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Toxic Fandoms and Hatedoms is just one of a myriad of Wikis created by a bunch of worthless kids, which includes Mar9122 and/or his equally autistic pals. For the longest time there was nothing special about it, until they decided to write an article about Encyclopedia Dramatica and how terrible and toxic ED is. But that is all lies and bullshit... we're actually really nice and friendly! In fact they're going to learn a serious lesson about how super nice and friendly we REALLY are. Background[edit]

As mentioned above, the "Toxic Fandoms and Hatedoms" wiki is just one of a ton of different wikis for all kinds of autistic crap, which include (but is not limited to):

  • Rotten Websites Wiki
  • Crappy Games Wiki
  • Awesome Games Wiki
  • Cancelled Games Wiki
  • Awful Movies Wiki
  • Greatest Movies Wiki
  • Better Movies Wiki
  • Cancelled Movies Wiki
  • Underrated Films Wiki
  • Cancelled TV and Web Shows Wiki
  • Terrible TV Shows Wiki
  • Best TV Shows Wiki
  • Reception Flame Wars Wiki

....and many, MANY more!

Therefore, the "Toxic Fandoms and Hatedoms" wiki focuses on, well, toxic fandoms. These toxic fandoms, from their point of view, include:

It's not to say these guys are wrong, and maybe in another world they could've been our plucky little brother. But because they had to LIE about us on their website, well, they can't say they don't deserve a lesson about what happens to LIARS.


Their List Of Insults to US

  • They are Obsessive Anti-SJWs because they hate white and black people
    • BULLSHIT: We do it for the lulz. We like them, and some of us are white and black.
  • They are huge cyberbullies, They bash around people for no reason. The website is a parody rant

website, not a bullying, but it’s now.

    • BULLSHIT: We don't bully anyone. We love them with anger. And it's definitely NOT for no reason: this one time someone farted in my face and that totally deserved writing an entire page of why they suck. They deserved it.
  • They use the racial n slur, and the homophobic f slur.
    • BULLSHIT: We don't use the "racial n slur" nor the "homophobic f slur". In fact do those things even exist? The ED community doesn't actually use those terms. I mean who says stuff like "racial n slur"?? That said, the only "n" or "f" words we use are stuff like "nice" and "friend".
  • They make fun of autistic people.
    • BULLSHIT: We don't make fun of autistic people. They make fun of themselves.
  • They post NSFW photos in pages that are public.
    • BULLSHIT: We post NSFW photos in private. We might be sharing YOUR NSFW photos... but apparently seeing how you post videos of yourself showing while naked by "accident", it doesn't seem like you need OUR help with that.
  • They disrespect other people's opinions.
    • BULLSHIT: We disrespect other people, period, not just their opinions.
  • They make pages about people with their personal information included that they don't want to shared publicly.
    • BULLSHIT: Everyone's "personal info" is on our site because they said it was OK to put it on there. Otherwise they would've deleted that info, right? Or they could've at least moved to a new home and/or changed phone numbers if they didn't want that info out there!
  • They are also Anti-Religious, consisting of Christophobic, Antisemitic, islamophobic and many more.
    • BULLSHIT: We're not anti-religious! We're anti-lies! And it's not our fault that religions lie, just like you guys!!
  • They call things overrated
    • BULLSHIT: We do, but you're bias if you call it toxic.
  • They hate Jewish people as they block for no reason and ban them, meaning they are part of the Adolf Hitler Ironic Fandom.
    • BULLSHIT: We don't hate Jews! We love them! In fact, any time someone can help make a Jewish person get to Heaven quicker, we cheer them on! In fact, Hitler (probably) sent 6 million of them to meet God; there's nothing ironic about acknowledging that high score!
  • They manipulate people into suicide.
    • BULLSHIT: You fucking skeptics!
  • They threaten Asians for (SUBJECT) (Asia Ironic Hatedom, Japan Ironic Hatedom, South Korea Ironic Hatedom, and China Ironic Hatedom)
    • BULLSHIT: Get some facts.

But at least they were truthful about two things:

  • A decent amount of fans do understand the website is satire.
    • TRUTH: Encyclopedia Dramatica is not in the business of making stupid people feel good about themselves, so the sooner people understand this, the better. You're a "racial n slur" AND "homophobic f slur" if you don't.
  • Not all of them are toxic to the point they behave like the site.
    • TRUTH: That's why we keep a box of crayons handy at all times... that way it proves that some parts of ED are quite "nontoxic"!


They decided to give it fucking scores, making the hatedom's score worse for bias reasons.

Their Biased Behavior towards fandoms

  • Ironic (learn what it means)
  • Community
  • Harsh scores.

They've Found Us! BURN EVERYTHING!!!

After realizing that they've been discovered, they had two choices: own up to the lies they were spreading about ED, or DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING!! Guess which one of the two they chose?

Watch out! Don't say bad things about ED otherwise you'll make them mad! PS: if you delete something from the internet, it disappears forever and no one will ever know it happened.

Awww... and it was just getting fun! And too late guys, we made this article BECAUSE you were gonna delete that article.

Wait, there's more?

The logo for the Rotten Websites wiki, which is totally unrelated to the Toxic Fandoms and Hatedoms wiki, I swear! Jeeezus Christ, how many of these sites are there? Turns out there's ANOTHER article about ED from this same family of wikis, only this one is called the "Rotten Websites" wiki. Their list is also full of lies, such as:

  • Like RationalWiki, the articles are written in the snarkiest way possible in order to offend the reader as much as possible.
  • Again, like RationalWiki, many of its articles are either poorly sourced or barely sourced at all.
  • Due to being anti-political correctness, they shared the same traits with Kiwi Farms.

Actually, these reasons why ED is rotten is actually quite offensive; how dare they compare us to RationalWiki and Kiwi Farms!

  • If you're there to complain on their talk page, there's a chance that you might get trolled.


But unlike the Toxic Fandoms and Hatedoms wiki, they chose to deal with our impending love and friendship by pointing out that their website isn't being serious and it's all just a joke, guise! (But seriously please don't raid us.)

P. S. We also love tripping nuns and farting loudly in elevators. Sometimes both!

External Links

  • Article about ED on "Toxic Fandoms and Hatedoms" Wiki — lol syke, it'll live forever in Archive today-ico.png this archive
  • Article about ED on "Rotten Websites" — how many of these sites are there??
  • John Kricfalusi - The creator of the Ren & Stimpy Show of it's so called "toxic" fandom.
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