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Children Want Jesus' Dick.
Just make'm dig a ditch first, spread some fuel and light a match!

WWJD is an acronym which has been fought over since the dawn of time. [[1]] Jameth and Jesus fanboys both attribute WWJD to their God; Jameth says it stands for "We're White! Jews Die" whereas Jesus says it actually means "We Want Jesus' Dick".

We're White! Jews Die

Kikes are responsible for 9/11 and control the government. Therefore, we must kill them all and take their jew golds.

We Want Jesus' Dick

Jesus is a famous playboy and pedophile. Thousands of nuns around the world masturbate each night to his image. In fact, the correct title for a nun is "Bride of Christ". So all nuns want Jesus' cock. Unfortunately for them, Jesus prefers them younger. This has resulted in much whining from the nuns, who are forced to have sex with each other instead.

What Would Jews Do

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