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Skateboard-City, or SBC is a "Sk8r" website complete with your typical message board / instant messenger community decked out with massive avatars, "reputation", and massive signatures. Back in June one of the 13 year old forum members decided to make this page here on ED, however this broke out into one of the most retarded edit-wars ED has seen.


How do I shot Wiki?

On June 10th, the original writers created this page with massive amounts of unwarranted self importance, fanboyism, vanity and fail. Like most typical teenagers, they went in head first editing without lurking or reading any of the fucking rules/wikimarkup, let alone knowing what ED actually is. Things got worse when several forum members started adding to the existing list of users info but failed to locate the preview button; making a total mess of recent changes. Seems like to them it looked like ED would be a great place to advertise their community.

Here is an example of the massive failure that was in one of the earlier revisions:

Ruckus* Has one too.

R1deKinK/I EAT BABIES FER BREAKFAST Is arguably the worst fucking gayest member to ever grace the site (LOL)
Known for constant funnies, and being all around awesome. Accomplishments: Faked a death. Has
accumulatively made [[over 9000|almost 6,000]] posts on the site. Was voted the best sig back in mid '06. 
Believes he is the first among many people to figure out how to make animated avatars.

Hot Pie* Is a whiny little bitch (True!)

Mr Evil Guy* Is fucking gay

Santas_lil_helper* is an asshole

skatetogetby*> Who the fuck?

Dustydust is homosexual and yet to come out of the closet. He also suffers from smallballssclerosis

    * Members marked with * are known bitches of your mom 

Butthurt War Breaks out

When someone posted the link to this article in their forum, the SBCunts shat bricks and came onto ED, where they began page-wiping and threatening to kill members. Too bad everyone of them was a fucking shitstain on the underwear of existence. The ED Sysops contemplated baleeting the article but the edit war itself became a self-sustaining lulzstorm. However during this time massive amounts of edits from SBC members ensued, pissing off even the most seasoned of Æ veterans. Of course some didn't take kindly to the insertion of the pain series, and blanked the page with more stupid shit.

Oh well, at least this asshole knows his place

The Aftermath

After 2 days of intense wiki-warfare, 300 edits later, and dividing fail by zero the members attention span finally ran out and they left the page as was, still full of deletion templates.


First of all whoever wrote this has either never been to Skateboard-city or was banned from it for being a fag. We are a great community and just because you have something against us doesn't make what you say legitimate. You fail at life.


Save The Pandas, being butthurt

Ha ha ha quote this, "Whoever owns this page needs to get a life off of the internet (crazy I know) and learn that by making a mockery of something thats rad is usually to cover up ones hurt feelings about an event that took place. So wiki addict, tell me what exactly was it that made you live a sad life of wiki/sbc/life failure? Were you banned from the skate site? Did your father touch you when you were a child? Because frankly I'm stumped as to what makes you live such a sad internet addicted life." You can quote me on that!


Save The Pandas, showing his potential to be an lolcow and failing at templates

Spam War

Sb-C members attacked fellow skateboarding messageboard, Skaterscafe. This resulted in epic lulz considering that there were no mods on at the time to stop SB-C attackers from tearing apart the Skaterscafe forums for over an hour straight with every type of pornography (gay, lesbian, piss, fecal, furry, ect..)

Skaterscafe cried to the admins/mods at Sb-C because "there were seven year olds who seen the attack!"

in actuality it's because unlike Sb-C members skaterscafe members weren't gay and were getting spammed with pictures of Sb-C members engaging in fecal fucking while asking them to join in.

Resulting, only a small handful of members were banned from Skateboard-City. Members including:


SB-C and Skaterscafe have since made up.

The End of Skateboard-City?

On approximately July 7, 2007, the Skateboard-City forums disappeared. Soon after, the entire website and its sister website, Snowboard-City, also disappeared. It is unknown what actually happened. All we know is that the Skateboard-City community has suffered an extreme amount of casualties. Several addicted members, after finding out that Skateboard-City was gone, hung themselves among which Dave Adams, televangelism tycoon. There are expected to be many more casualties in the near future. Later in the month, Skateboard-City returned, with a new "Web 2.0-friendly" layout.

Attention Whore Gallery left over

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