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*{{ytchannel|UC-HnMA4wr7TzzAB4Gsf_1eQ|SonicJMC}} — His old channel
*{{ytchannel|UC-HnMA4wr7TzzAB4Gsf_1eQ|SonicJMC}} — His old channel
*{{patreon|TranimeGirl}} — E-begging
*{{patreon|TranimeGirl}} — E-begging
*[http://tranimegirl.com His website] — It's
*[http://tranimegirl.com His website] — It's shit.

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What this tranny dreams of being

YouTube Favicon.png Tranime Girl, also known as SonicJMC, hellomiakoda or JC Klatch (Powerword: Jessica Miakoda Combies or Jeffery Michael Combies) is a 36-year old weeaboo, armchair activist and lazy JewTuber.


Before Tranime

Last Thursday, he shat up the internet as a "genderqueer"Archive today-ico.png [1] on LiveJournalArchive today-ico.png [2], shortly after, he tried attention-whoring on JewTube.

JC Klatch

Unexpectedly, he got very little attention. He claimed to have had "Multiple Personality Disorder" that he named the "JC Klatch”, even going so far as creating and maintaining a website[3] for several years specifically about his alters.

Tranime Girl

After mutilating his micropenis, he realized yet again that he couldn't gain the attention he desperately desired. So in yet another attempt at getting asspats, he hopped on the skeptic bandwagon.

Diaper fetishism

Despite denying it and going out of his way to delete fucking everything that even mentions it, he used to proudly display it, even as recently as 2016.

Deadbeat Dad

While claiming to having multiple personalities, he also claimed to have had a baby which diedArchive today-ico.png (archive). He has since claimed to have never had a child.



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