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Who can blame them?

If you are going to vandalise a well-known wiki and bring the admins to their knees, it's best not to do so with a username which gives you away immediately. Among the wiki sysops the number of accounts you have dedicated to showing what a huge fucking faggot you are is a mark of pride.

As is the case with any famous wiki, the number of accounts created for vandalism far outweigh the number of accounts where people actually edit.


On Wikipedia

Due to the fact that Wikipedia is a large pile of pelican shit, Wikipedia vandalism is not pointless, it is a noble cause and often does not go reverted for many months. To do it properly, read How to Become a Wikipedia Vandal.

There are of course many, many, many usernames which exist solely to piss of TOW admins - far too many to list here. If you want to see them yourself, look on the Users List.

Note: Many of these will say that no such user exists because the wikipedos have deleted it. If the user genuinely did not exist they would not be on the user list. Many people such as Blu Aardvark made lots of such names, but the humorless Wikipedos deleted them.


"Metapedia supports racism" is totally unacceptable.

Strangely enough for a wiki that tries to reveal the truth, most of these accounts were banned for pointing out the glaring obvious.

On Encyclopedia Dramatica

File:Active Users.PNG
Statistics can be slightly embarrassing.

In case you have not noticed, the members of ED are unphased by the usual shittiness of the internet so do not particularly care if your username involves some weird hobby. Therefore most of the username bans involve some level of dedication to the sysops. Here are but a few:

Created by Grawp




  Making abusive usernames targeted at the previous two will not get you b& on

Raspbery Rush




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