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{{notice|Remember, this article will '''[[immortal|live]]'''. It doesn't matter where you've relocated; your site will '''[[never]]''' come back. [http://www.seto-kaiba.com ]}}
{{notice|Remember, this article will '''[[immortal|live]]'''. It doesn't matter where you've relocated; your site will '''[[never]]''' come back. [http://www.seto-kaiba.com ]}}
[[File:Sk-thecure.jpg|center|thumb|754px|Yes. It took over 6 years to [[The Chemo That Is Curing /b/|cure a cancer of this form.]]]]
[[File:Sk-thecure.jpg|center|thumb|754px|Yes. It took over 6 years to [[The Chemo That Is Curing /b/|cure a cancer of this form.]]]]
[[File:The_7_Stages_Of_Getting_An_ED_Article.png|left|thumb|The 7 stages Rob's mentality most likely suffered through thoroughly.]]
[[File:S-kdotcom.jpg|thumb|right|Even from beyond the grave, u still mad.]]
[[File:S-kdotcom.jpg|thumb|right|Even from beyond the grave, u still mad.]]
{{quote|Due to recent [[article|attacks]] against this site, some of its [[mod|staff members]], and [[faggot|myself]], I have made the decision to [[suicide|close down this site]].
{{quote|Due to recent [[article|attacks]] against this site, some of its [[mod|staff members]], and [[faggot|myself]], I have made the decision to [[suicide|close down this site]].
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[[File:Aeeverywhere.jpg|thumb|right|But fortunately he loves [[teh]] [[ED]].]]
[[File:Epic_reaction.jpg|thumb|left|Upon finding this page.]]
[[File:Epic_reaction.jpg|thumb|left|Upon finding this page.]]
The following is the [[shit nobody cares about|highly sensitive information]] that irreversibly sent an entire site with all its [[tl;dr|rich history]] spanning over [[100 years ago|half a decade]] into total [[an hero|oblivion]]. You can see for yourself how several parties on his site can potentially become affected by this horrific breach of their privacy and security, completely justifying the site's shutdown for their safety:
The following is the [[shit nobody cares about|highly sensitive information]] that irreversibly sent an entire site with all its [[tl;dr|rich history]] spanning over [[100 years ago|half a decade]] into total [[an hero|oblivion]]. You can see for yourself how several parties on his site can potentially become affected by this horrific breach of their privacy and security, completely justifying the site's shutdown for their safety:
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==S-K in pictures==
==S-K in pictures==
{{cg|Seto-Kaiba.com: a history of fail|SKpix|center|<gallery>
{{cg|Seto-Kaiba.com: a history of fail|SKpix|center|<gallery>
Image:Trollseverywhere.jpg|[[X_Everywhere|TROLLS EVERYWHERE]]
File:Robertalmtracey.jpg|Nope, no [[kimmo|resemblance]] at all.
Image:Robbiegetsownedonline.jpg|Robert, [[owned|getting the respect he's earned.]]
Image:Seto-kaiba.com-cantletyoudothatdave2.jpg|"I'm [[pussy|afraid I can't do that, Dave.]]"
Image:Seto-kaiba.com-cantletyoudothatdave2.jpg|"I'm [[pussy|afraid I can't do that, Dave.]]"
Image:Seto-kaiba.com-articles.jpg|Top-notch article-writing and honest [[Youtube view fraud|viewcount recording]], as seen by the above professional five-minute-old 'article'.
Image:Seto-kaiba.com-articles.jpg|Top-notch article-writing and honest [[Youtube view fraud|viewcount recording]], as seen by the above professional five-minute-old 'article'.
Image:Seto-kaiba.com-spammercunt.jpg|What better way to spend your new server's bandwidth than with [[spam|legitimate advertising]]?
File:Robertalmtracey.jpg|Nope, no [[kimmo|resemblance]] at all.
Image:Seto-kaiba.com-trumpedongoogle.jpg|[[Fail|Hitting new lows on a daily basis]].
Image:Seto-kaiba.com-trumpedongoogle.jpg|[[Fail|Hitting new lows on a daily basis]].
Image:Seto-kaiba.com-location.jpg|[[obvious|"We cover our tracks well"]]
Image:Seto-kaiba.com-location2.jpg|Robert, [[trying too hard|attempting]] to be a contributing citizen towards his city (and this [[lol|article]], of course).
Image:Seto-kaiba.com-cuntthinkshesbadass.jpg|A powerful example of how [[cunt|superior and badass]] their leader is. Remember kids, you're not allowed to have opinions as strong as his around Robbie, or he'll [[ban]] you for it.
Image:Seto-kaiba.com-panhandlingplansorz.jpg|Plans to [[Internet Panhandling|make]] Jew off his misguided [[retards|members]].
Image:Seto-kaiba.com-moardata.jpg|Still covering his tracks well.
Image:Lolfurreal copy.jpg|Strange harassment ritual
Image:Lolfurreal copy.jpg|Strange harassment ritual
Image:SetoKaiba.com-honestworkforcash.jpg|A good example of the treatment their staff offer the members, as well as how just the system is: offering [[gaia|cash]] for your hard work and honesty.
Image:Seto-kaiba.com-vandalisingotherwikis.jpg|Actually proud of vandalizing other wikis without having a fucking clue how they work.
Image:Seto-kaiba.com-lolbutthurt.jpg|tl;dr lol [[u mad]]?
Image:Seto-kaiba.com-FUCKING STUPID.png
Image:Kisarapicturedherewiththeeasterbunny.jpg|Kisara (right) with a free-floating chin

