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Youngdefiant is a gaming YouTuber who runs a channel dedicated mostly to talking about video games and anime. He is also either the world's most autistic gamer, or the world's most unfunny troll.

"High-Level Thinker"

Youngdefiant is the self-proclaimed "King of Gaming." His entire channel consists of him ranting about why the latest popular video game or anime is shit, even if it hasn't been released yet. He refers to himself as a "high-level thinker" claiming that his taste in media is more "refined" than others and how only other high-level thinkers can appreciate "good" media the way he does. In spite of him claiming to be a high-level thinker, he only ever talks about video games, anime, or whatever movie or TV show that is currently popular; you know, as geniuses do. Although not quite as pathetic as DarksydePhil, he does come fairly close. Like DSP, he will constantly beg his viewers for money, openly hurling insults at his subscribers if they do not give him money. His videos all seem to be unedited and unscripted done in one take, with all the awkward pauses kept in. His rants are meandering and barely coherent, as he will fail to give specific examples of why the game he is ranting about is bad and often repeat himself throughout his rant. During his rants, he often ridicules fans of whatever he is ranting about by putting on an falsetto voice and mimicking them, but only making himself look like a complete tool every time he does it. He will often insult people for either buying or thinking of buying whatever game he is ranting about, even though he has often played said game himself. When challenged on this point, he claims that it's alright for him to buy and play the game because it's his duty to tell everyone else how bad it is. Whenever his videos do have footage in them, it's usually low-quality gameplay footage that was obviously recorded using the shitty video capture feature on the PS4. It should also be noted that in spite of claiming to be the King of Gaming, he only seems to own a PS4 and no gaming PC. Ironically, even though he claims to have superior taste in games, and constantly complains about how the modern games have become lazy and contrived, he seems to have a fondness for the Assassin's Creed series.

He claims to be black, and has even been caught playing the race card during some of his streams, yet he sounds more like a white guy trying to sound black.

Constantly Ragequitting YouTube

Like DarksydePhil, youngdefiant constantly begs his viewers for money, insulting them for not donating to him and calling those who watch without donating "fake fans." After the release of Spider-Man PS4 in September, 2018, young made a stream claiming that he would be quitting YouTube and moving to Twitch after his review of Red Dead Redemption 2 later that year. This began the "Internet Panhandling" era of his channel. He reviewed RDR2, but continued to stream on YouTube, with every title stating either "My Final YouTube Stream - Donate" or "If You Don't Donate, You Don't Matter." Since then, he has posted several streams on YouTube threatening to leave and only post videos on Twitch if people don't donate to him, though for the longest time, he never actually followed through with it. Then on August 6, 2019, he uploaded a video entitled "No More Videos Unless My Demands Are Met !" in which he has a meltdown, telling his subscribers that they are useless and never donate to him or watch his streams that if they don't start giving him money, he will leave forever. Shortly after, after he privatized all his videos to make it look like he deleted all his videos, save for the one announcing he was leaving. This was short lived, however, since he returned only a couple days later, republishing all his videos. He has threatened to leave YouTube multiple times since then, often in the form of posting a stream of him throwing a tantrum and begging for money while sucking at video games. Lately he seems to have such streams about every other week. Interestingly enough, in spite of having over 10,000 subs, his streams are lucky if they even get as high as 10 views. This likely means that a huge number of his subscribers are dummy accounts. This becomes even clearer when perusing the comments and seeing that many of them are short posts saying things like "You're so funny!" or "You're awesome!"

Troll or Autist?

There is some debate as to whether youngdefiant is a troll or just an autistic gamer with a very high opinion of himself. Neither scenario is really in his favor, however, because if he is a troll, he is a painfully unfunny one.

Case for Being a Troll

  • He will always make a negative video for whatever big AAA gaming title has recently come out.
  • He claimed that no one knew who Spider-Man or the Hulk were before the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies.
  • Claims that Spider-Man for the PS4 selling 3 million copies within its first three-days is a "flop."
  • Made two videos ranting about how Sekiro was a horrible game, then made a third video two weeks later where he declares Sekiro game of the year, acting as if he never made the previous two videos.
  • When ranting about why a game sucks, he will either fail to provide specific examples of why it sucks, or provide examples that are demonstrably false.
  • He claims that he "built anime."

Case Against Being a Troll

  • He bans anyone who leaves even a remotely negative comments on his videos—the only comments on his videos are those that express praise and admiration.
  • When he does talk about something he likes, he seems to give it an honest critique and analysis rather than just fanboying out.
  • Though sometimes a bit subdued during his streams, he will often go full DSP, whining and begging his viewers to give him money, saying they aren't "real fans" unless they pay him.
  • He's never replied to any video that someone else has made criticizing him or calling him out, seemingly content to remain within his own little corner of the internet rather than stirring up any drama.
  • He is painfully unfunny, his videos inducing cringe more than anything else.

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