Southern Decadence

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Sponsors of the 2006 Southern Decadence

According to conservative journalist J. Grant Swank, Jr. (which sounds like one of the gayest names of all time, by the way), Southern Decadence is "a yearly hoopla celebrating practicing homosexuality as a legitimate, giddy lifestyle" set in New Orleans. Mr. Swank goes on to describe the event in florid, frightening detail: "Thousands upon thousands were going to crawl all over New Orleans 'to celebrate their sexuality'." These depraved faggots would then go on to "re-enact Sodom and Gomorrah in broad daylight -- and into the night haunts, as well".

But, according to J. Grant, "Then came along Katrina." He goes on to describe the anguished oh noes of all the soggy homos in gleeful detail: "Now New Orleans is under water, bathing in sewage and devastation rather than providing downtown fountains for homosexual capers aplenty."

Homosexual capers aplenty. Sounds like this guy knows what he's talking about. If you care to read the rest of the article, it is here. [1]

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