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Info non-talk.png Remember, this article will live. It doesn't matter where you've relocated; your site will never come back. [1]
Yes. It took over 6 years to cure a cancer of this form.
Even from beyond the grave, u still mad.
Due to recent attacks against this site, some of its staff members, and myself, I have made the decision to close down this site.

It is an unfortunate matter, but I cannot maintain this site at this time.

In the end, I hope you enjoyed the site and made some friends. You don't have to kill ties with them.


—Robert, forever your superior

Seto-Kaiba.com was a circle jerk fansite made by a fat, bumptious, fanatic New Yorker (Powerword: Robert Tracey) who thought he could impersonate his favorite anime asshole on TV better than anyone else, and what better way to fully accomplish that online than ban the fuck out of everything that dared move around you?

A simple coincidence involving two banned members meeting through this very page sparked a short lived attempt at writing a fake attack article so shitty, weak and tasteless, nobody would've foreseen the amount of butthurt it would eventually cause. After posting some important and revealing information about how much space the fatass owner of the site took up from New York, the voluminous amounts of constipating shit he withheld within him upon reading this page exploded his rectum so powerfully, the force was sufficient to take out the entire site, all of its suicidal members and a significant portion of his beloved city. Jews did wtc DID sound better, but this is the sad truth. Without further ado, and in the words of the man himself, it's time to promote this site so you won't have to visit it. And in this particular case, ever again.

How it all began

Five years ago this site started out as some crap dueling help page on the nether regions of the interwebz.


—And nothing really changed

Today, it has well over 10,000 unique members.


—99% were samefags and 13-year-olds who didn't know what a register button did and currently absent

Formerly, this site would provide some information on dueling only. Now it is a global community with members not necessarily interested in Yu-Gi-Oh.


—I beg you you gotta believe me I'm not a children's card game enthusiast!!1

Now, there is an updated card database and small community dealing with the TCG, but the site is now dedicated towards a variety of interests integrated into one platform.


—Admitting his regret for ever wasting his (and everybody else's) time over card games

Only on S-K can you post your artwork, writings, journal, etc. on one site.


— Keyword: ONLY. Over 9000 other sites have NOT accomplished what he spent years doing in his mother's basement.

And yes, its all custom coded.


Nobody asked.

Feel free to view the help system for the pages you are viewing in, but if you have a question for me, send it to the assortment of bimbo weird-hair-colored secretaries I have.


—Every moment there is spent believing this.

...you agree to the fact that Seto Kaiba is simply the best character in the series, unbeatable by everyone and everything, simply invincible, and finally, your superior.


—Because if you don't, he'll tell on you.

I have no need of your idiocy, ability to make twenty typos a minute, and your lameass rivalry. Look around. You are looking at the best. Vying for second place is your only recourse.



Based on the stunning growth of the site, 10000 hits after the first two weeks of relaunch, I have accepted the possibility of a Forum for the site. I won't make it unless there is enough demand for it, as if I do make it, it will take a great deal of work to make it how I want it, perfect.


—Robert, admitting right off the bat how he's accepted samefags voting for his pathetic vision of a website

All Competition Denied.


cool story, bro



—Robert, addressing his staff on mod privileges

I have no need of your idiocy, ability to make twenty typos a minute, and your lameass rivalry.


—sounds familiar?

Simply put, I own all of their asses, as I own yours, but since you asked so nicely I will tell you a little bit about myself, and enlighten you to the point where maybe, just maybe, you could dream about being as good as I am.


—Robert, relieving us of the need to describe how big of a faggot he literally will be towards you, his members and everyone he meets online

I am the head of a huge corporation, KaibaCorp which specializes in the manufacture of technological goods. Since you obviously can't handle what it means to be the CEO of a massive company, I won't bother going into those details. Instead I will tell you about my victories and why I am King of Games.



Anyone else want an executive perm ban?


—teh badass overlord, oh dear lawdy I came so hard to him

You peons have absolutely no chance against me, and if you ever want to bother to challenge me, you had better hope the stakes are good, otherwise you'll find your ass on the street, where all the other dogs are.


—irl he used to lose a lot through some shitty virtual card game and pretend the game was rigged

And the Imperator does not approve of Spam blitzes. Especially when it takes him away from WoW. Therefore, I will have no mercy whatsoever.


—Still in his basement.

The man himself. Can you feel the power this living god wields?
Even facebook users recognize his unending faggotry.

It wasn't too long before seto-kaiba.com's self-proclaimed admin and owner 'Robert' made the tiny little mistake of, whoops, kicking everybody out that didn't suck up enough within their first five seconds as members came and bit him in the ass in the form of this article, formerly a pathetic, useless and unfunny stub that most likely made the site junkies feel even more confident about themselves.

