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Pr0n and Fail

'Sensible Erection' is an online community of perpetually circle jerking attention whores fighting over whose ego is more deserving of massage for the next ten minutes ('s essentially like 4chan, but with slightly less CP). If you are wondering about the name , it's supposed to be clever and ironic. There is some porn here.

What's the Point?

Please notice us!

Site members post articles, pages, news items, links to sites and lots of other shit nobody cares about, and the other site members comment and rate the posts using SE's unique and quirky ratings system. The ultimate goal of this exercise is to accumulate positive karma points.

Positive karma points have no value anywhere except as the scoring system in a rather sad e-popularity contest that only exists on SE. Any member who gets to +100 Karma is teh winnar and gets to act like more of a cock than the lesser minions. This makes the site one of the biggest chunks of perpetual fail on the internets. For fuck's sake, even WoW retards can sell their shit for real money.

While once a good source of entertainment, the long-time SE'ers have formed little cliques with lots of gay in jokes that no one new to the site understands. So it's now just another well populated community of basement dwellers who stroke each others e-penii on a more or less 24 hour basis. Is also starting to fill up with whining emo fucksticks, Chanfags and their tired, worn out old memes and a number of The English.

Drama, Trolling, and Flaming

SE'ers can comment on each others comments, instigating much debate and lulz as the troll and flamer element that any community of this nature usually attracts milk the lol cows on the site who believe that the internets are serious fucking business.

This is partially offset by the ability to also score comments, so serious trolls (or someone not in the right clique) usually find themselves downmodded to -10 for entries (-5 for comments) at which point their posts become invisible. If this pushes them into negative karma they also lose the ability to post.

As SE has no ability to prevent users creating multiple sock puppets and no visible administration at all (except when the site's owner Saint Marck (see below) is called in to wield his Mighty Banhammer (Oops! They have no banhammer! no rly! lulz!!) in defence of the terminally butthurt), losing the ability to post will be an effective block for the 120 seconds it takes to create another account. That is, if Saint Marck actually knew how the system he bought from the previous owner matt works. Some of the smarter trolls already have multiple sock puppets and use them to +mod their less popular comments, thus keeping them in circulation for longer. Rammek, [email protected]@r and sensibleb are perfect examples of people running over 9000 sock puppets, and / or accusing other people of using the same tactics.

The ratings system also means that the site is one of the few remaining sites where the Armada flame war is common and can generate posts with 200+ tl;dr comments.

The site is the source of daily drama and lulz as the retards, E-Psychiatrists, E-lawyers, and general social rejects that populate the site try to sound clever and score karma points off each other.

Particularly effective trolling can be achieved by making a post like this and then sitting back. Much lulz ensue.

Who's Who (like anybody fucking cares)

Authors' Note: this is by no means a complete list of all the contributors to SE.

Saint Marck

Owner of the site and Grade A basement dweller. Has never been seen but admits to a liking for "pizza and Mountain Dew" so it is assumed he is a massively fat motherfucker. Also claims to have OCD. Whether or not this is an e-diagnosis is not known. Will occasionally wield the Banhammer on serious trolls, if he can be bothered to haul his fat ass out from underneath his pile of pizza boxes. Not easy to troll/flame as either gives up or banninates under minimal pressure.


Current status: forgotten.

Former owner of the site and the greatest Apple Fan Boy on the face of God's green earth, bar none. Goes utterly and totally fucking mental if anyone suggests that Apple fans are shallow image obsessed style addicts who will buy anything Steve Jobs tells them to. See here for a lulzy example of his ranting. Is an Internet Tough Guy and a liberal who hates W. One of the easiest people to troll in the entire universe.

Apple iMatt - Bware of teh smackdownz

Seriously, how can you not troll someone who says shit like this?:

I get severely fucked off with people denigrating my informed, and usually very accurate insight into the industry. When I want to have an intelligent discussion about Apple products I get called a fanboy and can't extract any rationality out of anyone. I think it's quite fair for me to be fucked off by that.


Ok, *you* may be making good natured jests, but it doesn't help when it compounds the general disrespect and disregard for my reasoned opinion here on SE with regards to Apple stuff.


