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Unstrappon'd Gen Y style.

Unstrapp'dis a Youtube "reality show" where eight retarded Ex NRU[1] grifters (all but one claims to have have left their girlfriends) have decided that videos of them making hamburgers and getting their hair done will somehow produce a $100,000,000 social media enterprise. The "entrepreneurs" have turned a San Clemente, CA McMansion into a rooming house for the ethically challenged as they fleece cripples, primp, and bully local businesses into accepting publicity instead of cash in exchange for their services.[2]

The show's principals are the executives and employees of "Social Spin" a newly minted media services company that packages and sells stuff that's already free. Most of them met at Nouveau Riche University and are associates of Casey Serin The World's Most Hated Blogger. A related company "Social Media Altitude" claims to produce something, but it is unclear what. There is a third project line "SalesTube" which is a classic multi-level marketing scam. The grifters market educational videos that coach clients in marketing videos and establishing "video coaching" businesses. None of the parties involved seem to have actual business experience, so the priority is placed on team building exercises and excursions. As everyone is a big picture ideas guy, the meetings become an ass-pyramid [3] of delegation until someone is paid a bonus to complete their basic work function.

UPDATE-- Sadly, these gaylord homo fagtards, heroes of our time, have now become scattered relics of a once glorious enterprise. The short version of current events: Arthur serves under Chris in some Empower Network scheme, Yermal blathered a lot on CI and then clammed up again, Sun Falcon's horse-wife shat out a retard (probably) baby while he posted dull shit on teh social netwerkz, Gabe moved back to Illinois and started some dubious enterprises with this creepy bald dude, Ben and Brad both remained active for a time before sinking below the radar, and ol' wartsy Kyle T. is probably shirtless somewhere. Amber is still a total twat as always.


We look innocent enough, lulz.

All eight of these retards believe that they developed the idea for Social Spin, and that they are the principal figure. The spaghetti strands of the stories are too difficult to follow so let's just pick one that's not overly nauseating. After watching 8 hours of MLM YouTube videos, inspired Eastern Illinois University student Gabe Strom finally realized that he has been prospected. He eventually realizes that YouTube is free and he can replicate the "business" for nothing. Instead, like a fuckwit, he buys into some MLM edutainment coaching program/water filter thing. Unbelievably, he finds even stupider people to join his down line including fellow Western Illinois University derelict Brad Will and Northern Illinois University dimwit Ben Dixon.

File:Manshun unstrappd.jpg
Ill-gotten gains; aka The Manshun of Fail

The Fleecing Of The Cripple and your mom

Among the people in Ben Dixon's downline was Adam, a paraplegic crippled in a car accident. Brad and Ben pitched Adam on the UNSTRAPP'D concept during the 2010 Superbowl. A week later Brad Will embarrassed himself on video as he opened a Fedex envelope to reveal a check for $50,000. Speculation was rife among the tards on the troll board Camp Idiot that the 50 grand represented a substantial chunk of Adam's settlement from his accident. Within a month of receiving the check Brad, Ben, and Gabe had moved to their rented McMansion in San Clemente. It seems ridiculous to call Adam's seed money an investment since it produced neither stock nor a position on the board. It's possible that Adam's check represented a loan to the company, as a promissory note for the value appears in financial documents. Adam has visited the mansion at least once during which he was seen in the kitchen while a party raged.

hidden away
gimme da loot, gimme da loot

cool guys eh?

So, what was the 'big' idea behind Social Spin? Logo2u.gif

Co-created by all or none of them, the idea was to sell blogs to dumb people, old people, and disabled people, charge them money for what can be had for free, scare them with threats of the scarcity of their 'secret info' and all around just being douchey. Their first step was to create more than 100 fake blogs with all the same articles. They believed that this would make them look successful right off the bat (given their target audience of dunces and the uninformed elderly and/or disabled, this may have even worked), as well as provide a way to spam their links all over the web. Currently a power struggle rages over the name, as Bradley and Yermal have wrested control of the FBF 'phenomenon' from the clutches of Tubman (or something).

