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You can help by trolling Dangerdan harder while he's away.

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Did you know that Tom Serson:

Oh hey guise, it's been a rough 2 years can you delete my article now?...Please?
Tom shown here from a Facebook picture; pretending to care about some kid that isn't his. For some unknown reason Tom changed his name to "Chris".

Tom Serson (T.C. Serson) is a clearly Canadian vlogger, notable only for being one of the most failed "trolls" in YouTube history.

Serson is YouTube's poster-boy for trying too hard. He's made surgical efforts to propagandize himself as a "troll" on YouTube but as you can see by the existence of the article, he's fucked it up just a little. Notorious for his epic footbullets, he's a high-school dropout with a criminal past who dreams of escaping his backwoods upbringing, his dead-end job (lol fired), the constant reminders of his mediocrity, and most of all, hitting it big on the tubes. The few people familiar with this wigger's extensive faggotry know him mostly for spamming asinine music videos and "commentary" vlogs about whatever his drug-addled brain can expound at any given time, and his lulzy fights with trolls on the tubes. A long-time sufferer of chronic USI, he believes 8 minute videos of himself dancing to music will lead him to a "big break" someday - sort of like most random YouTube camwhores (although they're usually female, and tend to acquire more than 20 viewers). A diminished capacity from years of substance abuse, he enjoys scribbling garbled engrish about things that noone cares enough about to try and decrypt, engaging in epic sockpuppet faggotry with those he's butthurt about, stalking girls online, and serving coffee at the local Tim Hortons.

In 2012, Tom changed his name to "Chris". He remains an epic failure and should be lulzed accordingly.

Typical Appearance

Tom on a fan forum.

Making little or not sense as per usual.

A Brief History of Faggotry

Clearly asking for it.
Tom can still be found serving coffee somewhere in the Ottawa area, dreaming of that big break.

Proof Pareto's Principle pays off, Serson has provided lulz for one and all, establishing himself as one of YouTube's biggest low-rent lolcows as a result of his marked ability to consistently equate perseverance with winning, unable to fully comprehend the circus he has become. Tom has has been on the YouTube's permaban list almost as long as he's been on the tubes. This is because he once mouthed off to the wrong person and ended up getting his YouTube channel grabbed by some queer skiddie called The0neTheyCaLLg0d. Tom then created another account called WARFLA, which subsequently got grabbed as well. Regardless, his initial ban from YouTube, despite his incessant whining about it, was always a result of his own sloppiness as he is simply too oblivious to ever keep an account up for any length of time to begin with. He's been hopping from account to account ever since, like some retarded online nomad without purpose or plan.

As a result, Serson has spent most of his time on YouTube engaged in surgical efforts to portray himself in the midst of some non-existent eternal battle with his "haters", this despite him missing the boat on nearly every major internets-related drama on the tubes in the last 2 years, or being outright ignored by all relevant parties. In fact, Serson's only real exposure to the mainstream YouTube populace occurred when he was given access to HellionExciter's account in August of '07. The YouTube audience responded as expected to Serson: he and Hellion were both banned within 3 hours.

Serson's "trolling" (the term is used loosely) usually equates to a semblance of misplaced and preachy moralfaggotry, faulty logic, and/or obsequious appeals to ignorance of the YouTube viewers in an effort to promote his own name. His tact typically being to mock random nobodies for being on the internet...whilst spending his entire life on the internet - Serson, at one time, had a matter-of-fact IRL intervention with his parents for excessive internet use (no srsly). He's acquired a reputation as a parasite, "piggy-backing" on any unrelated drama he catches whiff of at any given time, which he invariably attempts to milk for everything it's worth to promote himself. Serson is largely computer illiterate though, being somewhat unable to troll properly or do things himself and tends to rely on random gullible low-lifes to do shit for him, which he promptly takes credit for, believing anyone actually cared about his ineffectual glory troll self-sucking to begin with. He can often be found white knighting for the odd IRL granny tranny, or disgraced neo-Nazi, yet in the end Tom invariably finds his way back to where he started: by himself.

