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"Virgin Killer"

In early December 2008, Chris Hansen was browsing Wikipedia and came across the article about the 1976 album "Virgin Killer" by German Metal band "Scorpions". Noticing the cover shows a delicious loli in an advanced state of undress, he called the Internet Watch Foundation and demanded they tell Wikipedia to have a seat over there.

The article contained an image considered "potentially illegal" (The album cover artwork). Jimbo Wales and his disciples were intensely buttraped and issued a statement that he "Didn't fap over the album cover image, well, not more than once anyway".

Hansen has since moved on to rage over Houses of the Holy.

The Great Britain Banning

The image was filtered through proxies to protect the fine people of Britain from viewing this prime piece of Wikipedia fap fodder. The result was many IP addresses were funneled into 2 IPs for each of the major ISPs in all of Great Britain, resulting in 95% of the UK sharing about 8 IPs. This meant a vandal and a normal editor could not be distinguished from one another, causing Wiki-Anarchy in the U.K.. Ultimately, the Wikipedia Jews decided to banhammer the whole European region, causing a lollercaust of epic proportions to all American Wikifags.


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