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The creator of this shitty ripoff.

Swagbucks is a shitty site made by Chuck Davis who wanted to increase his earnings so he could afford more CP. The site's purpose is to make its users Jew Gold, but for every $1.00 you make, Swagbucks makes $10.00. You earn Jew Gold by taking shitty surveys that don't work 80% of the time. The catch is that you don't get to collect your money normally. Instead, you can get your earnings in the form of an Amazon gift card, so that you can buy a cheap, throwaway pen for $1.00 and end up paying $4.00 in shipping fees.


Most users on Swagbucks are neckbearded lowlives who are too lazy to get a real job, so they take these surveys online so they never have to leave their basement. Swagbucks is a complete waste of time and money, as the surveys will reject you 80% of the time and force you to retake them. Most surveys are rigged in such a way that if you enter false information, it can detect it and will cancel the survey. Think you're going to get free Jew Gold using Fake Name Generator? Think again, faggot.

Means of making money

Besides doing shitty surveys that take up to an hour to complete, you can play these shitty games that were made in 10 minutes by some teenager. One game consists of you jumping on balloons to stay in the air, as if that hasn't already been done hundreds of times already. Another game that you can play is a ripoff of Temple Run where you only have to mash one button to win. Did I mention that in order to make the same amount of money as taking a survey, you would need to play the games for hours?


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