Don't think I'm not serious about giving you a smackdown if we ever meet in person

And on reading this article

I suggest you do a bit more reading there and think about the psychology behind it. It's not pretty, and it's not the sort of thing we should be encouraging.

Maybe you and I can take it, but who else are they ripping into that isn't going to be tough enough to take it? Do you really think this sort of juvenile internet bullying/abuse should be encouraged? I don't.


At this point no one knows if madpride is actually mentally ill or one of the greatest living trolls in history. madpride has claimed to be male, female, post- and pre-op transexual, a witch, a psychic, a social worker, a psychiatrist, a law student, black, white, Latin, Jewish, Arabic, a rape victim, a junkie, and a manic depressive, a homosexual, a lesbian, a bi-sexual, and your mom; also, that he/she/it lives alone, in a house with five other people (who are actually 5 of madpride's many, many sock puppets), in a hostel, and in a mental institution.

Your author does not possess the language skills to convey the utter and total batshit insanity that is madpride posting. After several years trolling every post with off topic images, rants and comments (all about how evil George W Bush is and teh Zionist Conspiracies - madpride definitely believes the Jews did WTC), madpride is still pissing people off in an epic fashion.

There is currently some speculation as to why madpride and the army of sock puppets in his/her/its collection have not been b& yet, and a possibility that he/she/it lurks on and is from /b/. The other explanation is that Saint Marck can't be bothered to ban over 9000 sock puppets.

Examples of how fucking looney tunes the person is:
Here is a sample of the relentless trolling.
The Multiple Personality Spam Attack.

Note: since this articles inception Madpride has completed it's becoming and is now a normal person called Tamp.


A huge faggot who has a thing for CP, rock climbing and little boys, has announced to leave SE over 9000 times, yet has failed to do so. Tends to cry and throw tantrums at the drop of a dime and should consider an hero as a serious alternative.


Naruki is an argumentative self-righteous fag. [Pictures needed] Another whiney liberal pussy, Naruki gets butthurt really easily and hates being disagreed with so much that he will flame anyone who dares counter his opinion with ceaseless tl;dr comments until they self pwn or just GTFO teh innernet. The name has strong overtones of Wapanese although he has yet to say "desu".

Naruki is a closet Grammar_nazi who has never backed down from a losing battle. Wracked with equal cases of penis envy and vagina envy, Naruki is incapable of getting off without imagining lurid sexual encounters with Mann Coulter and Lady Horace, respectively. A major sufferer of Obsessive-compulsive_disorder, he re-added this section when the original pussy deleted it.


Straight up troll of the "STFU" variety known for hating black person and Jews. Rammek is actually a policeman somewhere in Canada, proving that all cops hate black people.

Once famously had a long running hate-fest going with Revchoppy (see below). After seeing this article he then advised his new best friend, Revchoppy, to post the description below into his SE profile. Rev, not understanding that most people who saw his profile believed it and that Rammek was getting his own back, did exactly that.


A member of the internet police who jumps into any flame war and starts telling one or the other side to STFU. Is more likely to defend you if you have bewbs or agree with everything he says. Revchoppy has been known to turn on his liberal hippy sidekicks if they dare to wander "off message".

Revchoppy is almost as easy to troll as matt and is dumb enough to call someone a "motherfucker" and then accuse them of ad hominem attacks in the same comment. Also really likes to use the flamer's bible and will use phrases like "straw man", "logical fallacy" and "cocksucker" in the same sentence.

He can be milked for lulz for comment after comment where he will get increasingly more angry and will keep making the same point over and over again. Revchoppy believes the internet is serious fucking business and has been known to "revenge mod" (the deliberate down modding of all of someone else's comments thereby attacking their karma - utter pussy bullshit) when he runs out of insults and stock phrases to throw around.

He also believes that the US Marines are the greatest fighting force on earth, despite them getting their more and more of their shrapnel ridden asses handed to them on a plate in Iraq and them being so good that all the important people in Iraq prefer to hire mercenaries from Blackwater to protect them. Put that in your fucking profile.

