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Sepia is the brownish tint found in photos from back when George Washington used to make hawt pr0n pics with your mom. The brownish tint came from the fact that poop constantly got on every photo because in those days, nobody knew how to wipe their ass.

Use on the Internets

Today, sepia-ed photographs can be found all over teh internets. This is because the option is not only available in Adobe Photoshop and every other photo editing software, but also because it's so easy even a camwhore can do it. Some claim it's a cool style, but those people are n00bs. Sepia is gay and is only used because it hides acne, the most common internet disease.

Sepia should only ever be applied on four occassions.

  • If you work a booth at a crappy park and make suburban families cute little Wanted Posters so they can pretend to be cowboys.
  • If you have a fetish for vintage pr0n and ran out of old stuff.
  • Using sepia to mock someone/someone's work or to simply ruin a picture on purpose.
  • For adding a dramatic effect to images srsly lacking in drama.