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Tektek is a shitty fansite of Gaia Online. The site was created by a Gaiafag who thought he could be famous by creating an avatar simulator when all it did was waste space on the internets. However when the Gaiafags noticed how awesome the simulator was, they began creating their dream avatars.

The site was later updated with more shit.


Wet Dream Avatar Creator

Maybe the Dream Avatar Creator would be better if more of the avatars created looked like this.
What typically comes out of the Dream Avatar Creator.

Millions of Narutards go here to create their awesome cosplays of Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, Gaara, Rock Lee, etc.

At least 100 days ago, this thing actually served a useful purpose by allowing people to try on new items before spending their hard-earned Gaia Gold on such items, spotting layering issues and other color-matching faggotry. Now that Gaia has taken it upon itself to provide this, the site is just infested with weeaboo newfags wishing they owned oodles of items they'll never afford. Even though they could just cut out the middleman that is Gaia's horrible economy by copy/pasting the picture from the avatar creator and posting it in all of their posts. Since it's pretty much the same thing as the real avatar.

If you wander into Avatar Talk, you'll find over 9000 threads of gaiafags asking you to Tektek them, which typically means they're too lazy to play with a free piece of software and expect you to do it for them so you can come up with their new dream avatar. Sometimes they'll even offer money, but more likely they'll just beg you to give them the items you used because they're also too lazy to earn the gold needed themselves.

Shit Nobody Cares About

Gaia Online Item Lookup

View items and see how expensive they are and how stupid they look on you. Gaia Online stole this when making their new Market Place.

Profile Themes

Steal someone else's theme and use it on your MySpace. 99.999999999999% of all the themes made are based off Naruto, Inuyasha, Bleach, Death Note, etc.

Text Generator


Cheat on Gaia Online's "super hard quests", which generally consist of watching a trailer of some shit movie noone cares about and getting a crappy item at the end.


Similar to the avatar simulator except no one gives a shit about it but the newbie gangstafags.

Quest Bar

A meter that you put in your sig to show other Gaiafags that you have no life by trying to get an item that other Gaiafags will waste their lives trying to get.

Random Image Generator

A ripoff of every other image generator, but with Tektek's name on it. Gaiafags dont realize this.

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