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Around Whites, Internet Fights!


Stormchan's love of the Greek master race
Typical threads in /storm/
>that feel when no White Nationalist gf
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While /pol/ and 4chon frequently get called Imageboard versions of Stormfront, Stormchan carries this label with pride. Stormchan is a microscopic, alternative *chan based on Tinyboard that center its' site ideology around White Nationalism.

It was originally created on November 14, 2011 and subsequently rebuilt after a site failure on November 21, 2011. It was hosted on a personal Virtual Machine at the house of its creator, Dievas. Soon after, it was moved to a virtual server hosted by Savetheinternet due to Dievas's financial issues caused by yet another potato famine.

Stormchan was created as a result of rule-evading by several trolls on 4chon's /new/ board.


Stormchan mods are known for their high level of competency


A board in which discussions revolved around Congressman Ron Paul, and how he will save the world and make anime real. One of the thousand alternative boards to which Paultards escaped after Moot received his shekels from his masters and deleted /pol/, the main Paul stronghold of the Internet. Axed after non-activity.


A board for White Nationalists. In practice, whining about niggers, reposting info pics about how niggers are dumb and how the kikes are keeping the white man down. /storm/ also fantasizes about "the Day of the Rope", when the White Men take arms and shoot all brown people and jews. Naturally, this will never happen as that would require leaving Stormchan.


A mainly empty board that is supposed to be about men and manhood. /man/ is mostly used by the occasional faggot to whine about shitty alcohol.


Dump for .pdfs. The magnificence of this board cannot be conveyed by words:

Jew pdfs.jpg

Important Namefags



Important is bit misleading, as Dievas never updates the site and doesn't even host it, his role is reduced to infrequent namefagging and sucking up to STI.


Serbian supporter of a Greek National Socialist party. Ran to Stormchan after he got trolled to death every time he posted on 4chon. Posts translated party propaganda for Stormchan's Amerilards to masturbate to because actual Greeks are too poor speak English.

See Also

  • Andrew Anglin- Proprietor of a site even more fucktarded than Stormchan

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