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Michael Jackson is proof of the best attempt at win within the movement

Forever Young! I want to be Forever young. Do you really want to live forever, forever forever?


Transhumanism is a completely retarded movement that consist of Star Trek nerds, comic book geeks and other assorted losers who think that with the advances of technology, they will eventually be able to edit their hideous bodies into examples of chiseled good looks. A lot of Transhumanists are trannies, so it's not much of an issue to call Transhumanists "trannies". They view their human appearance as disgusting and ugly, and wish to make everyone into beautiful, shiny robots or genetic ubermensch so nobody will be able to call them "zitface" or "fatty" ever again. Essentially transhumanism is about running away from Eliezer Yudkowsky as fast as possible, in an ever radiation emanating star burst pattern. It's a movement that is completely rooted in fiction, whose tenets and beliefs are all cropped from the followers' favorite Syfy Original movies, kind of like how Pagans take elements from their favorite fantasy stories and incorporate them into their beliefs. It is taking all aspects of Dungeons & Dragons and turning it in to techno magic. Specifically the part involving sex and naked tolkien elfs.

Despite the fact that every single inspiration from any side of this movement comes from fiction, transhumanists claim their beliefs are rooted in hard science and that they have real scientists and engineers to back them up. Like Ray Kurzweil, a completely batshit insane futurist who thinks human beings will be able to transform themselves into sexy chrome robots with penises and breasts and fly around the universe in tiny shapeships, and that he is preventing mankind's extinction from the hands of machines by inserting a chip in his hand that acts as a mouse for his computer. With people like this backing up your ideas, who needs detractors?

By the 2030s, the nonbiological portion of our intelligence will predominate.


—Ray Kurzweil, being obscenely optimistic about the price of oil

Transhuman sexuality

Moar info: Mechanophilia.
Typical transhumanist

It is also a well-known fact that many transhumanists have a hard-on for machines, and enjoy masturbating to Transformers porn. Humans, being so inferior, can no longer sexually arouse them. Only the cold hard steel of a robot cock can make them achieve an erection. The actual penetration of vibration sex toys is needed to finish the job.

Designer babies

The much-touted designer baby of transhumanism

Then there is the designer baby. A designer baby is, what transhumanist claim, a genetically engineered, cybernetic, super intelligent human that will be the wave of the future. Apparently, the idea of turning people into simple technological commodities doesn't worry the transhumanist the least bit (their argument being: It isn't YOU, why give a damn?). To them, it's just one more step to that techno-paradise they've read about in all those books they love so much! They think there should be no limits to genetic engineering, because if there are limits someone in uzbekistan will circumvent these limits anyway and then you'll have a black market. This would make genes, and human states and animal parts and imagination one giant hodge podge of commercialized commodity, ripe for the plucking by Monsanto. Great, now we are all commodities of the world's elites oing up for sale on the private market. Not a problem whatsoever for the largely corporate sponsored US west coast technotrannies. At best, transhumanist are completely dense nerds who want to make some utopia from their fantasies, at worst, if their retarded policies are implemented, would lead to a whole new divide and exploitation of poor by the rich. As if we need more of that crap.

Some things to consider

Y'see, there is a good reason why it's called the ¨Rapture of the Nerds¨ is precisely because the transhumanist twats think that the AI, once it is created/spawned, will magically transforomogyfyute the whole of humanity into a higher state of being (which will also be beyond death, pain, sadness, virginity etc.).

There are a couple of problems with this. Firstly, we currently know nearly jack shit about how our brains work and will take a long time for us to even start creating something as smart as a cat, let alone a godlike superinteLligence. Secondly, ¨The Singularity¨ will not produce any kind of technorapture, vast bulk of humanity will be piss-poor as usual, while the AI-s will be housed in first-world countries and will benefit those people first (if at all). Thirdly, the AI will be a thinking being orders of magnitudes smarter than Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein and Xenu put together and it is highly questionable weather it will regard us as pets, pests or biofuel snacks, or it could just ignore us and do various sci-fi things.

The most ironic thing is that the whole thing is nothing but a form of pseudo-religion! Transhumanists worship at the feet of science because their massive egos have already written off religion and philosophy for not being filled with enough SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, but are at the same time too ignorant of history and human nature to realise the futility of their movement in ushering forth Heaven on Earth. Yes, the singularity will change the world (if it happens), but it will be neither better nor worse, just different.

Viva la technology!

On the other hand, the use of genetic engineering would prevent horrible conditions. And, after all, as long as you aren't a complete loser, discrimination based on income isn't so bad.

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