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Whats with all the rainbow colors?
The "art" that you will see often in the art boards.

Slightly Insane Graphics is an evil Proboards forum that is composed retardation and fail. The forum is run by the admin, Smangii, and couple of other people. All of the members on the forum believe that they are artists in some odd way and should be treated with respect. The "art" that they make is horrible in every way possible.

One of the coolest parts of SI is the coding boards. Apparently, people that post codes on the website think that they can copyright syntactical Javascript code (which takes no skill at all amirite?). These codes will only work with Proshit forums. They are mostly used for the "wow factor" of the forums that they are applied to. Most of the codes perform the same shitty tasks as other ones do that were posted on the forum.

After a while, Smangii and a couple of other admins found that people were not posting enough. In order to get people back on their forum and posting like crazy, they added a marketplace (aka crackhouse) board to reward stupid people for posts. The more posts, the more fake money people could have to change their name's color, style, and all the other worthless shit you could do to to HTML text. Soon enough, people started whoring themselves out like Russian hookers to get the fake money, and kissing the admins' ass in order to become mods to boards (which would never happen).

All of the wise people left the forum when they still could or got banned for just talking back to the admins. Now the forum is under a totalitarian leadership where if you even say one thing against the forum, the admins will ban or delete your account off of the forum (like anyone would care).

Chat Boards

The chat boards are full of drama. Whether if it is someone bitching about life or just wants to talk about a stupid topic, they always deserve a beating. The lack of trolls in these boards has lead to an influx of drama therefore making the faggotry of the whole forum skyrocket. Many trolls have tried to make the boards more interesting, but have failed.

Recently, veterans of the forum have tried turning the sub-boards into /b/, but have failed.

Some of the Many Ways to Troll

  • Spam Gay porn throughout the whole forum. This will work only if one uses different IPs and usernames. Otherwise, they can just delete all of the posts that were posted by that one user. One time, the forum was actually shutdown for a day because of this. According to the note that was posted when Slightly Insane was down, the admins had to do some "clean-up" work on the forum.
  • Target an admin on the forum and pick on them for a while.
  • Gain Smangii's trust and try to become an admin. Then delete everything on that board or section.

There are many other ways to troll, but need experimenting first.


After many attacks on SI through the shoutbox and chatroom feature, the admins decided to take away those features. Many of the users were butthurt when they noticed that the chatroom and shoutbox were gone. They started bitching. The admin stepped in right away shut the users up as usual instead of listening to them.

If you want to instant chat, go on MSN or AIM. This is a forum, where we "chat" in threads. There's no limit as to what can be said in a thread and what can't :P There was a Live Chat enabled once, but it was abused... so I disabled it.


—Smangii - Admin of SIGFX

Then here's a simple solution; Get a chatbox/shoutbox that requires you to register, so no guests can "shout". This way it should also log the IP's.


Typical Idiotic User


How they make their stuff:


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