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A bisexual person whose gender has yet to be confirmed. The only true way to find out is to ask. Repeatedly.

The Insufferable HE/SHE's Personality

All known personalty traits of this individual points to a narcissistic parasitic personality, with the ability to justify a great variety of morally dubious actions. It is known that the individual on multiple occasions create a mental model of a future argument, then becomes emotionally distressed when reality doesn't match her created fantasy. One would describe it's psychological archetype as a "Loony bin Lifer" or "Completely bat shit insane, one step away from eating it's own excrement". One family member went as far as to describe it as "A monster", for the most part an accurate description.

We Must Determine Its Gender

Call it and ask it if it is a guy or a girl. If that doesn't work, get on its MySpace and send some messages. If that doesn't work, post some comments on its YouTube.

Its new youtube account is temp45454x. comment on it for graet justice!

If all else fails, stalk it and see which bathroom it goes in.

First post from /i/


This bitch gets all worked up over comments on her YouTube videos. Shes just waiting to explode.

We must continue the attack on her.
#1 Leave comments about her being a lesiban or a man or ugly
#2 call her cell phone
#3 send her messages on Instant Messenger
(I have no idea which one she uses atm)
#4 go the other websites she visits and leaving her comments or posing as her.
#5 ?????
#6 Lulz and Profit
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----All This Information Is Correct----

Go! Go! Go!

Gaia Thread


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Full Disclosure Dox. Revision by janus zeal and Zewb. 
(Basic Info)
Phone #: 503-791-9494
Type: Cell Phone
Provider: Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
Location: Astoria, OR
Age: 18
Birth Date: June 27, 1988
Orientation: Bisexual


(YouTube Channel)

(Other Websties)

(Instant Message/Email)
AOL: yukikazamura
MSN: [email protected]
Yahoo: [email protected]