Despite this, Serson has genuinely convinced himself he is an online "savior" of sorts, all the while making repeated flounce and ragequit videos after being trolled by his haters; he's been banned innumerable times but has also quit on his own accord stating, in true drama queen fashion, that he was leaving forever (only to return a week later pretending nothing happened). Moreover, Serson's also recently gone the true bitch route - the same as every other YouTube lolcow who's been scorned by their haters - and started sending around DMCA's to silence his critics. Indeed, even Argent009 himself has owned Serson in vlog wars in the past. But Serson returns to YouTube over, and over, and over again, all in the hopes that he will one day become an e-celebrity, or in some attempt to scuttle the embarrassing e-trail he has created for himself over the last year, or in some desperate attempt to find e-friends that can tolerate his faggotry, or perhaps it's an attempt to find some of the self-respect he's misplaced. Most likely though, it's some deluded attempt to reclaim something from his past...something that didn't exist to begin with.

Life According to Serson

This is clear.

To get a good idea of the mindset of one of YouTube's biggest failures, here is an excerpt of some of his own writings. We apologize as even after it was proofread by some faggot friend of his it is almost unreadable, but that's what you get from an illiterate 26 year old pot head who lost the ability for logical thought years ago:

From the book of serson, chapter 1...

you could be that lucky tom fan to edit my my shit looking at you yes you all of you it feels good EXPOSED :) People with GREAT minds talk about IDEAS. People with AVERAGE minds talk about EVENTS. People with SMALL minds talk about OTHER PEOPLE. Which do YOU talk about?" Only thing is when you start to talk about ideas, people start to question if your sane...

My motherfucking page. Where the truth will always set you free our get blanked from weatherman AKA the guy who tried to call my house of course he failed like all others who tried but he does get brownie points for at least trying even though it resulted in Mr Skilling getting scared and laughed into retreat that's why there's no audio :) Then Mr Skilling had to turn to my little sister to get to me. When that failed what does Tiny Tim do he runs to all the chans and tries to get support when this fails he pumps his own threads with his man servant burk aka skuee in 5 years. From there Mr 4inchWeinerman started going to full disclosure and other sites to beg experienced trolls to troll me of the internets of course that never happened really if anything it had the reverse effect so thank you weinersexmanfor4dollers But that's all for tonight on Mr Skilling. I really don't think I should get banned you get The great Tom Serson page which really is me pumping you and your spy :) full of anything my little heart can think up at the moment so really I wrote that page and that's why its one of the better ones even though its epic fail but i am tired all edit tomm lets see how long I can keep this going Really this boils down to I have fucked with a lot of ed dinks from the tubes we are all trolls in this little world of ours I just happen to be better then most and I happen to troll people who I feel have somewhat influence over people. Most realize the ones who fear me are the ones living the biggest lie but I've been painted into something i am not if anyone i get the bigger picture more then 75 percent of the users I have come across its just drama = stuff for people to do, To talk about ,make vids about its basically creates life on the internets in a way so really fuck ed your should give me a reward your evil little bastards to play with except all the ed girls i wanna rape all of you but really if you don't like me your either a angry nerd that's fat and greasy our the typical nerd AKA Burk your a nerd that comes from the planet delusional and trying to hard. 2 30 in the morn 3 joints later. Other side note i would rape Zeno and DCY if i was given the chance. Other side note fbi chan has naked pics out there i was so let down they were fine and sexy till slutty till the 3rd pic the one you can see her asshole that's pretty fucking extreme even for me but again i would rape her also idée just have pretend she took those pics for me One more side not i will rape red skulls sister that's not a joke Jamie I am going to go 8mm on your little sister and i promise i will go Han solo on that asshole YOU LOOK BETTER WITH BLUE HAIR why do all ed girls look asian and they always seem to be a bit thick and have huge tits that's why all these nerds are always moody you tease them you dirty dirty whores

Saturdays WHAT TO DO WHAT TO DO THATS RIGHT TALK MORE SHIT. Today i will tell Ed how not to be so typical how to expand not be be so cutting edge our as a lot of you like to be called 4 chans little brother gay :) trust me i never try to be part of ed but i enjoy the site trolling your kiddies is always fun of course and trying to bang ed girls WHAT WHAT 2 and counting who will be lucky number 3 killa roo you dirty whore.

