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Simba Wion and StarvinDeformed Wolf show the world how HARDCORE they are.

Simba Wion is a totally hardcore babyfur from Colorado. He and his mate, FagWuff, have managed to alienate themselves from other furries, from other babyfurs, and from God in one fell stroke by tattooing themselves with bediapered, piss drenched lion and wolf infants on their inexcusably scrawny arms. This EPIC FAIL move may have hurt their ability to obtain a job, if one is to assume that they were employable in the first place.

The Lion Behind the Tat

Not much can be found out about Simba Wion, as he is an outcast among outcasts -- avoided by local Colorado furs and furs throughout the tubes. However, through diligent research, the following facts have been discovered about Simba Wion.

  • He lives in his parents' basement
  • Both he and his parents' live off of your tax money
  • He has Gonosyphiherpalies
  • He has trapped little boys in public bathrooms and forced them to pee on his pants
  • He is unemployable, as interviewers are always heard shouting "JESUS CHRIST IT'S A PIDDLING LION, GTFO!"
  • He watches you pee in the bathroom

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