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Stickpageportal is a pair of websites devoted to animations involving stick figures. It is estimated that only 99% of it's members are fucktards. Although the first SP still exists, it has gone to the dogs since everyone moved to the Newgrounds-inspired portal, . Several SP members stay around just for the forums, as they can't tell the difference between different degrees of shit.



Stickpage started when some poor fuck named Jason escaped from the psyciatric ward at some hospital. He made a website with a few shitty animations, called it Stickpage, and called himself Jay, but all the peasants call him Crazy Jay. He added some boring forums, because all forums suck before they get members, and it got members as people began finding links to his shit. The site's fanbase grew, but some fucker called decided to hack the site to show goatse and tubgirl. The site was taken down for a little while, and was replaced later.

One day, the most faggotest admin, Zulu, decided to use his small E-Penis to make a portal. Some lollies at accused SP of copying Newgrounds, the SP members raged and tried trolling, failing miserably since they're all retarded inbred shitbags. So, later on, in around some time or another, the portal was released as a beta, and the forums got lipsuction and a tummy tuck, so they would be nice and slim. The old SP forums now lay in ruins and whenever you try to go there, you get redirected by microscopic internet fascists to the SPP forums.

Typical stickpageportal user, 2D, admits he's a sick fuck


Stickpage portal is the flowing pisspipe of animation, closely following the youtube pivot community, which we refer to as the flowing semen pipe. It's much richer in fail than Stickpage. Stickpage is one of the few successful Pivot communities, if by "successful" we mean a noob infested dump of animations that drown out any possible sign of maturity with shit. Stickpage also has a "main" section of their forums, the only somewhat not shitty place in the whole website.


Stickpage is filled with faggots, most of which have left upon realizing that they're on a site about stickfigures.

2-D has in fact no penis, but has three buttplugs.

Apples is a 9 year old who's a snotty peice of shit because he can animate.

Deathwish is a closet furry.

Big Bang is mexican.

NTG is gay

Jawz is a fat lesbian similar to tubgirl.

Jazz is a nigger that thinks he is smart.

Xiaoleo is a fucking faggot.

Marvin got banned for statutory rape on an innocent little boy.

MiniMan is the Conspiracy Cock

Myself is fucktarded.

Sidewaysbox is a hot loli.

Ash thinks he's the total shit despite the fact that he has a fat emo girlfriend.

GunsnArmor is a furfag, even though he claims that he isn't.

The Pirate is an obvious dicklicker.

Nobody really cares about anybody on SPP anyways. Stickpageportal constantly goes down, making it gay.

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