Naturally, the amount of shit flinging and vandalizing involved grew a lot more after Robert miraculously noticed somebody outside his hugbox was actually criticizing him and his staff for banning the baddies who touched them inappropriately. Like that wouldn't drive bored fucktards to try and retaliate somehow.

Fortunately for everyone, Robert could never handle the taste of his own medicine when put on the receiving end of the tailpipe, proving once and for all just how much the site was devoted to his beloved members and had nothing to do with his own amusement. Much entertainment followed after their deciding to take matters into their own hands, and the following is a detailed step-by-step tutorial they helped create on how to build the perfect YGO deck to mind crush all your online opponents and redeem yourself as the undisputed King of Games.


None, no costs to register or use the site. However, those that intentionally spam the forum with a mass amount of messages, or other parts of the site and cause bandwith problems may be held liable for bandwith fees.


—Robert, on membership costs [2]

The so-called custom-coded forums started off as an obnoxious newfag's attempt at coding a shitty little box that can save your useful contributions for his own amusement. Due to the massive coincidence involved in the domain name, lots of depraved newfags, having no sense of dignity (or their own penis) decided they were better off sucking on Robert's little wad for a living.

Witness the extreme professionalism, as Robert delivers cutting-edge error reporting.

In order to join, you had to first and foremost

agree to the fact that Seto Kaiba is your superior, that he is the King of Games, and that you can never be half as good as he.


—little Robbie-boy, insisting to date you can not access his fail without letting him gain your approval of his sorry ass during registration

The forums section was for five years concealed in order to hide all the intelligent discussions going on at the time, mostly about asses he liked to stare at. Without prior warning to the poor souls relying on this form of secrecy to protect them from the outside world, Robert up and went made his forums public, mainly due to his incessant urge to inform the world of his success story. Naturally, when you're an idiot who goes so far just to gain the approval of people who'll never give a shit about you, you own the most vulnerable and exposed ass on the entire planet. Only then could your widespread reputation protect you.

Prominent and Respectable Members

Most members on the site amounted to shit to the supposed "staff", yet were still dog-trained to serve their masters in several ways. Their most recent tactics to bring down this article involved:

...the list goes on, and below are the masterminds behind the cancer itself.

Robert aka 'Seto Kaiba'

Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
Obtaining Robert's IRL photo proved difficult.

On his site, Robert likes to pretend that people are blindly striving to know him better for reasons unbeknownst to him, remaining ignorant of the truth behind his undisputed greatness and superiority. This is of course a lie, as everybody just sucks up to him out of habit, lack of goal and self-esteem. Any person that isn't a complete retard would not accept this for themselves, but he has always shown the world how he's not prepared to accept sane people on his site to begin with, and WILL ban you for the slightest sign of rebellion you exhibit in his presence; even Kimmo Alm would shed a tear in support.

[02:17] <Kis> we've been trying to deal with it outside of you guys

[02:17] <Kis> But Vinland hides behind ED and wont face any of us.



—Because sending three virgin girls to do ALL your bidding, get bent and raped all over the internet in your stead is the manliest thing to do.

When dealing with him, you will inevitably notice he will always go out of his way to show you he's a very busy person, has no time for you, knows everything about the world (you included) and, no matter what happens, he will ALWAYS strive not to be the last person posting in a thread on his shitty site, even if it means logging into an alt and replying to himself. Considering his balls of steel, he has opted never to show his face on ED, despite the fact his shills have constantly informed him about how well they were treated. Of course, when you recruit an entire staff full of attention whoring tubgirls who think they amount to anything just because they have the visual capacity to legally prove your microscopic penis actually exists, your awakening would be far beyond just abrupt.


Upon finding this page.

The following is the highly sensitive information that irreversibly sent an entire site with all its rich history spanning over half a decade into total oblivion. You can see for yourself how several parties on his site can potentially become affected by this horrific breach of their privacy and security, completely justifying the site's shutdown for their safety:




Naturally, a person who spends over 6 years believing he means to the world a lot more than the next fuck online with a hopeless case of USI would also find the above very threatening, because the information is so sufficient, accurate and clear to lots and lots of people trying to find and kill the guy, apparently. If you would like to contact this individual to offer your condolences for having to deal with congratulations for turning such a brainless, worthless, uninspired, boring as shit attack at him into a successful troll, when he could've just went to fucking bed and waited it out instead, feel free:

Robert, upon arriving, assumes full control of the article

[02:44]<%ShardDax> Y'know, if they hadn't come up in here and just did what they did

[02:44] <%ShardDax> And acted like faggots
[02:44] <%ShardDax> I'd said it should have beeen deleted
[02:44] <%ShardDax> They only validated the article just now




/b/ says hi.

Amazingly, still no one gives a remote shit about nonexistant drama where nobody got maimed, died, or became an hero to us all. It is truly amazing what the most diligent of script kiddies can accomplish when their panties are wadded tight in a knot. Hacking (and I use that term REAL fucking loosely) into a no-name forum and compromsing the accounts of people the author claimed do not visit the site anymore is truly an epic win. Keep on fighting the good fight.

