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I'm Rock, name is Conrad Rockenhaus to be exact. I'm interested in schadenfreude.

Now your life is complete, now that you fully know about me, you filthy basement dwelling loony stalker. You can find me on Failbook at or you can find me at my awesome spammy websites at

I'm very involved with Tor, i2p, protecting free speech and privacy, which is why I believe ED deserves to remain available for all - freedom of expression, doy. Right now one of the projects I'm working on is the Greypony project, which will allow Aspie Users such as yourself to talk to people.

My GPG/PGP Key:[1] If you want to send me encrypted email please make sure your public key is posted somewhere like or otherwise you fail at PGP. If you don't know how to use it, check out GPG4Win which includes all of the goodies that you need to get GPG/PGP working for Windows users, or for Unix users you can install GnuPG and Claws Mail since there's no single happy go lucky package to get it working. Either way, due to the Snowden revelations, you might want to make it a habit to regularly encrypt your email. Or you can be stupid and let the NSA read every single email you send, your choice.

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQCy32ONvqG0OAJgbukuJlygpix/v9nqbEZ1pSA/iDx+B4H7sACcvCkgyvMgFMY4lepNA9bCJrjQZcLMPUW7/i0xFiEqSzN+RzRg6mCVwBz4KkUpX8WItmLW6tUtKTlh6nwMinVWB99e6++dEBik+1L/07OkvMxJOcXY6LV/f+3HiPezwvO8A6D0M1dEV7FjIH5O96sm+FpjTiWVKR5TCs9HFag005SjMUm6fSODnLEzjRiHJxuAlLwz+O+xQ0uR1Ld/lBZovIOaqWBrem5kcD04BORbaBqrBoXWTZ2lHic6BBp8vaO/ku0luWy2CNbvzPtBYcixdF9SXdTk9AwpEz63 [email protected]