Social Media meets Antisocial Media

Shortly after the appearance of this article UNSTRAPP'D went into full lockdown mode. They demonstrated their social media prowess by locking their twitter and facebook accounts and deleting UNSTRAPP'D episodes, old myspace profiles and anything else they could find lying around the internet. The end result is that now all their customers are left with are pages of broken links. They promise they are going to retool with a new vision. Standby for Web 2.1a!

wow they suck


And when the crips money was gone they went silent

'whoa-oa, take the money and run'

Chris Record, President

Chris pose.jpg

Chris inside Mom from Dad's (her 2nd husband) online photo album.
This is his latest step dad. Mom's on husband number 4.

Sun Falcon was born in a teepee to cosplaying hippies during a rainbow gathering. His own umbilical cord attempted to strangle him, but failed. His afterbirth was eaten by coyotes when his father Ron stretched the placenta and umbilical cord to make a plunker. He may have survived death by umbilical cord, coyote, and embarrassment, but the loss of his spirit instrument proved to be too much. Sun Falcon took the white man's name of "Christopher Robin" Record and set out to become a world class douchebag. As retarded as it sounds, it's all true.

His parents relationship faltered as his father entered the world of the employed, first as a sprout farmer and later as a programmer with SCO. "Chris" lived with his mother, sticking it to the man by existing on section 8 and food stamps. Like many children of hippies, his teenage rebellion consisted of returning to the mainstream. For "Chris" this meant a confused mish-mash of middle class stereotypes culled from TV and old copies of Reader's Digest including the wearing of ties, some kind of hip-hop spray painty street art, entrepreneurship, and an attraction to an ill defined and free form set of vaguely "christian" beliefs; in the sense that Jesus said "Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me, for I would rifle their pockets, for the candy money theirin."

new year same failure
shameless narcissist

File:Witchdoctor.gif Mittens.gif

Epic Pwnage, LULZ!

“It was refreshing to see such high-quality education for entrepreneurs. We are two very young entrepreneurs who never achieved much success, and we lost what we did achieve. But with this Real Estate Investment College Program and Mentorship we are now living life beyond our wildest dreams” - Chris and Vanessa Torchio

Chris waxed.jpg

UPDATE-- Oh, Chris. So, this dork and his horse-wife had a baby that they named after a Mortal Kombat character. The lightning one. That's it, Raiden. He runs the totally fake and disingenuous websites/facebooks "FamousEntreprenurQuotes" and "SingleMomConnection". Whatta dick! He also does some Empower Network bullshit, and also some dumb shit with Hi-Def lossless compression or somesuch magical digital nonsense to wring dollars from the pockets of naive app-store purchasers with more money than sense. It's called Max Sound and it's totally gay, kids!

UPDATE 2--It's important to note that Chris Record still totally sucks ass. He and his wife (or 'Saddlebags', as she likes to be called) had, or should I say foaled, another child. He has brain problems. Saddlebags has used this as an opportunity to draw attention to herself by plastering her name on fliers for the awareness of various illnesses. Also important: he got a new wardrobe.


Russell Yermal A.K.A Russell Anthony , Chief Information Douche and Wet-suit Shitter

Russell yermal.gif

He's the douche on the right.
a fine student he was

Russell Yermal is a mountainous pile of goo from Texas. He demonstrated his low standards when he nicknamed himself "Success Man" shortly after his mother wrote to Ellen Degeneres describing how Russell hadn't eaten in 10 days and was about to be thrown out of his apartment for not paying rent.[4] Russell has since become a partial success[5] in the Paleolithic sense of the word; he has accumulated enough adipose tissue to hibernate through the winter. It's unclear if he has managed to breed yet.[6] "Success Man" has had his prowess at driving while inebriated celebrated by the Denton County Police[7]. In 2006 they rewarded him with free rent, new jewelry, and a chance to hang out with young people for 500 hours. Look for Yermal's parents to join the UNSTRAPP'D crew in upcoming episodes as they have recently been evicted for nonpayment of rent, and sued for damages as something had been shitting all over their rented doublewide.

Diane cahill3.jpg

As of Mid August 2011, Russell has decided that his glowing reputation needs a make over.