While himself in the Marines as an artilleryman he managed to drop a training shell into a local 7/11 car park, thereby continuing the US Military's long standing tradition of shooting at the wrong fucking thing.


Responsible for the most massive lollergasm SensibleErection has ever experienced. During a game of mafia, VictorTyne ratted out a fellow mobster to the town, removing him from the game and sparing the rest of the mob from that person's bitching, whining, unwarranted self-importance, and using secret hints from the moderator to cheat. While being trolled by the butthurt loser, VictorTyne was himself pwned by a single player despite having everyone else believing he was on their side.

When asked why, he responded "For the lulz, dear boy. For the lulz." He has since been summarily been banned from all future games by the rest of the community.

He also claims to be pro-AIDS, anti-religion, and doesn't support the troops.

cb361 calls a waaaaambulance over the VictorTyne Experience™


-_- is usually referred to as Face due to the striking similarity it has to an emoticon. He tries to crack wise with all his heart, but when he needs an extra boost of karma often falls back on trolling matt.

He claims to have been a bouncer, which may explain the flatness of his face. Also, he is alleged to be Canadian, but nobody cares.


CapnSilver is a slight attention whore hosting the first super size mafia game, partaking of the lulz invoked by VictorTyne. Is Australian and will take every opportunity to remind you.

The internet is lucky to have CapnSilver as his wit puts a smile on the faces of all.

CapnSilver is most likely the biggest supporter of doing goods deeds for all mankind from SE and doesn't care about his anonymity as he's already been labeled an SP. He once worked for Luna Park Sydney, which fuels his burning hatred. Interestingly enough CapnSilver can survive for weeks without food or water as long as long as he has a grudge to hold.

CapnSilver only wrote this because he wishes someday, somewhere, someone will love him.

SE I'd like you to meet ED

SE found ED and lulz ensued. The whole clan acted more or less predictably; User Kyle McBitch under his other pseudonym of User:Geekmasterflash (and the Furious Five, which refers to his right hand when being used to masturbate) found the site - presumably by either Googling his own name as people imagine he does on a regular basis or checking what pages link to his MySpazz and posted it to SE. Author's note: The fact that this page was linked to SE's biggest attention whore's MySpazz page was NOT an accident.

He then proceeded to track down the page's author; yes this article WAS written by Liddlemonkey. McBitch then changed this article to include a paragraph stating that SE (i.e. he) believes Liddlemonkey wrote the article - i.e. "look how clever I am, I worked it all out on my own". What do you want, a fucking cookie?

He also corrected the punctuation [no, that was Naruki]. Predictably one of the first things that the rest of SE latched on to as a "reason why we shouldn't feel so butthurt by our ED entry" was that a lot of ED's grammar and punctuation is bad. Apparently the weight of any argument against SE will crumble swiftly if it doesn't have apostrophe's and comma's in the right place.

These people dwell in the deepest, deepest basements on earth.

The most predictable response of all: iMatt got enormous butthurt and tried to argue that things you type on a publically visble web page on the internet count as private conversations. Microsoft estimates that the internet is accessed by 4.2 BILLION people every day. That's pretty goddamned private right there.

He complained that his picture was out of date (but he is NOT self obsessed, noooo sir) and that the claims he is an Apple fan boy are fraudulent. He whined that ED is a bullshit set-up because it encourages the people it satirises to be upset, and then attacks them again for being upset. LOL, internets!

Saint Marck, proving once and for all that he is in no way a lazy fat pizza eating motherfucker, posted a one line comment.

Rammek, being a troll, embraced his racism and jumped up and down shouting "black person" for half an hour. He is now banned from that particular internet cafe.

As stated, SE is primarily populated by E-Psychiatrists and they were swift to diagnose the author of this page as short of chromosomes, not loved enough by his parents, angry at being excluded from the inner circle jerkings of SE and just full of hate. All of these are absolutely correct although they missed out that he cuts, has self diagnosed aspergers, doesn't have any real friends, needs to get laid and is possibly suffering from repressed homosexuality.




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