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Valleyfag's big-tittied bitch of fagitude Owen Thomas with hair indicating he's deep in his fagolescence. or Valleyfag is a website where lame-ass hipster wanna-bes whose basement-dwelling faggotry prevents them from understanding references go to read about fucktards and Silicon Valley jackasses.

Because Valleyfag is written for people who don't do shit about people who don't do shit because they are too busy working on the Internets creating things for other people who don't do shit, the whole site is a big Ponzi scheme. At the top of this is the fagolescent Owen Thomas, a Fagtard first class who thinks writing blog posts means twenty-something fags will fuck his bitch-tittied fat ass. Since nothing really happens in the lives of internet nerds and the companies they create, Thomas just has to make shit up just for the lulz

Why Owen Thomas's faggotry

He created a meme about Kevin Colvin, a fucktard intern still in college who called in sick to work to go to a party and then faggy photos of himself turned up on Facebook and his boss saw it. This indiscretion most people are guilty of might have just filtered through a few e-mail chains, but fagolescent Owen Thomas decided to make it public knowledge on Valleywag.   (archive) making it the first thing anyone will ever find in a Google for Colvin's name after he graduates.

Thomas and Valleyfag do this often with basement-dwelling nerds just for the lulz, but since he's a fat bitchy fagtard doing it for profit, it's the epitome of anti-lulz. Another example is he said a drunk employee of a power server company caused an outage,   when that was just bullshit someone fed him.

On the other hand, they like poking fun at TOW so maybe they're not all bad.