Yermal hiding 2.jpg

UPDATE--Yermal fans rejoiced when the notable wetsuit-shitter appeared on Camp Idiot, posting whatnot and stuff until cynical posters prompted him to verify his so-called identity with a specific CI screenpic being hosted from his website, and shortly thereafter regging the name "wetsuitshitter". no shit. Lo, many a "lol"-style emoticon was bandied about in those times, as Russell spilled-ed the beans on some of the nefarious underpinnings and social inner workings of the allegedly "tight" crew. He also shared that "I was over 300 in the wetsuit pic." Many more details to be found around page 270 of the classic Camp Idiot thread.

Brad Will, Chief Executive Douche

File:Brad head.jpg
I don't actually do anything but jibber jabber.

Bradley will.gif

Brad was dealt a harsh hand in life; Brad was meant to surf, but he was born on the shores of Lake Michigan. Of course there was always wakeboarding, but wakeboarding was for pussies, and why would G-d have given him such luscious blond locks and such a love of weed if he wasn't meant for great things? He tried the W-2 scene, but found it difficult to take directions from the man. So Brad Will knew what to do, cause he's a leader! "I knew I was going to get let go from my 30K/yr job and I didn't want to let them dictate my schedule, so I quit, and hooked up with some Real Estate Investors and made 29K in one month.[8] Suits... watches... Mercedes..." Unfortunately that 29k was the last money he made in real estate. He soon found himself feeling hollow, emotionally drained, and living on dog food. Brad honed his copy writing skills during this period to produce gems like these in his bio: "Bradley moved into real estate investment and marketing and after a seven month struggle, he replaced his previous years income in one single month. which led his to starting his first successful company."

"Bradley was fascinated by the transformation and the person he was becoming and knew this was the path and freedom he was destined for. Since then he has helped over 20 young entrepreneurs start their first businesses. He currently is involved in internet marketing, coaching, consulting, and speaks on occasion."

G-d was moved by his humility, so G-d crushed Adam's spine, so that Adam could send Brad a check from the insurance settlement, so Brad could learn to surf.

On April 1st 2015, Brad sent his "last" email/spam. While first noting that FreeBlogFactory.com "is not going anywhere", he then hawked his new bullshit at LearnToBlog.com, which is presumably a website that offers assistance to stupid people who are also narcissists.

Don't ruin your already sleazy reputation bro!

Brad logo patio.jpg

Bill Dully, Adult Supervision

Former UpperDecker toy salesman, now Pyramid Supervisor.

Bill Dully combines the rugged good looks of a tire tread, with the soothing voice of an asthmatic Oscar the Grouch. He somehow drifted to the top of Upper Deck trading cards but watched his float away as though carried by moon men. He ran the company into to the ground by demonstrating his contempt for his customers in a variety of ways; overextending such winning properties as Yu-gi-oh (pronounced you-gay-ho or Yu-Sick-Fuck, full name Yu-Gi-Ohmygodfuckmyass), angering fantasy league aficionados with endless bannings and reissues of top priced cards in tournament play, and a complete disregard for quality and customer service [9]. His epic unemployment streak [10] was punctuated by failures in the two surest moneymakers on the internet; dick pills and porn. Like all of the degenerates on UNSTRAPP'D, Dully maintains a blog [11] where he flaunts his ignorance via cut and paste articles on topics such as weight loss, health, and picking up girls. Dully has always been out of his depth, but never more so than when dealing with web 2.0 He seems to believe his authoritative blustering will come across as wisdom and that the kids are interested in 3rd hand stories about golfing with Michael Jordan. He has no real grasp of the business model, except that the rest of the crew dance like fairies in front of their phones and then money falls out of the twittertubes or something. He's been voted the most likely housemate to die of sleep apnea for 11 straight episodes and is the oldest looking 40-something man on the internet.

Bill Dully is one of the few people in the saga to go on to contribute to society in any way. He got a degree in something-something and worked his way up to being an administrator (like a forum admin, but in real life) of mental healthcare facilities. It is speculated that his contact with the members of Unstrapp'd is what drove his sudden interest in mental health.