<Broken_pipe> if u got killed his article would be godtier


—Keep your fingers crossed; hopefully someone will take one for the team and do it


Whoever brings me information from ebaums world will get 500 LP.


—Because people there will obviously sell each other out for someone like you.

God help the person that's doing this if I find out.



there are other people out there that has suffered worse than you



It was my idea to get the twitter because we need to advertise s-k a bit. But if you don't like it, don't go to it. Simple as that, dear. ;P

((Hates MySpace and Facebook.))



—No wonder it failed.

I've been having sleep problems.


—I wonder why. :(

Robert's girlfriend 'Shana' (more notoriously known as 'QueenSarcasm' just about fucking everywhere) is Robert's token bitch. She tries to mimic him in everything he does (failing the most when it comes to talking) and will just as well go out of her way to show you how too important she is to bother with you. She also likes having youtube fans, but never speaks with them (unless they show her her place) and probably has over 9000 subscriptions to other people there, but loves to hide it on her channel.

UPDATE: Broke up with him out of fear.

Youtube Drama

Recently she took center stage in a MASSIVE bukkake carnival on YouTube LOL BALEETED, yet still tries her best to keep her chin up despite the intense raping her ass has suffered. Most of the comments were deleted; massive lulz were had.

UPDATE: Of course, like everything else they've been proud of, they've taken it down to conceal their embarrassment. The following is but a sample of what went on that fateful day:

Confidentiality is important, so for the safety of the roastee and the roaster, we will not be mentioning any names.


—Stated right before revealing the fuck out of her victim(s)

I have no idea what you're talking about but I would so rape you.


—The very first deleted comment.

Blah blah blah I'm a cam whore?



heres somethin you can build, MY ASS!



My my, I see that my video has attracted people who like to prey on newbies. Gee, I wonder if you nerds have any connection to the person being ranted about. lawl


—Levels of confidence still nominal; If only she knew, though

this is some of the most retarded shit I have ever seen ... I want my 2 minutes back, cunts



No, I like om nom noming at your 2 minutes of life, ass munch.


—Yes, we were all offended by her sheer vulgarity.

what you doing there with a mask

youre a camwhore you should not wear masks you shud show tits
get out of there youre looking ridiculous




I can do whatever I want; which also includes exercising my decision to wear a mask and not show my face.


—Actually, so can we. Why do you hate this?

Nah, Vogue Ninja and I like anonymity. :)


—Sure you do.

you suck


kwirky88 brings it home

You swallow, Four-Eyes.


—DAAAYYUMMM bitch is hot. Notice the assumption she instantly makes about her new fans.

Honestly, did anyone read the disclaimers This was personal view. Most of those who have commented have piss-poor grammar and spelling. If all you care about is boobs or flaming someone for giving their opinion, go watch Chris Crocker, because he does more bitching in five second than these ladies did. Kudos girls. Go for it!


—Obvious sock-puppet is obvious

.............I'm subscribing to you immediately. You have my support.


—Also by the same sock puppet

I skipped the disclaimer, is this win


lfgalbraith spots a loophole

Fuck I just realized we activated her trap card, it gave her +200 to unwarranted self importance.


alaskajunkie3000 activates her trap card

Yes, you didn't fall for my trap.

Unfortunately, your princess is in another castle. D:



What are you, a Seto Kaiba impersonator? D:


—her idea of a retort

I just flagged this video for shocking or disgusting content.


—OmegaLesPaul causes her to crack

I didn't realize that someone was holding a gun to your head and forcing you to watch my video. Wish they would end your misery and pull the trigger since you seem to be a waste of human skin, but that's just me. Anyway, if you don't like the video, then don't watch it. But my video must be worth something if you keep on coming back a day later just to comment again. lol Either that or you, yourself, are being an attention whore.


tl;dr BAWWW nobody wikes me harassing others on video

What started as a 'victory' thread on their site highlighting the video soon turned into a plethora of teary-eyed hugposts as shocked and horrified members watched their own beloved Queen getting shoved headfirst into a toilet and thoroughly raped in the ass in the video comments.


Finally, someone who actually just asks. XD Thanks.

Well, it's just personal rants really. Also I have a few friends and members of a site that I go to that know most of the inside jokes, so I don't expect people to understand the videos or myself. Basically the second video was like a roast with no names mentioned. XD


—The stupid bitch, falling yet again for another troll while pretending she's not offended by all that happened so far

  • AIM: QueenOfAllRebels
  • YIM: lucydonlacey
  • YOB: 1986 (she still acts like a complete 16-year-old online, though)
  • Actually believes she's a queen, expecting her victims to still owe her something even after they've ditched her sorry ass (along with the site). A good example of this is how she 'orders' her recent victim to 'get to the bottom of this' regarding the true authors behind this article, even though she was the one who did everything she could, including public harassment via videos she made, in order to oppress them. We can only hope our noble efforts could help clear up this major misconception she continues to have about her role in life.
  • Worships pop. Actually, she worships anything that's mainstream just to stay with the cool kids:

Damn, it's like people are programmed by their parents to dislike a change in this particular artist.


