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ZDNet is a place where nerds bitch and whine about how Microsoft makes money by selling its software, and how Mac and Linux don't make money, and are therefore cool.

ZDNet's Users

ZDNet users consist of the following three types:

  • The administrators. These people are the ones who write the articles. Typically, they don't show too much of a bias, but if their argument in ANY WAY supports M$, then everyone will go batshit insane and start whining about the pro-Microsoft slant.
  • The basement dwellers. These are the fine folks who bitch and whine about Microsoft. Even if the topic is completely unrelated to Microsoft, say, an article about the benefits of using handheld computers to watch porn, these guys will find some way to say that Microsoft sucks and you should go open source. These people are apparently too poor to afford software.
  • The christian zealot. These people are here to tie in their religion to the discussion. While rare, they do exist and are usually flamed to hell and back. Only if they repent by saying at the end of their religious rant that Microsoft sucks will they be accepted by the general populace of ZDNet.

Of course, there are vandals, but these three types are the primary userbase of the site. Anyone who dares mention that they like a Microsoft product are immediately flamed, and drama ensues as the posters feverishly fight for their own product. These guys are like fanboys for their operating system.

Typical ZDNet Discussion

Open source Microsoft - This article mentions a HINT that Microsoft has an open-source possibility, and by doing so, the basement dwellers immediately begin ranting. Much lulz.

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