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Media PROTIP: You can smear the Wikipedia Jews on Gossip Report.

A Stormfront user complains about the Wikipedia Jews.
Fag King of the Wikipedia Jews David Shankbone with the Zionist President of the Israeli Jews.
Of course. If the Jews had it their way This would be featured everyday.
Wikipedia Jews discuss ways to make Wikipedia an annoying experience for other editors at their Annual Meeting.
Email [email protected] for details! The secret password is "Jay".
They are breeding like flies and maggots.
The Wikipedia Jews

The Wikipedia Jews (TOW✡), led by Scheißjüdin‎, are an existential reality of Wikipedia. They don't like being called The Wikipedia Jews. They don't want to admit that they're Wikipedia Jews. Some of them aren't Jews. Yet they are Wikipedia Jews. As poster jackwelsh from The Wikipedia Review eloquently put it:

What should their clique be called, if not the "Wikipedia Jews"?


This is a cabal whose existence Wikipedia doesn't want to admit. Their own cabal page contains no mention of them[1]. The Wikipedia Jews are basically abusive people, the kind of people who feel like reverting all your edits in your face and then blocking you. In essence, they're bureaucratic fucks, fucking up the Web with Wikipedia garbage that gets copied by spam scrapers all around the Web with their Web fuckery, thanks to the idiotic Stallmanesque so-called "copyleft" license they use, a license with Jimbo Wales's "child in Africa" in mind, an imbecilic excuse to fuck up the Web and IRC all day long with spam, spam and even more spam.

Among the most famous Wikipedia Jews are Scheißjüdin‎, Jewjig, Isarig, L'Aquatique, Humus sapiens, Moshe Constantine Hassan Al-Silverburg, Zeq and Mantanmoreland, who also has his own TOW article. SlimVirgin is a disgruntled PETA fan who is obsessed with Jews (even though she is a shiksa!) and the terrorist bombing of Pan Am Flight 103. Jayjg is the most famous Zionist on Wikipedia. Humus and Moshe are the henchmen to SlimVirgin and Jayjg's Joker- and Riddler-type evil genius. Whenever the leaders need help, the henchmen magically appear along with others. It is a complete and vicious lie that the actions of this posse are coordinated by email, irc or instant messaging. There is, in fact, an unconscious mindlink bonding SlimVirgin, Jayjg and all their cohorts. When one feels pain, the others feel pain. When one feels "damn it, I wish I've already reverted that bastard three times", the others feel the pain and lend a reverting hand. Even with their contradictory views of Jewry, these users act in tandem to fuck up the Web and spread their view that Jews are the most important stuff on the planet, ignoring the fact that not everyone's a Wikipedia Jew. Mantanmoreland AKA Gary Weiss is a minor journalist who had a major meltdown when his article came up for deletion.

Blocked for 24 hours because of this.

Wikipedia and Zionism


Chief Kapo of the Wikipedia Jews is Jayjg. He is known for having a small penis like all and compensates by seeking to revert any page that criticizes Israel, the Anti-Defamation League, Zionism or, strangely enough, Martin Luther King Jr. (j00) pages. Users who disobey these categorical imperatives are assassinated by the Mossad or accused of constructing crude nuclear reactors and bombed.

The Wikipedia Jews are empowered by the Nation of Israel, through the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) lobby, which makes an enormous donation each year to Wikipedia's annual fundraising extravaganza. For example, on December 27, 2006, Israel made a single donation of USD $286,800 to Wikipedia, greatly surpassing the usual mediocre $100 contributions from starry-eyed goyim and Japaneses. Indeed, Jayjg is not only AIPAC's lead Wikipedia controller, but is even personally responsible for the cover-up of historical Israeli atrocities.

The Wikipedia Jews got their panties all in a twist when they discovered that the heathen Hindoos of India have used the swastickle as a sacred symbol for over 9000 years. They tried to have the symbol removed from the Hindoo pages.

Aryan arrogance emblem of the heathen Hindoo horde.

In the words of a Jew at Wikipedia, "גוּט טַק אִים בְּטַגְֿא שְ וַיר דִּיש מַחֲזֹור אִין בֵּיתֿ הַכְּנֶסֶתֿ טְרַגְֿא" and "Anus.com's article has been deleted without a VFD because I am a Jew and I find such as being offensive. Fucking goyim pieces of shit. Time for a tasty Aryan baby snack."

