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Spengbab is like Spongebob, except not. Y'see, once upon a time, Spongebob got lost on his way to a Russian bath-house and ended up in an unknown location after consulting MapQuest for directions. Upon arrival he was welcomed by the locals with a complete MS Paint makeover so's he'd fit in better. However, like The Picture of Dorian Gray, the moar he lurked, the moar his likeness became gruesomely disfigured and hideous.

Now, he is to the point that he has become the very definition of H.P. Lovecraft's famous works, in all of their eldritch horror. While "Spengbab" is his usual alias, he is also known by several disgusting - and unfortunately apt - names, which you will find below. Thankfully, the mutation made it so he can no longer talk, or at least, he can only talk in Simple English.

In a related story, a similar tragedy recently occurred when the normally adorable Pikachu suffered a similar fate and was transformed into the nightmarish Pikaman. Seems as if all the Internets likes to do is plunder and pillage your pretty little childhood memories.

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