1) being anonymous is gay as fuck you need to have faces of ed it draws more people in gives a certain amount of credibility so really you need vloggers to vlog on your site and have them put vids from youtube on there users pages but a better option would be to make quick little websites ed ones easy html and have your vloggers use there little ed websites which if you think that will cost money u can still do the same as u would on ed . all you need to do is blank the page on youtube our whatever video site u want to use boom free bandwidth if ed was doing that from day one with the wiki pages you be winning it 18 million views in 3 years is good but lets say i am at 300,000 in 8 months the number is a bit higher t but whatever keep it simple i am one man on the perma ban on youtube hidden that doesent spam our do any real promtion ever so when u think about the number like that not that great why is the number low you need real people speaking for the website and really think about your choices becouse honest that would make our break your site thank god i dident allow mike to be the voice of ed that was a bad idea retards so that step ide get right on that if i was you ed slipping you really don't wanna miss the momentium becouse ed fresh in peoples minds you don't forget the site when you vistit but there's a good chance its not going to be as exciting as it could be to make them keep coming.


Tom begins each day with a hearty breakfast.
Oh lawd is dat sum mantits?
Tom's one and only friend: LordJovian
Lol, not anymore.

Tom does have a record---- 30 days in jail..He got the 2 will get you 3 plan. that's 2 days count as 3, and an added day for good behavior. so 19 days spent total. Charges were assault and battery on a female. The docs are easy to find. I had the web url but cant seem to find it atm. will look and send



...Bantown? I want Bantown to troll me off the internet.... I'd like to see them try...Bantown and ED can suck my balls...[1]


—Tom Serson

...If you have a dying GRANDMA I'll fucking release her INFORMATION we'll call her and prank her 24/7 'cuz it's fun...


—Tom Serson

I will just release, release, release...


—Serson, dox dropper.

Think of me as a good Hitler.


—Tom, displaying his talent for always picking the right words.

I make the best videos on this site, motherfucker


Tom Serson

I bet if I wasn't put on the perma-ban that I'd have 30,000 subscribers by now


—epic lulz

...I forgot what I was going to say....


—Tom Serson



Tom heads for The Promised Land

Tom (fagging it up) on Live Video.

Unable to keep an account open for more than a day at a time on YouTube, and tired of being owned left, right and center in his vlog wars, Tom signaled defeat by packing his shit up and heading for LiveVideo in Oct 07 (TOMSERSONSWORLD deleted). He has since reached a new level of epic fail by being wholly rejected by the mass of other butthurt nobodies already on LiveVideo. Tom lasted only a few weeks there before he baleeted everything and disappeared. It had also been made apparent during this short period that Tom, as suspected, would do nearly anything for weed, including sexual favors. Tom closed up shop in October of 07 with barely having made a blip on the LiveVideo radar.

Continues To Spiral Downward

Tom made several failed attempts at returning to YouTube before he decided to close his internets in November of 07, but in the months after Tom disappeared Tom was sighted in several places. Most notably he was was involved in a very lulzy battle with none other than Jamie Demeter (aka Theredskull) in early '08. Threats of dox being dropped from either side and cries of lolsuit were heard as the two lolcows went head to head in a battle to see who could fail the hardest.

Still Failing as a raidfag

Serson fails at IRL trolling.

Tom attempted to return to the tubes again in early '08 and, as expected, has been fagging it up with the same shit as before. Only this time he has surrounded himself with a "crew" of old men, bums, and pedos hoping that they'll take him to FAME AND FORTUNE. In March '08 Tom was seen attending an Anon protest, but had no idea what the protest was about or even why he was even there to begin with. Tom was essentially so butthurt that he'd been trolled by some EDiots in the past that he decided to try and countertroll Anon (as he incorrectly equates the two in his head) so he quickly took advantage of the situation by yelling, "Hey, hey! Channers LOOK AT ME YEAH! Yeah you chan people. I am right here," despite no one giving him the time of day. In Serson's case, it has become increasingly obvious to everyone but him that perseverance does not always = win. TC was here at the Ottawa raid,but he deleted the video and is hiding the sauce because he's a pussy as always. The deleted original.

