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Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
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The face of the man who wants to bang Bart Simpson.
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How SolidMario probably spends his day.
I'll be honest,I regret doing those pictures of Bart, but that damn nude skateboarding scene from the Simpsons movie ruined my sanity. Thankfully I've never done any real pictures like that to a real child. Only Bart.


—His claim that The Simpsons Movie made him insaneArchive today-ico.png (archive).

Bart's got a cute butt, doesn't he?


—SolidMario loves that yellow Bart booty

I mostly draw Bart like that, because they often do it in the show too. Though I'll admit Bart is sexy. I've never been fully homo. I'm a bisexual.


—Confessing he thinks Bart is sexy.

I deactivated my Solidmario account but came back with a promise to the world and myself. As of now, I am no longer a pedophile and will destroy my nasty urges and thoughts of Bart Simpson. I shall stick bring normal and upload photographs of normal things like dioramas and stuff. I am a changed man.


—Claims to have changed.

No. It was BlackbusterCritic's fault! He's the reason this damn thread exists! I hope he finds me Irl. Because when he does, I'm gonna be ready. When he does, I'm gonna kill him!


—His post about wanting to kill BlackBusterCritic.

SolidMario (aka Funlover2012, DarthChaos, EmperorLukeSolo and many more.) is a manchild DeviantART fag who at first made shitty MS Paint pictures and comics of simply Bart Simpson using stills from the show, before eventually depicting him with the character Phillip J. Fry from Futurama as a babysitter, father figure, or brotherly friend of Bart as he says, but it's damn obvious that he's more than likely drawing his gay pedo fantasies using Fry. Things started to get weird when SolidMario started drawing strange pictures of Bart Simpson mostly naked, including one of Bart naked playing in the mud, getting hosed off and washed, and Fry with a creepy ass face rubbing on Bart's belly, and many others which are presumably lost. It's obvious that his reason behind this (Bart's behind) is obviously a sexual fetish for Bart Simpson, He blames his weird activity on the scene in The Simpsons Movie where Bart skateboards naked, which he also obsessively drew, since Archive today-ico.png it's his favorite scene in the whole movie. He would frequently comment about how cute he thinks Bart's behind is on any picture of Bart, if the picture didn't have his ass out, he would in a totally not gay pedo way call Bart cute.


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His world in a nutshell.

Like many weirdos of the internet, SolidMario started on DeviantART, where he obsessively drew and posted his Bart and Fry photos, when ever he'd take a break from DeviantART, he's tell everyone to take care of Bart for him. And made lots of comments about how cute he thinks Bart's ass and such, even had many awkward conversations with artists who drew Bart. Even on pictures that have nothing to do with Bart, he had to make it clear that he wants the Bart.

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Archive today-ico.png (archive) This comment will set the tone for this section.

His Activity

You think of doing any with Bart?


—His comment on one of Mojorocka's wierd Dora pictures

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Many of his comments about Bart Simpson, only he would find Bart's "childish charm" irresistible.
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His comment on a picture of a little boy surfing a dog naked, followed by an exchange with another DeveiantART pedo
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An awkward conversation about how he likes Bart more as a kidArchive today-ico.png (archive).

His Gallery

His gallery wasn't all naked Bart, but still.
What's Left Of His Not Gay Pedo Art About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


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How Bart feels around SolidMario.
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"These guys wanna invade Bart's lower intestine, just penetrate it."BBC's commentary about this exchange between these two.
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His comment on the upload of BBC's video by Heaven's Library
This guy's mind is so far gone, there is no recovering for people like him.


—BlackBusterCritic on SolidMario

Not too many really knew or gave a shit who SolidMario was until he caught the attention of BLACKbusterCritic in 2012, whom did videos at the time called DEVIANTARrtists which was very much like Sonic Brainfart but with DeviantART weirdos. BBC first did a stream preview of the video before uploading the video to Jewtube, he knew that the video would get flagged so he put a disclaimer up stating that it was going to get flagged for harassment, explaining that it's exposing a possible pedo. Shortly after the video was live, SolidMario went on a baleeting spree, taking everything off his gallery and deactivating his account. He made other accounts under Funlover2012 which he later changed to SolidMarioV2, prior to closing that one he made SolidMarioV3 and several others (all of which are baleeted). The video got flagged off cause SolidMario decided to be a butthurt flaggot so BBC had to put the video on and Dailymotion (which they're now baleeted due to recent butthurt flaggotry). At some point following the drama, BBC allegedly destroyed his mind and he faded into obscurity for four years.