—On Miley Cyrus


This luser is a lolcow, and should be trolled to death in the usual fashion.
You can help by posting their nude pix or spamming their talk page.
[01:44] <Kis> i'm an artist :<


Not even FGAS can help her.
Kisara, laying down the pecking order for new members.

Kisara (Powerword: Jaclyn H) is another female member of the site. As the token artist of S-K, her only role is to maintain the standards for art on the site extremely high. This future Rembrandt spends her time sulking about how sad her life is and complaining about having cancer; it's assumed she has it in her colon because of the unfathomable trails of shit she leaves everywhere. This was instantly proven false by the fact anyone with cancer is too fucking busy to tell others about it; she's just too fat to notice.

Oh and for some fucked up, deluding reason, she likes to pretend this article isn't about her, and/or doesn't affect her. This is why you shouldn't let your mistake set foot outside if it constantly insists on living in a world of its own making.

Feel free to comfort her if she isn't too busy slitting her wrists, trolling badgering newfags (while denying she's one), or pretending to be an internet tough guy:

The magicks of the internet!

Some of the highlights of the conversation that went on between her and one of the original authors of this article: (Warning: tl;dr)

[[awww, no magicks :(][show me teh magicks!]]

(00:29:48) Adam: What law would this be breaking?
(00:29:57) Jaclyn: o.o
(00:30:01) Jaclyn: the things I have seen people sue for.
(00:30:32) Adam: Yeah
(00:30:34) Adam: Try and fail.
(00:31:02) Jaclyn: I'm not going to explain it to you, cause plz I know you talk to your little friend through ED.
(00:31:03) Adam: Plus the idea of filing a lawsuit against an ip is redonkulous.
(00:31:20) Adam: Uh, everything I've ever said to him
(00:31:25) Adam: is on his ed page
(00:31:30) Jaclyn: Dude. I don't trust you.
(00:36:06) Jaclyn: I'll explain to you another instance of my own doing.
(00:36:18) Jaclyn: I used to run an IRC server back in the day.
(00:36:25) Jaclyn: and there was this guy.
(00:36:41) Jaclyn: peeeeeeedophile. Like majorly.
(00:37:18) Jaclyn: long story short, a trace of his ip address and he's currently serving jail time for pedophilia, cyber stalking, and some other minor charges.
(00:37:30) Jaclyn: and all I had was a fake ip address.
(00:37:52) Adam: Lmao.
(00:37:59) Adam: Kay let me break it down.
(00:38:00) Jaclyn: n_n.
(00:38:10) Adam: Honestly, any user at any time has unlimited use of bandwidth on sk
(00:38:16) Adam: The fact of the matter is
(00:38:30) Adam: Rob uses inexpensive hosting because he isn't rich
(00:38:34) Adam: Which is smart w/e
(00:38:36) Jaclyn: xD
(00:38:47) Adam: He doesn't have the time nor the money to invest
(00:38:50) Adam: in a claim
(00:38:54) Adam: against an ip address
(00:39:01) Adam: for an obscure e-"crime"
(00:39:07) Adam: it isn't even a crime.
(00:39:15) Jaclyn: ^_-
(00:39:21) Adam: Pedophilia is a well-know crime
(00:39:30) Adam: which have groups that seek these people.
(00:39:35) Jaclyn: But yeah.
(00:39:39) Adam: Bandwidth usage 'aint
(00:39:50) Jaclyn: Overuse of bandwidth isn't a crime no.
(00:40:18) Adam: known*
(00:40:29) Jaclyn: no correction.
(00:40:30) Adam: So only an idiot would file a claim.
(00:40:34) Jaclyn: Lol.
(00:40:40) Adam: Waste of money.
(00:41:03) Jaclyn: Whatever you say buddy.'
(00:42:32) Adam: You could always claim he's a pedo, lol.
(00:42:39) Adam: A bandwidth pedo.
(00:42:49) Jaclyn: Perhaps.

Full chat transcripts

[[so sue me!][THAT IS ILLEGAL]]

