile and sexually harrassing the 15 year old ugly dickface. This is a combination of Waaaambulance and Internet police, the victim a few short days after has the Internet Police come to the door and question him about him apparently threatening and harrassing the crybaby whores that whine to the Police about everything because apparently everyone is guilty apart from themself.

The victim shortly after showing the internet police the pictures and logs of messages between MSN and Facebook made them GTFO his house without any charges pressed as well as possibly a warning issued to the crybaby faggot attacker.

The meme:

  • "obz"
  • "u wait jamie"
  • "u wait until my dads knowin at ur door when ur at workin killin ur fam and then waitin for u"
  • "ill see you in heel"
  • "hell"

Facebook Logs from the attackers sister

  • "Charly Evans-Jarrett: stop given my sister shit or im gonna come round ur house and hit u in the mouth that hard that u will be picking ur teeth out of ur fuckin arse u dirty fukin mongrol. u wonder y u aint got a gf its coz u try to get on 15 yr old girls i no where u live so stay the fuk away frm my sis or ull have me to answer to "
  • "Victim: 1. fuck off 2. im not even talking to her anymore so go fuck yourself"
  • "Charly Evans-Jarrett: well u fukin were givin her fukin shit and makin sexual comments to her haking into her facebook and msn wen i get hold of u ya lil cunt im gonna kick ur fuckin head in "
  • "Victim: 1. i havent touched her facebook or msn 2. no you wont "
  • "Charly Evans-Jarrett: wat u think that u will fukin stop me u freak u will have a nice vist in a few days "
  • "Victim: visit from who. what ur doing now is harrassment and violent harrassment. i has done nothings, so shoo. "
  • "Charly Evans-Jarrett: yes u fukin hyaveb u have been harrassing my 15 yr old sis so we will c how u like it n u will no hu it is wen they are at ur door "
  • "Victim: wat? ur harrassing me. and who are "they" and i find it funny how ur sister uses her dad to threaten to kill my family, and now ur using someone else to threaten me, why don't you take your head out of your ass and grow your self some balls. i have proof of the things you and she said so.. ur pretty screwed. "
  • "Charly Evans-Jarrett: yh ur obv right n to let u no its not us that r screwed coz its all on record that u try it on wit other girls look hus the fukin pedo ur sick n ur twisted i wont threaten u wit my dad im big enough to take u out my fukin self so watch ur back "
  • "Victim: im not a pedo and i havent tryed it on with anyone, i have it on record and image proof that you have threatened my family to be killed :3 and just msn logs arnt proof becuase anyone can edit them "
  • "Charly Evans-Jarrett: well it will all get sorted out the proper way wont it "
  • "Victim: then ur a bit of a faggot arnt you thinking your hard. "
  • "Charly Evans-Jarrett: and hu said that hu said i was sortin it "
  • "Victim: then ur a complete faggot that cant do anything theirself and gets everyone else to sort out their problems. fag "
  • "Victim: "ill see you in heel!" lol."
  • "Charly Evans-Jarrett: stup up u mug "
  • "Victim: i see the bad spelling is a inherited gene. I showed the police your threatening messages and ims ;) "
  • "Charly Evans-Jarrett: thats ok they have all ready been round mine tellin us that u have perved over other 14 yr olds before "
  • "Victim: cool story bro, they obviously came back and gave you a warning for the threats because i dont perv over 14 year olds :3 "
  • "Charly Evans-Jarrett: no they havent been back coz they told us they no what ur like n they are gonna put a warning out about u but i no hu u are n i no what u look like so wen i c ya u will regret it "
  • "Victim: Nope and My advice: shut the fuck up. And if you dont like that, fine, becuase im going to block you anyway. So fuck off, if its your time of the month u dont have to take it out on others. retard "

All entries are exact to spelling, copypasta.


  • "Used to spell "Hell" wrong in typical meme fashion."
  • "The end of a loaf of bread."
  • "A heel of a shoe."
  • "When you rage out and use it to end a conversation."
  • "Killing the enemy."


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