Police.gif Fact Alert
SolidMario tried to keep this video off the web, and he succeeded for almost a year.The video has lots of content on it's own, which is why he tried to keep it off the web, but the internet is forever. He even tried to flag his pictures in the video as child porn to get it taken down.
If you feel this page is tl;dr, then watch this video instead you lazy fuck.
He lives to make pictures of Bart, that is his fantasy, to break into that yellow anus, and fill that twinkie with his cream!


—BBC's best joke on the video.

The Return Of SolidMario

Moar info: [[Kiwi Farms saga.]].
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What his life is probably like today.
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Claiming BlackBuster ruined his fantasy life.
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The thread would have stayed dead if he had fucked off.
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Trollshielding by mentioning Mojorocka
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He thought this user would give a shit after two years apparently.

At some point in May of 2016, SolidMario came out of his rock that he was under after four years, after plotting some kind of revenge on BLACKbusterCritic, and he made DeviantART and Jewtube sockpuppet accounts to damage control any mention of his past creepy shit, even replied to comments that were made long after anyone gave a shit about who he was or what he did. Most of his comments consist of long-winded rambling and pop culture references from movies and video game franchises such as Star Wars, Metal Gear Solid, Harry Potter, and many others. Following a spergout in the comments section of a mirror of the video BlackBuster did, it got baleeted by his likely flagging with all his JewTube sock accounts, Jewtube does cater to hert feelings after all. Ironically, SolidMario will tell anyone that calls him out to move on and get over shit that happened years ago, despite the fact that he's been grinding an axe for BlackBusterCritic for years over the video, proving that he has a high lack of self awareness.

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Wiki Vandalism

Like many lolcows, SolidMario fails to understand that wiki vandalism does no good, he's done blanking and butthurt revisionism on Lolcow Wiki, Wikia, even this article while it was in development. Before this article was even thought of, he targeted a section in The Simpsons discussion page for referencing him with his UserAnonymous alias. What he also fails to realize is that his methods unintentionally create more lulz, and it didn't work out at all when Chris Chan or Nate Spidgewood attempted these methods here.

Blanked a page for mentioning him, and got banned
You call it vandalism, I call it censorship of incrimination.


—SolidMario doesn't understand how the Streisand effect works.

Kiwi Farms

Following the removal of the video from Jewtube, he could have moved on and none would continue to give a fuck, but like many other spergs he decided to continue damage control all across the web, then he found his Kiwi Farms thread, which was dead for almost a year. He thought it would be a good idea to bump it and trollshield under the alias of UserAnonymous. SolidMario didn't become a true and honest lolcow till this event, he would flail with rage demanding his thread be removed on numerous occasions, leaving for extended periods of time following a spergout each time. Eventually after numerous shit posts, numerous sock accounts, and fixed that for you quote edits, the thread got locked at 295 pages, while he celebrated it as a victory on DeviantART. A few days later, BlackBusterCritic's video was hosted and posted in the thread by Nool, serving as a final kick in the balls to his epic victory celebration as he could no longer flag it off the internet out of butthurt.

  • Sock accounts on Kiwi Farms:
  • Useranonymous B&
  • RevengeTroll Merged with UserAnonymous
  • User Anonymous name changed to SolidMario B&
  • Guy Incognito B&
  • xxguy-incognitoxx Merged with SolidMario
  • sm2187 Merged with SolidMario
  • NewtSalamader B&
  • DarthChaos Still active, lurks.
  • Malleo B&
  • ElBarto B&
  • RandomGuyFromNowhere Merged with SolidMario
  • randomloser B&

DeviantART Return

He made an account called JackGroundrunnner, whom is a character role of the person who supposedly was the person that showed him DeviantART and claimed he was looking for SolidMario all around the site, and made another sock account called MegaTroll1 which he used to take out his tard rage on anyone that made an off comment about him years ago. Aside from him trying to troll people (and failing hard) just for mentioning him years ago, SolidMario would have discussions using even more of his new sock accounts pretending to be protectors of his SolidMario name, treating it like Jesus. He would even troll shield making comments calling his friend Mojorocka sick.