(00:28:41) Adam:  Is Rob gonna try to sue :p?
(00:28:48) Adam: or something...?
(00:28:57) Adam: I feel like he'd want som serious revenge.
(00:28:59) Adam: some*
(00:29:04) Jaclyn: That's up to Rob.
(00:29:13) Adam: You can't sue for that.
(00:29:24) Jaclyn: Oh, there's a lot of things you can sue for.
(00:29:30) Jaclyn: But personally financial gain wouldn't be the idea.
(00:29:41) Adam: Not over the internet?
(00:29:48) Adam: What law would this be breaking?
(00:29:57) Jaclyn: o.o
(00:30:01) Jaclyn: the things I have seen people sue for.
(00:30:32) Adam: Yeah
(00:30:34) Adam: Try and fail.
(00:31:02) Jaclyn: I'm not going to explain it to you, cause plz I know you talk to your little friend through ED.
(00:31:03) Adam: Plus the idea of filing a lawsuit against an ip is redonkulous.
(00:31:20) Adam: Uh, everything I've ever said to him
(00:31:25) Adam: is on his ed page
(00:31:30) Jaclyn: Dude. I don't trust you.
(00:31:31) Jaclyn: You know that.
(00:31:33) Adam: we don't talk outside of ed.
(00:31:37) Adam: Fair.
(00:31:41) Jaclyn: and ED has an IRC server
(00:31:42) Adam: But that's the truth.
(00:31:48) Jaclyn: so still within "ED"
(00:31:48) Adam: He's never on.
(00:32:06) Adam: Aejae comes on
(00:32:09) Adam: you can ask her
(00:32:14) Adam: He never comes on irc.
(00:32:44) Jaclyn: I don't care.
(00:32:56) Jaclyn: Really, I don't. I told you I didn't want my shit messed with anymore.
(00:32:58) Jaclyn: that was fact.
(00:33:07) Jaclyn: The little hacking attempt someone did though made me pissed off at your friend.
(00:34:22) Adam: We really shouldn't use the word 'friend'
(00:34:36) Jaclyn: Whatever, aquaintance.
(00:35:03) Adam: I told you I thought the whole thing was boring.
(00:35:07) Jaclyn: Well.
(00:35:43) Jaclyn: If I trusted you, I'd explain that your friend does have a possibility of being in deep shit.
(00:36:06) Jaclyn: I'll explain to you another instance of my own doing.
(00:36:18) Jaclyn: I used to run an IRC server back in the day.
(00:36:25) Jaclyn: and there was this guy.
(00:36:41) Jaclyn: peeeeeeedophile. Like majorly.
(00:37:18) Jaclyn: long story short, a trace of his ip address and he's currently serving jail time for pedophilia, cyber stalking, and some other minor charges.
(00:37:30) Jaclyn: and all I had was a fake ip address.
(00:37:52) Adam: Lmao.
(00:37:59) Adam: Kay let me break it down.
(00:38:00) Jaclyn: n_n.
(00:38:10) Adam: Honestly, any user at any time has unlimited use of bandwidth on sk
(00:38:16) Adam: The fact of the matter is
(00:38:30) Adam: Rob uses inexpensive hosting because he isn't rich
(00:38:34) Adam: Which is smart w/e
(00:38:36) Jaclyn: xD
(00:38:47) Adam: He doesn't have the time nor the money to invest
(00:38:50) Adam: in a claim
(00:38:54) Adam: against an ip address
(00:39:01) Adam: for an obscure e-"crime"
(00:39:07) Adam: it isn't even a crime.
(00:39:15) Jaclyn: ^_-
(00:39:21) Adam: Pedophilia is a well-know crime
(00:39:30) Adam: which have groups that seek these people.
(00:39:35) Jaclyn: But yeah.
(00:39:39) Adam: Bandwidth usage 'aint
(00:39:50) Jaclyn: Overuse of bandwidth isn't a crime no.
(00:40:18) Adam: known*
(00:40:29) Jaclyn: no correction.
(00:40:30) Adam: So only an idiot would file a claim.
(00:40:34) Jaclyn: Lol.
(00:40:40) Adam: Waste of money.
(00:41:03) Jaclyn: Whatever you say buddy.'
(00:42:32) Adam: You could always claim he's a pedo, lol.
(00:42:39) Adam: A bandwidth pedo.
(00:42:49) Jaclyn: Perhaps.
(00:43:16) Jaclyn: I'm not getting into it with you.
(00:43:23) Adam: I'm really interested in what Rob is gonna do.
(00:43:33) Jaclyn: Well, just incase it bites you in the ass.
(00:43:37) Adam: What do you mean "get into it with me"
(00:43:38) Jaclyn: You fail as a troll.
(00:43:44) Jaclyn: I'm not going to explain.
(00:43:53) Adam: Mysterious.
(00:44:10) Adam: I understand that you's be upset because your site is down.
(00:44:13) Adam: I would be to.
(00:44:23) Adam: What Vinland did was uncalled for.
(00:44:30) Jaclyn: Not like you didn't know about it.
(00:44:31) Adam: d*
(00:44:41) Adam: Your point being?
(00:44:55) Jaclyn: Don't come across as an innocent bystander
(00:44:58) Jaclyn: it's kinda annoying.
(00:45:12) Adam: I wrote a few paragraphs in an article.
(00:45:18) Adam: I don't know how to crash a site.
(00:45:22) Jaclyn: The article itself.
(00:45:31) Jaclyn: It isn't what I'm speaking about.
(00:45:56) Jaclyn: It's fine. We're all going to wonder about how Rob is going to handle this.
(00:46:13) Adam: Why are you being mysterious?
(00:46:19) Adam: I don't get the point.
(00:46:50) Jaclyn: I'm not being mysterious, I am not going to spend time explaining to you minor things that can bite you in the ass.
(00:46:50) Jaclyn: :/
(00:46:57) Jaclyn: that's all.
(00:47:16) Adam: Like Rob not being able to reach vinland and attacking me instead?
(00:47:30) Adam: Well, I haven't done anything... so...
(00:47:33) Jaclyn: I told you.
(00:47:35) Adam: Not scared.
(00:47:43) Jaclyn: Vinland revealed himself.
(00:47:48) Jaclyn: Of who he was on s-k.
(00:47:53) Jaclyn: By sheer accident, but he did it.
(00:47:54) Jaclyn: :]
(00:47:58) Adam: He did no such thing.
(00:48:02) Jaclyn: but he did.
(00:48:04) Adam: I would've known.
(00:48:12) Jaclyn: You would have, if you were online.
(00:48:19) Adam: You're lying.
(00:48:24) Jaclyn: Not at all.'
(00:48:27) Adam: Ayup.
(00:48:53) Jaclyn: Think that.
(00:48:54) Jaclyn: it's fine.
(00:49:15) Adam: This bad cop shit isn't working. Hari tried some of it too. I haven't done anything.
(00:49:22) Jaclyn: dude.
(00:49:26) Adam: Can I help that I trolled the forums harmlessly for fun?
(00:49:27) Adam: No
(00:49:29) Jaclyn: We know that you techincally are all just words.
(00:49:38) Adam: I'm not the supervillian.
(00:49:44) Jaclyn: No one's saying you are.
(00:49:59) Jaclyn: and i'm not batman damnit.
(00:50:05) Jaclyn: Because there is no head smashing
(00:50:07) Jaclyn: and growling.
(00:50:11) Jaclyn: and words going. "BRRRRRR"
(00:50:15) Adam: lawl
(00:50:18) Jaclyn: ...cuz really that's all you understand of batman.
(00:50:29) Adam: Hm.
(00:50:34) Adam: Pretty much, yeah.
(00:51:11) Jaclyn: yeah.
(00:51:16) Jaclyn: and you're not cool enough to be joker materal.
(00:51:57) Adam: I resent that.
(00:52:08) Adam: But I'd like to note that I'm also not insane enough.
(00:52:12) Jaclyn: indeed.
(00:52:14) Adam: Which is a good thing.
(00:52:25) Jaclyn: insanity makes all the best people.
(00:52:42) Adam: I always found the Jokers fascination with Batman...
(00:52:48) Adam: semi-homoerotic.

