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They were so much more innocent secretive in the 1960s.
Well not THAT secretive . . .

Superdickery is a website of unaltered comic book covers and panels that could... um... be misinterpreted. It is thought by many that the comic book industry has always covertly encouraged slashfic. Here is the proof. Its original purpose was to showcase that Superman is a dick. Now that this has been proven, its new purpose is to prove that all superheroes are teh gay, Wonder Woman is severely into BDSM and that Jimmy Olsen is a gorillasexual.

Origin Story

It all started with a thread on Allspark. A member who shall remain nameless (Mike Miksch) posted some old Superman comic covers. After much discussion over America's favorite superhero, the members of the forum came to the conclussion that Superman was a dick.

This makes sense, of course. Growing up superpowered, who would have dared to try to displine him? It makes sense that he would end up like that one kid from the Twilight Zone. Plus, his girlfriend is a bitch, his best friend betrays him all the time[1], and he's surrounded by people too stupid to realize he's just Clark Kent without the glasses. You'd be a dick sometimes too.

Site today

Same as the site yesterday. It used to be updated monthly, then bimonthly, then whenever he felt like it. Finally, the site creator just gave up, and it's never updated anymore. In fact, you're likely to catch a virus from the site if you have a shit antivirus program. Plus, all the links are switched around, so for example, is now


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