Fails At Life, And Realizes It!!!

rodburch55, seen here dreaming about Tom???
Tom learns the horrible truth.

In early May of 2008, a strange new vlogger burst onto the scene named YouTube Favicon.png rodburch55 (suspended). Rod's first few uploads were some recycled anti-troyriser vids (1st clue), and a vlog where Rod professed his undying adoration for Tom. Tom was immediately smitten, and their whirlwind-of-faggotry-double-reacharound lovefest was off and running. They would be the trolling couple to end all trolling couples, and they were going to take YouTube by storm. In true Tom fashion, he completely overlooked that there was something wrong here. This "new user" seemed to possess quite a bit of knowledge about the happenings on YouTube despite his "newness". One of the recycled anti-troyriser videos that Rod hosted had a ripped copy of a dancing 12 year old girl in it. YouTube veteran YouTube Favicon.png KatyDBates (closed) asked Rod about the video, and why he had such a thing on his computer in the first place. The answers were slow coming (2nd clue). In the interim, Rod mysteriously removed the anti-troy vids but continued to vlog away. Several uploads later Rod began making vlogs about various members of the YouTube Yahweh Clan (3rd clue). Again, Tom, showing his attention to detail, still had no idea anything was wrong. This caught the attention of the YTYC, and they began looking into this mysterious new vlogger. Lo and behold it came to light that this was no new vlogger, but someone that had been around YouTube for at least a couple of years. As a matter of fact, he had several sockpuppets, and actually had a very unhealthy affinity for little girls. It turned out he liked to stalk them and try to get in their pants with flattery, as those sick_fucks tend to do. By this time, Rod had gotten around to coming up with some answers to the questions previously asked by Katy. Almost simultaneously as Rod's new vlog was being uploaded, the YTYC was uploading their video exposing his sockpuppet child stalking. By the time Tom sobered up and realized everything that had happened, it was too late...Tom Serson had publicly endorsed a pedophile on YouTube. Myboss immediately picked up on the situation releasing a series of videos pwning the shit out of Tom. To try to save face, Tom hastily uploaded a video blaming the YTYC for not protecting him, and admonishing Katy for not warning him (despite the fact that she did). The lulz were so thick you could cut it with a knife. Tom compared the situation to having a nuke being dropped on him, and immediately set about YouTube commenting peoples pages with one simple phrase, "I fail at life". See the videos below for chronological lulz as they happened.

MOAR ?! wut orly

A New Level of Fail

Serson's Freewebs websitehe's been trying to get off the ground for 2 years. It went down only a few days after going online. The flood of AIDS and stench of faggotry was too much even for a low-rent dogshit host for penniless noobs.
Yes lulz.jpg

Tom's whereabouts are largely unknown as he's left yet again in the midst of another ragequit following being YouTube Favicon.png fired from his job as a telemarketer for making death threats to some geriatric woman who wouldn't give him a donation. So for all anyone knows cares he's gone back to Brockeville to live with his parents (again). Fear not though, Serson will return to the tubes once again to convince you he will be the next Jew one day.

It is unclear whether he will try his hand at Vloggerheads with Renetto the pedo.

Lolsuits & Failed Website

The mighty SMAPP; Tom's "partner" in DMCA crime

Sure enough, the footbullets continue, as, despite his surgical efforts to milk that last ounce of internets fame, he's recently made something very apparent. He recently began filing massive amounts of false dmca's all over YouTube to silence his critics - by getting some 400 pound basement dweller who goes by the handle Smapp to do it for him (lol he couldn't find anyone else). He's since fallen out with him. Thus, after a year and a half on the tubes he's now gone the same route as every other delicate YouTube lolcow. Serson enjoys using people that don't know anything about his past though, since whenever people find out about his epic failures they usually run from him like the fucking plague. He's been exploiting his new and very naive "girlfriend" YouTube Favicon.png Carine (suspended) as his personal army. Oh yeah, he dropped her dox too.