Dully thinks.jpg

Arthur "Craigslist Master" Tubman, Chief Marketing Douche

DJ Dipshit
DJ Reformed

Born in the Ukraine, Arthur has been able to apply his "valuable" "skills" gained as an internet addict and undocumented pharmacist to a variety of ventures. After he successfully ran a College Pro Painters franchise into the ground, he made the logical leap to mortgage broker where his ethical lapses, poor business sense, and chemical challenges were not a liability. As the market for tricking retards into signing mortgage papers became saturated, Tubman transitioned to a "direct sales" business that was devoid of product lines completely. Somewhere along the line he scraped together the cash for a degree from the diploma mill formerly known as the American Fashion College of Switzerland [12]. Like many poorly socialized gen y types with brain damage from excessive partying, he fancies himself a trance DJ and will play hours of repetitive aural diarrhea stolen from semi talented artists to anyone he can corner. His major contribution to the UNSTRAPP'D team to date has been placing a Craigslist ad, which he considers an executive function requiring advanced marketing skills. He owns and operates http://thefreeblogfactory.net. He is one of many to claim himself as the original creator and Founder of Unstrapp'ds "Free Blog Factory". He claims himself as the sole inventor and claims it was Social Spin's only cash generating venture. He claims that Bradley is a tyrant, a thief, and that he unfairly wrested control of FBF from him; given what we know of Bradley, this is all quite believable. Also, Tubby (as he likes to be called) has shown very poor judgement when it comes to posting certain pics online. Some say he is unqualified to wash cars but consensus is swiftly changing to a belief that he is, indeed, capable of washing a car. If the car was a Lambo, he might even do a good job.

Also of note, Arthur has a sister named Inna, a successful doctor, who probably wouldn't appreciate how her brother's douchebaggery led to her being mentioned in an ED article. He's apparently also now married (if you can believe it), to a woman who many suspect is Galina Serin-Suprun after having taken on a new identity.

Arthur now brags about his drug history, claims that he went from 'rags to riches', and that he did time time at notorious Ryker's Island prison. Sure. He's also fine with acknowledging his past of unlawfully squatting in a traveling dildo-saleswoman's Florida home. Ya can't make this stuff up, folks!

He's been known to go by various pseudonyms such as 'Tubbs', 'DJ Tubmaster General', 'The Twitter Kid of Ft. Lauderdale', 'Hurricane Arthur', and 'That sweaty dickhead over there who banged Amber Rose after Yermal was done with her'.

Damn, I'm too late!
Tubby's version

Tubman whiteboard pose.jpg

Ben Dixon, Chief Houseboy

File:Ben dixon partners.jpg
Ben Douchin' Partners

A confirmed bachelor. Jesus Christ there's still a few more after this one. WTF are executive returns? Shouldn't 'Capital Partners' actually have some capital? Oh I get it, you hard sell (bs) your 'friends' for the capital. Friends like Adam. This one appears too stupid to live. We'll come back to you.

Fa-a-a-a-a-a-ceboook! MLM!

Ben stand still.jpg

Kyle Garrett, Cinderella 2.0

File:Kyle douche.jpg
Please ignore my Honda.

Gyle Karrett piled his car with his library of inspirational books by MLM scholars, until the shocks bottomed out, and he drove across the country in his pumpkin/rice mobile looking for a better life. With his chiseled physique, boyish good looks, and his ability to knock out pull ups by the dozens he seemed the manliest of men. His hot pink girls BMX trials bike however, added just the right edge to inflame the hearts of bi-curious tranny lovers all over the internet. The other housemates grew fearsomely jealous, and pretended that they didn't know how to edit videos or post links. They made Kyle stay up late editing UNSTRAPP'D videos and mangling client websites. But even that didn't slake their jealous rages! They slipped jabeneros into his hamburgers and pretended he didn't get up on his surf board first, costing him the prize. They threw his flipcam into the surf, and made him get his chest waxed telling him it would boost pageviews and get him chicks/dudes or whatever it is that he likes.

But muscley Kyle soldiered on, breaking bi-curious tranny lovers hearts as he boldly continued to produce what little work got done around Social Spin, even though he had been living with his Dad and didn't have a pot to piss in, and thus didn't hold an equity position in the company. Oh where is Prince/ss Charming? When will Kyle get the tweet that says Prince/ss Charming is sending a golden bus ticket so that s/he and Kyle can live together in bliss and endless nights of filthy, gritty lubed up tranny sex?

backend loaded down with MLM tard books...WTF
put Blue Shirt of Fail reference here

UPDATE--....a plaything for moneyed homosexuals? Who knows!