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On June 7th 2017, SolidMario joined the website for it's anti-KiwiFarms crusade, he was going to join the so called cause to battle da evil meanies of KiwiFarms. However, all the regular posters knew about him, so they started to mess with him via shopped pics and shitposts, so he resorted to playing victim and of course, he made more sock accounts to defend thine honor. He argued with himself through the sock accounts, pretty much spamming the site, and even blamed some of the socks on KiwiFarms users to try and fool the CLP userbase. However as of June 18th 2017, the CLP site and it's users have now set their sights on Vordrak, so his hopes and dreams of revenge on teh evil Kiwis has backfired once again. He also edits the site's wikiArchive today-ico.png (archive) to protect his article on it, keeping it in his favor so none will ever see the True and Honest version.

Sock Puppeteering

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SolidMario saying the same thing with multiple accounts.
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Totally not the same person, at all.
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Matched IP address, still totally not the same person.
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He does not sock, honest!
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Same IP dun mean a darn thing!!!111
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His excuse for why his accounts have the same IP address, "lives together and shares a bed" with SolidMario

Like many lolcows who don't have actual friends, SolidMario makes many sock accounts on every site he joins to pretend that there's actual people that give a flying shit about him, and that others would approve the gay pedo shit, the usernames consist of autistic style character mashups like LinkSparrow (Link and Jack Sparrow mash up) and many mashups of StarWars names with many other names from movies and vidja. He uses them to defend thine honor and roleplay with himself, discussing damn dirty trolls and even roleplays as Bart Simpson/ElBarto. It's pretty easy to spot a SolidMario sock, as he'll often say the same phrases word for word anywhere.

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Movie night as in Netflix and chill with Bart Simpson?

Solid Evidence

The images below are rock solid evidence that all his defenders are in fact him despite his heavy denial and the fact that all his Kiwi Farms accounts had matching IP adresses. This is the slip up that put the final nail in the coffin, rebutting all denial of sock puppeting.

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He forgot he was in the DarthChaos role and slipped up.
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He edited his reply, but LOL TOO LATE, YA DUN GOOFED!

He thought that making a DeviantART status yelling at himself would trick people into thinking he's not SolidMario in any way, shape or form.

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Archive today-ico.png (archive)Dang it SolidMario, now we all know 100% that all your white knights are your own sock accounts!

Reaction To This Article

While this article was still in the works in a user sub-page, not even visible if you search SolidMario on Jewgle or any other search engine, he decided to lurk this site and found this page while it was still a stub and decided to attempt butthurt revisionism with multiple sock accounts.

And he posted a status on DeviantART, with his totally not sock account.

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Archive today-ico.png (archive) Damn internet meanies!

See Also

  • Autism – Why he'll never learn or change.
  • BLACKbusterCritic – SolidMario is literally the only person who still has a hateboner for him to this day.
  • Bullying – What he thinks he's a victim of.
  • Chris Chan – His unofficial senpai, whom he's tried the same shit as here and got the same results.
  • Internet tough guy – He can dish it out, but can't take it.
  • Kiwi Farms – Had an inactive thread which being the dumbass he was decided to revive it.
  • Oliver D. Smith – Another sock puppeteer and wiki vandal that doesn't learn anything.
  • Pedophilia – What his attraction to Bart Simpson is.
  • Streisand effect – What happened when he tried to delete his online footprint.

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Youtube Accounts

DeviantART Accounts

All known main and whiteknight sockpuppet accounts. All baleeted, though he sometimes reactivates one or two on occasion. The crossed out ones are permabaleeted

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