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The rejection line is a general purpose trolling device used to let ridiculous and creepy people know that they are not worthy of real social contact. All text messages sent to it are posted on their website



Hey, you're a pretty cool guy right? You just haven't gotten much luck lately, but things are bound to pick up soon. A friend of a friend of a guy that you work with says it'd probably be cool if you went to a party he's throwing tonight, and whilst you're mingling with some awesome people you see her. Eyes like sapphires, hair like golden sand and a smile that makes you melt, you just need to talk to this girl. Things seem to be going so well. She's constantly looking over her shoulder (probably to make sure her boyfriend is not around), and she keeps letting you buy her drinks. Dude, you're totally going to get laid tonight, the deal just needs closing. You ask if she wants to go back to your place, but after a long, comfortable silence in which you look into her eyes for what seems like an eternity she says she has work in the morning. You ask for her number. She gives you it. You are waiting to go home and call her. She is flirting with you hard. You say your goodbyes and grab a taxi and head home. You grab your phone you start dialing her number. You finish the last number and you are so excited. Some guy picks up the phone. Its not her. Why didn't she answer the phone. She just wasn't that into you. You have been rejected.

You idiot

Always offer to send a txt to the girl right then and there, "so that we both have each other's number". She has to give you her number, so you can send a txt to her. Hell: offer her your phone so she can put in her own number herself. Type in the message "Dave, Friday, sleazy nightclub X" - all she has to do is type in her number and press send. Then you "check to see she got the message" on her phone. If she won't do it, put one in her drink (or pick your nose and stir her drink with it - less potential for accidents) and move on. You are wasting your time, and seeping precum into your underpants for no reason.


  • Ensuring that fat ass skank from the club can not contact you.
  • asking that creepy guido leave you alone, although he may be aware of the rejection line, having been given that number at least 5 times in the same night.
  • Making otherwise awesome people want to kill themselves simply because they do not always make a great first impression. HAHAHA DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS
  • Allowing self entitled douchebags to think that they have standards.
  • Because how else are you going to figure out that no one wants you?

How it works

File:Rejectionline howitworks.jpg
For amerifags, replace it with the local number you find on their page.


#173236 0404769xxx Rich... Im in the cop shop... As in im behind fucking bars ...
Tue Jun 22
23:37:14 EST

#173044 0403702xxx Heyy sexii i will drop that beastiality porn off at your house later and the pokemon porn lolz!:);: i will also stop at the shop and get you some lube
Sun Jun 20
15:26:00 EST

#169276 0413936xxx Im selling my microwave, the kids put the pet rooster in it, so now everything tastes like cock. Thought you might be interested!!
Wed May 12
13:43:54 EST

#168178 0412422xxx Oi babe my mum just died can you call me seriously i need your help omg babe please ring me as soon as you get my message i love you xoxo
Sat May 1
19:03:04 EST

#167857 0425645xxx Omg im pregnant u arse hole im only 12 its not fair on me, u said u could pull out!! ARGHHHHHH im soo pissed off at you.
Thu Apr 29
00:14:04 EST

#167740 0401922xxx I cant believe I foud someone else thats into animals like that. You were so hot with that shit on you. Wanna catch up again sometime soon? Love from Tim.
Tue Apr 27
23:05:27 EST

#167725 0438230xxx Hey had a great time last week, im so glad u were my 1st. But i really need to meet up with you, i havent got my period and im really scared xo
Tue Apr 27
21:09:14 EST

#167719 0437280xxx Oi dude, your uncle alex came in to bottle-o, he blew up his mazda engine cos he didnt put oil in, apparently the oil warning light wasnt a big enough clue :)
Tue Apr 27
20:35:43 EST

#167687 0407935xxx Want a hot cock
Tue Apr 27
17:32:00 EST

#167638 0432473xxx Mummy an you please ask daddy to come over at 8.45 and watch connor while i go to the doctors with ray please
Tue Apr 27
08:08:14 EST

#167595 0433673xxx I found that condom, it dropped out while I was on the toilet. Haha, meet up tomorrow?
Mon Apr 26
22:13:00 EST

#167484 0428457xxx How come 5 people have the same phone number in my phone?
Mon Apr 26
15:43:05 EST

#167405 0425825xxx Is this the real Kate? If so, just letting you know someone made your phone number public on encyclopedia dramatica. You may want to contact them to remove it.
Sun Apr 25
23:10:38 EST

#167397 0403848xxx Hey! Just a reminder about my bday party this Friday, April 30th at 8pm in the Vegas Lounge on Oxford st. Theme is hats. Please rsvp if u havent already. Xo:).
Sun Apr 25
22:53:11 EST

#167093 0433594xxx got this number to calll a chick with a cock me too trany wana catch up
Fri Apr 23
19:09:12 EST

#166858 0433673xxx Omg. Last night was the first time Ive ever done that. Thanks for broadening my sexual horizons. But Im not gay.
Mon Apr 21
17:29:16 EST

#165889 0412214xxx Hey did you wipe your ass on my curtains before u left last night? Mum found giant brown stains and the house stinks!! Plz reply xx
Mon Apr 12
10:41:06 EST

#165767 0406144xxx Can believe you came on my face and ran out the door when I couldnt see anything. Your so rude. I want more cum fAce though. Call me.
Sun Apr 11
11:27:49 EST

#165765 0400286xxx Mom can you just check I turned my straightner of please? Xx
Sun Apr 11
10:38:24 EST

#164811 0433673xxx I hav herpes you whore!
Sat Apr 3
13:11:38 EST

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