Kyle moving car4.jpg

John Stippick, Chief Clownsuit Model

Stippick has a highly developed sense of douchebag coastal style. He think's he's Sonny Crockett, but he looks like a boom grip on Jersey Shore. He has a list of dubious "multimillion" dollar companies that he's been associated with, as well as a gold digger wife whom he met via on line dating site, DoucheLab.com. For their first date he maxed out his Providian credit card and hired a limo. For date two he took his guidette to Hawaii only two weeks after meeting her. Of course, she was smitten.

John stippick.jpg

Gaybe Strom, Chief Jizz Imbiber

File:Gabe strom.jpg
Douche Number 8
'no refunds'

Gabe Strom is a remarkably poor choice to lead anything. His forgettable personality and generic metrosexual look meant that not even the UNSTRAPP'D crew could be bothered to "feature" him in a video. His repeated failures in the MLM world and at NRU may be attributable to the fact that no one could remember if he was in the room or not. He was made Chief Communications Officer because everyone got to be an executive except for Kyle. His father is the Jew for Trinity Lutheran Church in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. How Gabe rationalizes his scammy/scummy business practices with his religious upbringing and false Christan front is anyone's guess. Gabe now attends Rock Harbor, a place for 'unchurched post-moderns' (aka youthful idiots obsessed with acquiring technological status symbols) a church with a street team, email marketing team, and a huge amphitheatre pulpit with a stage they drive Ferraris out onto. And lo, Jesus wept.

His major contribution is acting as the Wonderbread to the shit sandwich that is Social Spin. And smoking Tons of Weed, when shit hits the fan bailing and blaming Tubman.

UPDATE-- First of all, is Gabe not totally gay or what? Once of those closeted religious types. If he can consolidate Jeebus with MLM-scamtardery, there's ample reason to believe he could reconcile gaiety as well. Anyhoo, he moved back to Illinois and shacked up with an old bald guy who is clearly a perv of some kind. The only question is what kind. Though I think we can all agree it's some kind gay. Though you're you're not actually sure who I'm talking about and are likely wondering why I'm typing all this.

Gaybe started doing a podcast called "Rich and Awake". Like all activities undertaken by these incompetent tards, it was unceremoniously abandoned after about a year.

Gabe tard books.jpg

Amber Rose Gallagher, Attention Whore, Whore, Groupie Jizz Eater

Nicknamed 'Amberghini' (further evidence of these tards obsession with material possessions that will be forever out of their reach), this chick totally sucks. literally. She ran Social Media Farmer, which was some retarded-ass shit yo. Also she would come to you house and clean your house naked. for money. no joke.

Yermal allegedly verbally abused her. If so, it was probably her own fault for not making sandwiches fast enough. She banged every octo-tard (well, probably) at one time or another. She called a cop to escort her to Tubbs's house and retrieve an alarm clock. In short; the chick's whack, son! she has a kid too, or something. That makes her a mompreneur, recognize? She craves disrespectful anal.

Picture Below was taken about 5 hours after Tubbs kicked her to the curb, literally! So this Douche Bag Nick Thorsch got a picture for spending his dough on drinks and dinner for this unshaven bitch.

UPDATE-- Disbelieve it or don't not, but scAmber spawned her own successful spinoff following her travels and travails. Including but not limited to: a trip to Mexico under dubious circumstances, moving from Chicago to her mom's basement (or something), attending shite spiritual scaminars, and all the while posting appropriate pics of her daughter on teh Faceboogs, Twatterz, and other assorted internet ego-vehicles.

File:Amber and nick.jpg

Gypsys, Tramps, Thieves, aka The Wannabes and Hangers-on of the Kingdom of Tard-dom

ugh...another one of these tards

Cory Shanes, Avram Gonzales, Michael Tucker, Joe Syverson, Jarrett Holmes, Kyle Griffiths, Christina Haftman. + many more.

