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Even geoshities would be ashamed to host this shit.


JUANE 4TH!!!!!!!!! OF 2006 I AM FINAELY GOIGN TO STOP neglecteing my websiet and updaet iet more oftan with teh news and ivdeos clips and othar LITTAL FUN BUNNEY RABITS!3

angefeir si teh gay monkeays so i am treying to get a DOMAEN WEBSEIT NAMED, LIEK WWW.WEEFEKSITEHKING.COM OR SOME GAY MUNCHKIN

as for now i had tooo chagne teh siet a bit cause of teh ADVArtrising taht was bloeckikng all my inspirad wrods from showieng up. ALSO I FOUND OUT TATHT IN TEH YEAR 2004 I WON TEH WORST OF THE WEBSEITS AWARD FRO BEING THE BEST OF ALL1!!!!!! SNED ME ALL YUOR MOTHARS JEWELSRLY SO I CAN MELT ITNO GOLD BARDS


This guy is a member of MENSA

What the fuck is dis shit?

The webmaster of weefek is quite obviously thoroughly retarded. We can assume that he has drank mercury, been trampled by a horse repeatedly, and castrated and had his cock shoved down his asspie throat until unconscious, further fucking his malfunctioning brain due to lack of oxygen. When one cannot even spell 'is' right, you know that you are dealing with someone who was EDUCATED STUPID.

The groundbreaking design of the site is aimed to wow and shock the hapless fuckwad who happens to stumble across this mindnumbingly idiotic site. One hopes it is a joke, but surely noone has a sense of humour as tasteless as that. You will see that the purple navigation bar, that looks like it was designed by a tru pr0 works extremely well with the horrid black and white shit called a jpg that sits in the background. Also, typos are ubiquitous - it becomes a game of "Spot the word that isn't totally mangled by an idiot with a computer". Any grammar nazi will have an epileptic fit.

He also wants you to send him "EMALES". Plz don't hesitate - he's waiting.

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