Tomserson tommie.jpg


Serson gayyyy.jpg
10/21/2008 9:32:57 PM] Smapp says: so can I DMCA all the negative stuff off of youtube about you?
[10/21/2008 9:33:11 PM] tomserson says: think we really need too
[10/21/2008 9:33:19 PM] Smapp says: I think it would be worthwhile
[10/21/2008 9:33:24 PM] tomserson says: your call sir
[10/21/2008 9:33:40 PM] Smapp says: I'll get it pulled tommorrow
[10/21/2008 9:33:46 PM] tomserson says: that fast
[10/21/2008 9:33:53 PM] Smapp says: it takes around 24 hrs
[10/21/2008 9:33:57 PM] tomserson says: there is alot dude
[10/21/2008 9:34:02 PM] tomserson says: like 400 vids
[10/21/2008 9:34:02 PM] Smapp says: I know I'm bored
[10/21/2008 9:34:12 PM] Smapp says: yeah it won't take me long
[10/21/2008 9:34:15 PM] Smapp says: I've done this before
[10/21/2008 9:34:22 PM] Smapp says: I've had haters before remember?
[10/21/2008 9:34:25 PM] tomserson says: smapp we our going to kill it
[10/28/2008 12:32:22 AM] Smapp says: these are legitimate DMCAs
[10/28/2008 12:32:33 AM] Smapp says: whats not good cred?
[10/28/2008 12:32:34 AM] tomserson says: ijust thought u like doing it
[10/28/2008 12:32:38 AM] tomserson says: dmca peeps
[10/28/2008 12:32:45 AM] tomserson says: i guess it is
[10/28/2008 12:32:54 AM] Smapp says: I like having people who steal ur videos to be removed
[10/28/2008 12:33:01 AM] tomserson says: true
[10/28/2008 12:33:05 AM] tomserson says: i will take credit now
[10/28/2008 12:33:08 AM] Smapp says: I don't care about DMCA'ing people
[10/28/2008 12:33:12 AM] Smapp says: I just know how to do it
[10/28/2008 12:33:51 AM] tomserson says: i think your right kinda

Full log

Batshit Insane Fanclub

Sam and Sammi, Sersontology forevars

Basically shit started getting really fucked up when Thekaraokeman (Sam) entered the picture. While very difficult to explain; some ex-junkie faggot thought it would be a good idea to be Tom's personal gloryhole. Essentially lulz occurs, and Tom's fanbois begin to treat Thomas like he's some sort of god.


Keep trying dude.

Having had his fill of lolsuit failings and being owned repeatedly (with his own YouTube accounts), he was recently keylogged around the end of 2008 and had his email account phished with some very lulzy emails to his monther begging for money as well as chatlogs exposed (see here for moar). Serson's also since developed a "Daddy" complex and sought help (from a man 20 years his senior) to help him fight his "haters" on the tubes. No one knows where he is now, but judging from his past, it will definitely work out and he totally won't fuck up again. Update: Lulz, Serson says he's leaving YouTube...for the 4th time now. He's gonna give another shot at starting that "website" he thinks people actually care about. Let us know how it works out this time, Tom.

How'd the last 2 years work out anyways?

Tom serson carine.jpg

Epic, Just Fucking Epic

As Tom returned to YouTube in his most recent incarnation YouTube Favicon.png SERSONTOLOGYQuebec, he was disheartened to find that the general public had grown tired of his faggotry, and didn't really give two shits about what he thought or what videos he was making. In a desperate cry for attention he produced this unpalatable turd:


As with most attention whores, if Tom can't get positive attention, he'll gladly settle for infamy. Being a creature that thrives on attention, Tom has become accustomed to, even quite fond of, negative attention. And although he was prepared for the random butthurt comment from the easily shocked YouTube populace, what he wasn't prepared for was what happened next.