Episode Guide

Unstrappd logo.jpg

Episodes 1 through 7, as well as additional bonus material, have been uploaded to rutube (a Russian YouTube clone). [13]

Cogent analysis for many episodes has been preserved at Camp Idiot. [14]

100: The intro Video: After spending $49,800 of the cripples money they are ready to get down to Business [15]

101: Hello World: Ben Dixon and Brad Will pretend that they haven't been living in San Clemente for months. They "arrive" and set about ramping the douchebaggery to 11. Video [16]

102: Sun Falcon learns the difficulty of the whiteman's game "golf" and scares off another investor by his inability to shut up. Bill Dully would rather huddle with the camera than try to save the deal. Brad makes Kyle stay up all night editing video. Video [17] Review 102

103: It's already time for vacation. The retards (aka octotards) head to Catalina to ride on zip lines and add shareholder value through some inexplicable process. A 2 part episode. Video [18] Review 103

104: Four of the douchebags travel up the coast to Long Beach to hang out with other MLM douchebags. Video [19] Review 104

105: They fucked up the edit so they pulled down 104 and uploaded this new edit. Video [20] Review 105

106: The ass-pirates scams some salon in Costa Mesa for free haircuts and manicures. Video [21] Review part 1 106a Review part 2 106b

107: Some clueless ginger from a hobo toilet paper factory shows up and lobs softballs at the boys. Review 107

108: Brad Will and Ben Dixon somehow extract 50k from a handicapped guy and flee to California. There is no review. It was sickening to watch once, forget about multiple times.

109: Shit floats! The gang spoils the view at the beach by trying to "surf". Review 109

110: You call this BBQ? Dully compares them to Tiger Woods' rookie season. Tubman posts a Craiglist ad. Stippick bribes Yermal to do his job. The tards make hamburgers for dinner. Review 110

111: Sun Falcon and Kyle go to LA for some Youtube jerkfest. Review 111

112: The rumprangers throw a party and lock Adam the "investor" in the kitchen. Review 112

113: The mysterious 'lost' episode. Bits of it were shown in the last few seconds of the previous episode. It showed a number of people (not octo-tards) sitting at intervals on the same couch, addressing the camera. After this sequence is a scene where Brad Harris, aka Bradical, the Unstrapp'd Cameraman and Co-Editor, is dancing for the camera on the balcony of the Manshun of Fail. Chris and Kyle are also briefly seen, attempting to crowd themselves into the shot. Later, Bradley Will bravely stepped up and announced on twitter that it was Bradical's fault the episode hadn't aired.

Lost 1.png Unstrappd lost episode.png

How to Spot a MLM Tard

  • Generic Christianity -

All MLM tards believe in a strange version of christianity that blends a complete ignorance of the bible with animism, sympathetic magic, and outright greed. The fundamental tenet appears to be "God would not have blessed others with wealth, if He did not want me to take it from them".

These retards are incapable of passing a decent ride in the street without posing next to it for a picture like a 12 year old boy who hasn't yet discovered masturbation. This would be bad if it were just for the trophy aspect, but these retards use the photos in their own materials, pretending that a stranger's car on the street is evidence of the MLM scammers wealth. This is an example of the use of talimans and sympathetic magic on the part of these tards.

Lambo leaner.jpgBen lambo.jpgFile:Vanessa lambo.jpg

  • Filming Themselves -

If they are doing anything other than begging, scrounging for food, or calling their parents for another "loan", the MLM Tard will be filming themselves. It is important that they do this from locations that imply "success" (see below). Since these Tard's are primarily narcissists, this activity is their most enjoyable form of sexual satisfaction and should be viewed as a form of masturbation.

Unstrappd salon.png

  • Standing in the Middle of the Street -

MLM people spend a lot of time filming themselves. It is vital that they constantly show their downline how successful they are. This is best accomplished by standing in the middle of the street in either a very wealthy neighborhood (to pretend that they can afford to purchase there) or a very picturesque locale (to pretend that they will sink beneath a shady oak with a well thumbed copy of The Praise of Folly. In fact the most likely follow up to the video will be to go back to scrounging for food in dumpsters.

Moar unstrappd street.jpg

  • Constant Use of Earbuds -

These are used to block out the world, lest it interfere with the creative process. In the case of the drug addled, it also provides a built in excuse for their inability to follow the simplest of instructions. Overexposure to earbuds may lead to the delusion that they are a DJ. These fuckers act like a trip to the fuckin' Taco Bell is a noteworthy event in Social Media History...