Not only is there a Hebrew Wikipedia, there is also a Yiddish Wikipedia, in spite of the fact that all Israeli Jews speak flawless English, and the last native Yiddish speaker died in the Spring of 1945.

It is a fact that the Jews of Wikipedia helped orchestrate 9/11. Evidence of this is found in the sheer numbers of Jews in charge of Wikipedia's 9/11 article (see MONGO), as well as the fact that they are Jews.

“if someone searches [for] ‘the Gaza flotilla,’ we want to be there; to influence what is written there, how it’s written and to ensure that it is balanced and Zionist in nature.”


the fucking source

Wikipedia pretends to fight Jewish cabal in public relations stunt

In April 2008, the Wikipedia Jews were caught red-handed after they formed a super-secret email list called Isra-pedia. This subcabal launched a nefarious plot to take over WP by creating an "army" of at least 100 sleeper editors who would quietly edit until becoming admins, at which point they would unleash their Zio-terror on all. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Fortunately, the campaign was led by two utter morons, Gni and Zeq, and was soon exposed by their A-rab enemies. Much lulz ensued as the community rose up to burn the witches involved.[2].

The Jewish fraternity, the Department of Justice, was later blocked from editing Wikipedia after their IP address was implicated in "vandalizing" a Wikipedia article when information on this Zionist conspiracy was removed.[3]

Their enemy

Enemies - people who don't give a rat's ass

RolandR (as depicted by Wikipedia Jews)

The Wikipedia Jews are opposed by the Wikipedia Nazis who spend most of their time posting anti-Semitic bile to Wikipedia (or ED) when they forget about invading Poland.

The greatest enemy of the Wikipedia Jews are not the Wikipedia Nazis but heretic and apostate Jews who criticize the party line and are known by the Wikipedia Jews as the Wikipedia Anti-Zionist Self-Hating Jews Who Make It Impossible For Us To Label All Criticism Of Zionism As Anti-Semitic So G-d Do We Hate Them. RolandR is the proverbial black sheep of the Wikipedia Jews. Leader of a group called "Jews Against Zionism" (yeah, right) Roland devotes himself to fighting the Apartheid wars and countering the propaganda of Jayjg and his followers with the truth. Since Roland plays by the wikirules the Jayjg cabal hasn't been able to actually banhammer him so instead they've secretly unleashed the Runtshit vandal who hounds Roland to the ends of the earth.

Other heretic Jews include Kirbytime, whose words were artfully distorted by Jayjg in order to enable a false accusation of Holocaust denial. Much bitchslapping ensued. Kirbytime is indefinitely blocked from Wikipedia for the lulz, and is not actually Jewish and RolandR who is regularly stalked by SlimVirgin (in her guise as the Runtshit vandal).

There is evidence that the Wikipedia Jews are actually anti-Zionists trying to make Israel look bad through their behavior. This nefarious plan seems to be working.

Like most mafias and prison gangs, the Wikipedia Jews operate according to the principle "you fuck with one of us and you'll be fucked by all of us." Smart trolls will realize this quickly and ingratiate themselves to the Wikipedia Jews in order to get protection. The best example of this is Mantanmoreland who, in exchange for being SlimVirgin's fuck buddy at Martin Luther where he and Slim fight and ban an endless stream of Lutherans who object to their leader being painted as an anti-Semite, has been granted eternal life on WP and the right to grow sockpuppet farms and disregard Conflict of Interest rules when editing articles about himself. Mantanmoreland is a minor journalist who has written articles and books on corrupt Wall Street companies. One of his targets has been Overstock.com owned by Patrick Byrne who retaliated by unleashing his minion, Judd Bagley, on a campaign to discredit Mantanmoreland's real life identity. This resulted in Bagley infiltrating WP as WordBomb, where much lulz ensued as he uncovered Mantanmoreland's practice of engaging sockpuppets to promote books he's written. Of course, as soon as WordBomb attacked Mantanmoreland he was immediately banned by his protector, SlimVirgin and the other Wikipedia Jews and much sockpuppetry and moar lulz ensued.

In 2007, a war between Jayjg, SlimVirgin and PalestineRemembered reached new levels of lulz when Jayjg got PR hit with a community ban by falsely accused PR of copying from a Holocaust denial site. Members of the Cult of SlimVirgin such as FeloniousMonk enforced the questionable ban and threatened to ban anyone who disagreed. Finally, the case was taken to the Arbitration Committee where the evidence forced Jayjg to back down humiliating his loyal followers in the process.

