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If Washington were alive he'd chop his cherry tree.

Where's George? was a lamer internet experiment to track U.S. dollar bills and see where they went. It was developed by an anti-Bush liberal database programmer named Hank Eskin.

Around 1999 the 34 year old loser defaced a large amount of dollar bills by stamping his site name wheresgeorge.com on them. The person who supposedly found one of these stamped dollar bills was supposed to register at his website and type in the serial number of the bill and their zipcode. His idea was to track where the dollar bills ended up. Unfortunately no one gave a damn and most of the bills wound up in Canada or in the pockets of consumers with SHIT TO DO other than messing with a fucking dollar with no reward in sight other than their $1.29 Coke.

I thought, 'Wouldn't it be cool to track bills?' A Web site seemed the perfect medium.


Hank Eskin

No dumbfuck, it only made the world less pretty. You fucked the dollar in the ass, like a gay furry man and an unplucked dead chicken. Next time, go track some pedophiles or girlmecha. You could at least ignore stamping $2 bills since those shits are hard to find.

More importantly, who gives a fuck?

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