Gabe Strom rockin it.jpg

  • Use of Whiteboards -

Professors use whiteboards, and are considered experts. Therefore anyone standing in front of a whiteboard full of indecipherable scribblings is an expert. One of the many examples of these Tards use of talismans and sympathetic magic.

Record white board fade.jpg

  • Magical Thinking

Unstrappd interviews gary.jpg

  • Claim to be rich


"So they made a few mistakes in their lives, big deal, sounds like you ebaumsworlders are blowing it way out of proportion, at least they've made they're live 1000x better. Look at you guys, you spend your "days off" (if you're even employed*) sitting on the internet masturbating and looking up dirt against successful people. Maybe you need a real life, because obviously all of you guys are the incompetent fools without an education, a significant other, or a happy live. Next time you criticize someone, look at your own lives because obviously you're not happy in them and you're all obviously just jealous. So just move on, everyone has something in their past that they're not proud of, we're human, we make mistakes and we move on. At least these guys have turned into a success story and not one of those losers that spend the rest of their lives in and out of jail. I don't see how you guys should even be proud, it's not that hard to find any of this stuff out, especially since most of the guys have publicized their SUCCESS stories and how it all started and if you guys were literate at all you would realize that they were planning on making Unstapp'd more personal before you started shit, so in all honesty, you've done nothing to hurt these guys. They are on top, and they'll stay on top, especially with the support of fans like me." - A loyal fan of UNSTRAPP'D. (aka 'concerned mom')

"I guess the source of my frustration is that here is yet another soul, sucked into the MLM web of constant bullshiting of one bullshitter to another bullshitter in a perpetual daisy-chain of mock feel-goodery, and pretend success, that is shown again and again as just a sad thin veneer that shows the truth when peeled away -- most of these assholes are livin' in a rental, or a family member, and don;t have a pot to piss in of their own, but multi-millions are just around the corner..." - A board relic.

"And WTF is up with these tards like Casey and Bradley Will, CEO of Unstrapp'd, Social Spin, Social Media Altitude, LLC, taking fucking pictures and videos of themselves opening and otherwise dicking around with their mail? Do they not realize that everyone in America gets all kinds of mail every fucking day, and opens it, then responds appropriately, without having to make a fucking movie or blog post about it?

Key-rist." - Soem Dude

New (old) Developments

Strom and Dixon seemingly went on to shill some kind of 'sales funnel' called Salestube. [22] Amongst other crap like 'mastery programs' and 'coaching services'.

Tubman has started blogging about his experiences and his thoughts on some of the Unstrapp'd crew [23], particularly 'Tyrant CEO' Bradley Will, Russell 'Not-Successman' Yermal, the 'vegan marketing guru', and Chris Record, 'douchebag of the year (any year)'. He should be given credit for being 4.5 year clean. He is now Chief Technology Officer for Optimus International, a lame MLM/coaching/guru crap thing operated by San Clemente MLM tard Joe Syverson (who also sells an auto-dialer product...classy).

Will and his bootlicker Yermal have resurrected Free Blog Factory [24], pulling the same crap as always. Yermal, known bisexual, had both odd threats and scatalogical ramblings on his 'About Me' section of his website before Bradley apparently guru-ed him into acting more pseudo-professional.

Vanessa Record (nee Torchio) foaled another cash flow champion into the world. It's name is like, Reston or something. He is supposedly named after Reston VA, which is mostly known for its abandoned whiskey distillery. While Vanessa was struggling through labor alone, Chris was preparing a blog post about getting one million (faked) page views on his site. [25]

Amber 'Amberghini' Rose is still doing every guy she meets.

And the CI thread has grown to 110+ pages![26] UPDATE-- and the legend continues......teh Camp Idiot thread has grown to 320+ pages!!!


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Bailout PlanCapitalismCommunismGlobalisationGovernmentGun controlHealth Care RageIceslaveJudaismKarl MarxObamacareRon PaulAyn RandRandroidSocialistRonald ReaganWelfareZeitgeist MovementZeitgeist - The Movie


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