And after giving up (also notice the twice-written confession that no actual DDoS has ever happened; they're just too pussy to admit their server was so cheap it fell easily via slightly increased loading):


(23:25:06) Jaclyn: Let me ask you something right now. I'm so tired of everything on this damned internet. Give me Vinland's email. No bullshit, no nothing. Please.
(23:25:51) Adam: What? I don't know Vinland's email.
(23:26:00) Jaclyn: Bullshit. He emailed you didn't he?
(23:26:06) Adam: Nah.
(23:26:13) Jaclyn: He never contacted you outside of ED?
(23:26:18) Adam: Nope.
(23:26:35) Jaclyn: Did he tell you ANYTHING?
(23:26:49) Adam: Nahh. Why?
(23:26:52) Jaclyn: He fucking won. He needs to stop.
(23:27:01) Jaclyn: There is no point anymore.
(23:27:13) Adam: Won? What happened?
(23:27:20) Jaclyn: The site is closed permanently.
(23:27:25) Adam: ...
(23:27:41) Adam: Woah. What'd he do?
(23:27:54) Jaclyn: He hacked into the site and posted our information.
(23:28:12) Jaclyn: IP addresses are yes, pointless in the grand scheme of things.
(23:28:16) Jaclyn: But its going too far.
(23:28:44) Adam: Sorry.
(23:28:50) Adam: I should watch out, myself.
(23:28:53) Jaclyn: You should
(23:29:05) Jaclyn: The fact is, being you started this this will turn ugly now
(23:29:13) Jaclyn: You will be involved even though you stopped.
(23:29:33) Adam: Started... what O_o?
(23:29:41) Jaclyn: The article.
(23:29:56) Adam: What does that have to do with Vinland closing the site?
(23:30:08) Jaclyn: Rob closed the site out of safety.
(23:30:26) Jaclyn: Vinland didn't like LOIC it to death or whatever.
(23:30:59) Jaclyn: The fact he's trying to send hackers to Rob and Shana is just pushing it. Being that he posted my ip address as Shana's I WILL be the one who gets this.
(23:31:05) Adam: LOIC?
(23:31:11) Jaclyn: The little spamming thing he was doing.
(23:31:55) Jaclyn: I'm really tired of this. I'm absolutely sick of all of this, there was a point. You didn't truly have cruel intentions when this started.
(23:32:23) Jaclyn: offline information is going past "lulzy" and going into putting us in a risk.
(23:32:39) Adam: Talk to him.
(23:32:45) Jaclyn: How?
(23:32:46) Adam: I don't know why you'd want to involve me.
(23:32:49) Adam: I dunno.
(23:33:03) Jaclyn: He was only talking to you.
(23:33:17) Adam: Maybe message him on ed?
(23:33:38) Jaclyn: Hah. Thats just going to send him in my direction.
(23:33:49) Adam: Ask Rob to do it?
(23:34:11) Jaclyn: I'll be honest with you because I do think you are done with ED.
(23:34:21) Jaclyn: Rob has a case apparently.
(23:34:52) Adam: Okay?
(23:35:45) Adam: So?
(23:35:58) Jaclyn: You want to be splattered in all of this anyway?
(23:36:25) Adam: Nah. I'm not involved.
(23:36:39) Adam: Not in the site being taken down, that is.
(23:36:51) Jaclyn: I know that. The site Rob did of his own doing.
(23:36:54) Jaclyn: To try and protect us.
(23:37:24) Adam: Are you saying he's going to try to sue me, lol?
(23:37:29) Jaclyn: Nope.
(23:37:41) Adam: He's going to try to sue Vinland?
(23:38:06) Jaclyn: A subpeona will force ED to give up any information on Vinland.
(23:38:10) Jaclyn: Legally.
(23:38:25) Adam: Subpeonas are expensive.
(23:38:26) Jaclyn: ED wont save his ass, so obviously.
(23:38:36) Jaclyn: True.
(23:39:27) Adam: He'd have better luck trying to sue me.
(23:39:40) Jaclyn: You're not going to be sued.
(23:39:46) Jaclyn: You can't do shit anyway.
(23:40:02) Jaclyn: Even say, you started editing this. Vinland will go behind you and undo it.
(23:40:15) Jaclyn: So you're just there in the middle.
(23:40:32) Adam: Oh well.
(23:40:42) Jaclyn: yeah.
(23:40:50) Jaclyn: but whatever. I tried.
(23:41:06) Jaclyn: I'll have to go on the fact I have no choice but to believe you.
(23:41:26) Adam: I wouldn't believe me. You don't even know me.
(23:41:40) Jaclyn: Yes.
(23:41:41) Jaclyn: I don't.
(23:42:07) Jaclyn: Besides, I have an idea who Vinland is anyway.
(23:42:31) Adam: Can't you just ip search him or something?
(23:42:33) Adam: Idk...
(23:42:38) Jaclyn: He's on a proxy lol.
(23:42:47) Jaclyn: if it really is a he.
(23:43:03) Adam: Females don't act like him.
(23:43:18) Jaclyn: You would think not.
(23:43:35) Jaclyn: But a really good liar could make you question their gender on the internet.
(23:44:23) Adam: *shrug*
(23:44:30) Jaclyn: The magic of the internet!

