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Shadowland Six is a free online role-playing community which uses technology that was State Of The Art at least 100 years ago.



Shadowland 1 was the brainchild of "Dave", who later found employment working on Netscape and now the Safari browsers. It was a simple set of pages used to document his Shadowrun role-playing game.

Shadowland 2 was the first version of the site to allow posting by any fucktard who signed up. It ran off of CGI scripts and required a working knowledge of HTML by its users.

Shadowland 3 offerend minor updates to the SL2 system and ushered in the Tarantino Age.

Shadowland 4 was a drastic change to the system, requiring a java-enabled browser far before they were commonplace. A lot of people left and the Tarantino Age continued unchecked.

Shadowland 5 and Shadowland 6 were minor upgrades to the SL4 system. Since all of the Java code is now eight years old, it no longer works on new computers. No one goes there any more because of the broken software and endless drama.


Who laid who?

Administrators at Shadowland are called "Superusers." They are chosen by the number of sexual disfunctions possessed. This enables easy access to all other administrators on the site and keeps the system running smoothly. Although cybersex is openly mocked in the chats and forums, an administrator must be willing and able to engage in that same practice without being caught.

It is also advisable to travel the country and fuck as many other users as administrators as possible. The more people you sleep with on-line or IRL, the higher your prestige becomes. It says so in the Shadowrun game books.


When everyone is fucking everyone else on the site, drama occurs.

The Tarantino Age

Two highly skilled writers getting ready to masturbate.

A user calling himself Mr. Blond began pulling SL's first real clique around himself. He convinced many that role-playing on the internet would no longer be lame if everyone used proper grammar and described their stories as though transcribing a Quentin Tarantino Film.

  • Regular internet roleplaying: *Takes piss* lol
  • Tarantino Age Roleplaying: Jacque the Muskrat Jones unzipped his fly cooly, casually in front of the urinal. Just then, Little Richard's Tutti Fruity began playing over the nightclub loudspeakers. His robot ears allowed him to duck just before the bullets came crashing through the commode door and turned the others into a spray of blood and gore. A-whomp ba-da-boom-bowm, indeed.

Everyone agreed this was not lame. Cybersex soon followed as a way of getting into character.

This age later culminated in "games" about futuristic pregnant lesbian elves jumping off of roof tops while listening to shit bands. Again it was agreed that this was not lame, and more cybersex ensued.

Make Me Forget

Because the system is easily hackable, one of Shadowland's lesbians was caught having cybersex with one of its men. Her cry of pleasure, "Oh yes! Make me forget I'm a dyke tonight!" lives on in infamy. Further investigation of the lesbian revealed her to be a male member of the US Military IRL.


A user by the name of SnaitN had a habit of poking fun at Shadowland's drama. Shortly before leaving, the founder had stated that "Those losers like Snaitn are ruining the place." Thus, the LLS was born. Their mission was to troll the overly dramatic and local cybersex fiends. Then the site's drama queens picked up on this trend, began harassing everyone and turned trolling into an old meme.


Similar to goatse and lemonparty, nicepair was a disturbing pornographic image used to haze newbies. Nicepair was also used to vandalize other peoples' user pages for the lulz or the drama.

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