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Not to be confused with sniff freaks
Everybody, chill the fuck out. I got a sniffer.

Sniffer is a meme used en masse by /b/tards when referring to an extremely lethal and dangerous object in possession of anybody who knows their Computer Science III.

Lulz ensued on April 24th, 2010 when apparently, a 16 year old girl provided fap-worthy material to her boyfriend, whose Facebook account was then haxed by a newfag acquaintance by the charming name of Chris Rowland and proceeded to post dox and pics, resulting in further lulz. While the hacker in question is probably getting ass raped by the FBI, 4chan is erupting amid laughter over the stupidity of these three (now two?) virgins.

IN REMEMBRANCE OF LAUREN LAFFERTY, 1993 - 2010, Goodnight_Sweet_Prince


The image that started it all.
Could this get any easier?

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