Tom's long time friend and confidant, Sam YouTube Favicon.png TheKaraokeMan, had already been re-evaluating his association with Tom as it was. But when he saw this 29 seconds of simulated pedophilic horseshit, the shit really hit the fan. As the registered owner of the Sersontology websites, Sam had the power to pull the plug on Tom's little make believe cult whenever he felt like it. And after viewing Tom's hastily made "look at me I'm rapin' babies" video, he felt like it.

ruined lol
translation: ;_;

As a special added bonus, Sam called himself and had them redirect the domains and to point back to this article for the duration of his ownership of said domains, 1.5 years. Goodnight Tom.

UPDATE: To add insult to injury, YouTube Favicon.png Papouliot has just deleted as well. lol

New Fail For An Old Lolcow

File:Tommy mowing the lawn.jpg
"read it again i owned my own lawn care business with my father well he bought it for me is better words" - Tom Serson

In true Tom fashion, Serson has been scouring YouTube looking for any and all drama he can leech off of, in an attempt to make a name for himself. Recently his big claim to fame has been that he wanted to debate Subseven. In a recent skype call, he finally got his chance. Because he's unable to comprehend the complexities of basic warez like audio recorders, his first instinct was to grab his video camera and point it at his computer. After he recorded said conversation, he then edited out all the parts where he got his ass handed to him, and uploaded the doctored video to YouTube. All the biggest losers in the YouTube galaxy lined up to lick his ass and congratulate him on his epic fake win.

None of them bothered to think that he would edit the tapes, because 1) he didn't tell them he did, and 2) most of the people in that list are already so butthurt about their own articles, that they didn't really care if the recordings were accurate or not. They all laughed and sucked each others dicks, at what appeared to be, a small victory in taking down ED.

Unfortunately for Tom, he wasn't the only the only one recording. Unedited versions of the call were RELEASE RELEASE RELEASED, and soon the smiles and dick-sucking came to a screeching halt.


Tom raged over this major embarrassment. He almost finally had a minor win, only to have it ripped out from underneath him like a rug at the last minute. ;_;

2012 Time for a Name Change ?

For unknown reason, Tom Serson changed his name to "Chris Serson". In an attempt, to erase his previous history; Tom changed his Facebook to reflect a kinder gentler TC. He is still a faggot, and more recently has been babysitting other peoples' kids. He is currently trying to impress chicks and find a better job. You can find him most nights waiting tables or trying to break into the world of broadcasting.


Gallery of Serson About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


Demands bantown pay attention to his "balls". Oh, ok sure! no prob.


  • He has a criminal record for possession of narcotics and assault and battery on a female. He spent a short time in jail following high school.
  • Will do almost anything to get this article removed.
  • Essentially illiterate. Suffers from ADD and Dyslexia irl.
  • Dropped out of high-school (see above).
  • His mother and father had an irl intervention with him over his excessive internet use. He continues to deny this. It is true.
  • Has some strange sexual fetishes.
  • Has made a practice of epic sockpuppet faggotry on YouTube. Keep denying it Tom.
  • Proud of the fact that he's a pathological liar.
  • Worked as a telemarketer for the Conservative Party of Canada then YouTube Favicon.png LOL FIRED This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Tim Permson. for making death threats to some old lady who wouldn't donate money to his faggot ass.
  • Was close friends with RacerXWTFS - YouTube's IRL transvestite spammer, along with many other disgraced YouTube lolcows including TheRedskull and danielspengies.
  • Enormous Howard Stern fanboi.
  • His taste in music has and continues to reflect his high level of fail.
  • Huge nerd IRL. Obsesses over Lord of the Rings and D&D (ie. his ED account).
  • Sent out DMCAs all over YouTube and elsewhere at the end up 2008.
  • Continues (to this day) to share his channels with people he considers "e-friends", resulting in many of his channels being grabbed from him after he pisses off the low-lifes he relies on. Serson doesn't seem to know what the phrase 'learning from history' means.
  • Enjoys wiki stalking ED sysops.
  • Anyone can edit ED but Tom Serson.

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