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He'll eat ya.

The Video Game Critic, aka VGC for short (powerword: David Mrozek), is a very retarded old school gamer who ejaculates on the new arrival of games for his Atari 2600. He is known for being a dumbass by creating a poll about "Pirates Vs. Ninjas Vs. Robots Vs. Zombies" by continuing the debate. Pictures of the man used to exist, but they got baleeted when the idiot kept on erasing links to his "Special Features"

He still tries to make some extra change off the site by whoring himself out to Amazon, eBay, and some shit site called "Neotropolis". He makes sure you know to click his links in his reviews so he can get that oh so needed $2.50.



Some Chinese casino site owned the shit out of The VGC, when he forgot to renew his license for the site, the site stole his domain name and he was pissed.



While, though he is very mentally retarded, he was smart enough to make reviews as small as possible. I mean, really, who reads those five page long reviews at Gamespot?

He also needs other people to review RPGs, because he realizes, that they're shit. So he gets another faggot to do the review.


Take guest posting from a regular non fucktarded site, and make it the only way to post. That's what the gives you. Not only does it have this faggotry, the posts are moderated, then posted. Which takes at least 100 years. This, of course was added due to "flame wars". But I don't think flame wars consist of just verbosely whining about which IS TEH BEST CONSOLE EVER LOLOLOLOLOMGWTBBQ. Picture spamming, smiley spamming, post spamming, none of that happens. At least the users have some inkling of intelligence, compared to other sites like IGN, still, that is not saying much.

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