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the man himself.

Shaye Saint John is a fucked-up furry transsexual actor/model wannabe or one of the greatest trolls in Internet history. His/her/its inherent hatred for our modern world and it's moronic pursuit of fame and stardom through any self-degrading means lead to the birth of this representation of the ultimate plastic attention whore. She/he/it holds the record for highest number of mental deficiencies, as well as fake awards for his/her/its acting. He/she/it pushes around a mannequin dressed like a hooker in a wheelchair, and people pay him/her/it to take pictures, which is what he/she/it means by "acting." His/she/its purposeful lack of humor and his/her/it's attention whoring make his/her/its LiveJournal and comments comically difficult to read, but he still has a fucktard Goth fan base which he mocks and derides with pleasure. Quite a few people believe "he/she/it" is behind or somehow related to the bizarre hijackings of two Chicago television stations, WGN9 and WTT11, in 1987. This is not the case but would be something he/she/it would approve of.

On April 20th, 2010, it was announced on Shaye's MySpace by his acquaintance, Randolph Kret, that Shaye had died on February 25, 2010 from gastrointestinal bleeding in Southern California. The most likely cause of death was alcohol poisoning as he/she/it was fighting a deep bout of depression from living in this shitty world and fell into a bottle. Rest in peace, you crazy fucker.

The site

At first glance, the site looks like something Lowtax might've made ten years ago as a joke. The layout is horrible, and there are about six million GIFs of badly-dressed inflatable dolls, mannequins, and porcelain dolls. Nearly every page has either background music or narration from Shaye Saint John talking in an Eric Cartman voice, although slightly higher-pitched. It is maximized as nightmare fuel and is a perfect representation of the 15 minute syndrome which has plagued our society for decades.

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