<Kis> You guys are funny kids.


—Jaclyn, showing respect to ED sysops before the inevitable happens.


I'm so sorry I haven't been keeping this updated recently but I didn't think I had any readers. After seeing your kind comments, I have decided to continue with this blog.


—Aejae, responding to 0 comments

LOL. It's like when people threaten to leave this site.


—so much for that.

Sorry, Shishu. Appreciate it, but we ask you be silent for now. <3


—Allison, in full control of ED.

'Aejae' aka "Enforcer" aka Allison DeLaCruz is the sad, masochistic virgin who blindly tries to weasel her way to getting this article deleted (generating much lulz for us in the process). She gets off to vandalizing and editing this page non-stop to the point of crushing her own desk chair schlicking to this article when seen blank. She constantly tries to ask ED sysops to take down this page, and considering Robert's intelligence and success, everything went just as the feared and revered leader had precisely planned for his trusted subordinate:

03[02:37] * Enforcer was kicked by killhamster (cry about me doing this on your precious yu-gi-oh forum) 

...OH WAIT THAT'S RIGHT YOU DON'T HAVE ONE. See the external links section for the full transcript.


A Crushing Failure

Robert, still pretending he had a choice on the matter.

April 2010: Declaring complete and unconditional surrender, Robert has finally started facing facts, staring at defeat while twitching at a rate that would make Xerxes turn in his grave; he has taken the only dignified decision Hitler was left with during his last days. All because someone said some baaad things about him in a page on the internet. So much for his idea of a 'social network'. Fortunately, since he never learns, he'll try to find a way to reappear without anyone noticing soon enough.

I'm done with this. You guys win, everyone else is going too.


Trolldoll, suspected of being the man himself

Learning from their mistakes

In a final act of desperation, Robert attempted to impersonate somebody from a far superior Kaiba Corporation (reportedly someone Robert personally banned on his own site), resulting in this bulletin on theirs. Not to be confused with Robert's own faggot staff.

Be vewwy vewwy quiet...

As expected, they've resurfaced once again to attempt to plague the internet with more of their faggotry.

PROTIP: You can purchase this domain and have it redirect to this article for them to start a new lulzy tirade at it.


Much of their recent, desperate attempts to revive their old glories matter little to anyone these days; they permanently lost their precious home on the web, and are doomed to remember their loss for the rest of their sorry, miserable lives, hiding at whatever secret trench they heave their overweight asses into.

If for some fucked up reason you find yourself still speaking with any of them, make sure you remind the poor guys of the continued existence of this page for some interesting reactions.

S-K in pictures

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