Another Jewish editor regarded as an enemy is Newport, but the reason she is regarded as an enemy is a top secret.

The Wikipedia Judeophiles

The Wikipedia Judeophiles are the cheerleaders of the Wikipedia Jews. Their job is to protect Wikipedia Jews from the Wikipedia Nazis. Anyone disagreeing with a Wikipedia Jew can morph into an imaginary Wikipedia Nazi. The Judeophiles hold the fort until Wikipedia Jew reinforcements arrive.

How to detect them

Edit any controversial article which wikipedia jews are most likely to monitor, don't forget in before to Create an account with an arabic name, putting a template saying that you support Palestinian independence, or simply mentioning that you oppose israeli crimes occasionally while editing articles of interest, and then watch how your edit will be reverted in quick time, and when you try to sort it out on talkpage you'll get a backlash.

Wikipedia articles guarded by Wikipedia Jews

The editing of these Wikipedia articles is subject to Wikipedia Jew approval:


Several articles about Christianity, Jesus, Gentiles, the Bible, the Caucasian race and so on, are targeted by resident kikes of TOW to spread misinformation and discredit them thoroughly. Examples of this include:

List of Wikipedia Jews

How dare they.

The Wikipedia Jews, particularly SlimVirgin and Jayjg, are trying to remove pages like List of Jews. This is because the ones mentioned on those pages are not Jewish. So here is a list of Wikipedia Jews:

  • JarlaxleArtemis (aka. Grawp)
  • Arkalochori -Used to use Jewish name Zurishaddai.
  • Isarig - Recruited via Hasbara Fellowships, wikicide as a result of being humiliated (Jan '08).
  • Jayjg - The dark lord himself. One of the last few admins to claim Mantanmoreland is not socking because he's known he was socking all along and due to knowing Gary Weiss IRL.
  • Proabivouac (b&)
  • Slrubenstein - Anti-White anthropologist[4] who hates what science and genetics say about ethnicities. Pretends to like Western Civilization, but is really just a Zionist/racist propagandist and anti-Western bigot. Edits Wikipedia using a complex trolling technnique.[5] This schmuck can be found stalking articles on race and ethnicity, ensuring they conform to his anthropological theories. Tag teams those same articles with amateur geneticist Alun/Wobble and revert-warrior Ramdrake. Craftily weaves ad hominem arguments into talk page discussions to befuddle unsuspecting editors. Calls editors who disagree with him "trolls".
  • Mathsci - "Mathsci", real name Antony J. Wassermann, is a maths professor at Cambridge university. A single man of unfortunate appearance, Mathsci has a lot of time on his hands. Mathsci attempts to censor wikipedia discussion of race, especially inconvenient facts relating to average racial divergences in intellectual aptitude. Warning! Mathsci's useless pursuit of maths caused him to miss out on the sex and relationships side of life, triggering a generalized resentment of others. He is now quite feral.
  • Orangemarlin - Jewish Wikipedians consider Orangemarlin to be an annoying Jew. Considers statements mildly critical of Jews to be horribly anti-Semetic and those making such statements to be neo-Nazis.
  • MastCell - Self-righteous Wikipedia administrator with low self-esteem. Brownnoses Jewish Wikipedians for support and for acceptance as a virtual "member of the tribe". Became Wikipedia's first cyber-Jew.
  • TimVickers - Wikipedia administrator with even less self-esteem, wishes he was Jewish since they get much better food than Scots and funky little hats to wear on Saturdays. Was third runner-up in a "professional" matzo ball eating contest; won one week of free matzo balls. [6]
  • Mantanmoreland - Insecure author; suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder.
  • Ryulong - Had a Jewish Userbox.
  • SlimVirgin (not really Jewish) - Her fiefdom is the No Original Research Policy, and she rules it with an iron fist.
  • Zeq the idiot - an inept wikiwarrior. Was banned after he was discovered trying to recruit a wiki-army to do battle under the banner of CAMERA.
  • L'Aquatique Jewish commie bitch administrator.
  • Bill Dauster
  • Bachrach44
  • Bachur
  • BoodlestheCat
  • DCGeist - His greasy presence makes you hate everything about the 1950s. Intentionally pisses people off to look like a hero and is probably hispanophobic.
  • El C
  • Eliyak
  • Culturalrevival
  • Wolf2191
  • MZMcBride
  • Nerguy-Superjew
  • YY
  • Daniel575
  • IZAK
  • Tariqabjotu
  • ThuranX
  • Mbz1
  • And the rest of them:

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